1. Boundless
    This isn't good news. It's just news.

    Good news would be that McD had seen the light, and had a strategy for evolving their menu into something actually suitable for human consumption.

    Nope: "... testing out a larger, pricier, third-of-a-pound burger for $5, two years after dropping the similar Angus burger line because they were too pricey for McDonald’s diners."

    They are allowing their product to be defined by the expectations of their existing customer base. As their customers die off, or seek saner fast food, that means shrinking the business. I don't think Chipotle or Smashburger are having this problem.

    By time McD figures out that they need a grass-fed organic grain-free McPaleo on the menu, it's apt to be too late.

  2. Lori Miller
    I'd be unhappy if the McDonald's near my office closed. It's one of the few places I can get a fast, inexpensive low-carb meal (I just throw away the bun), a side salad or good cup of coffee if I'm working late or didn't pack a lunch. There's simply not that much LC food in downtown Denver unless you're willing to spend $15 and an hour and a half--and get tough, dry, lean meat. Even at a food truck (a few have wonderful pulled pork), you're looking at spending almost twice what you would at Mickey Ds.

    The crowd at the McDonald's where I go is made mostly of travelers (the kind with huge back-packs), poor people and minorities. A paleo burger isn't going to mean anything to them.

  3. Jonas A
    McDonalds aint that bad. They have alternatives for the fries. Then its just really the bread left that is bad. If they figured out a good way they would be fine. Maybe make a bread with no sugar. I mean the bread dont have to be sweet its just a container for the meet and sauce.
  4. Chris the Barbarian
    How is this good news?

    Eating healthy, cooking your own, real food has to be a conscious, voluntarily decision. If you just eat real food because there is no alternative available, you will fall back into old, bad habits quickly, if you have the possibility.

    Don't blame the fast food industry for trying to sell what most of the customers want!

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