Going to Paleo f(x) this weekend – suggestions welcome!

This weekend I’ll be in Austin, Texas for the largest Paleo conference in the world: Paleo f(x). I’ve been to the “other” Paleo conference, AHS, three times – but this is my first time at Paleo f(x).

Of course there’ll be some reports here on the blog and Simon Victor – in charge of our video productions – will be in Austin as well. Perhaps we’ll do some similar video reports like the 1 minute and the 5 minute video reports from the LCHF conference in Cape Town.

We’re also planning an in-depth video interview with Nina Teicholz, NYT bestselling author of the great book The Big Fat Surprise. Do you have any questions you’d like us to ask Teicholz? Leave them in the comments below.

Do you have any suggestions who else we should definitely interview for the blog? Here’s the full list of speakers. Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments. And what else should we definitely not miss in Austin?

Finally, are you going to be in Austin and do you want to meet up for some reason? Perhaps you have an inspiring story to share? E-mail me at andreas@dietdoctor.com.


  1. Margaret
    Dr Sarah Ballantyne is going to do a talk about why ketogenic diets are dangerous.
    Maybe she's doing it for publicity, or maybe she believes they are dangerous for people with autoimmune disease.
    I'd love your opinion of her talk please Dr Eenfeldt.
    Thank you for your brilliant website!
  2. kathy
    I have addisons disease and have been following a low carb diet for a year, along with intermittent fasting because I was overweight and have T2D. I got very good results and I feel fine. I have been considering a ketogenic diet, although I believe it is very difficult to achieve. Would like to read about anything on this subject. Thanks Andreas, I think you are great and hope you success in your future.
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  3. Marcie
    Try to talk to Shawn Stevenson. He has one of the top podcasts on iTunes right now. He is a very good speaker and motivator.
  4. Bill
    Andreas, In Texas there is abundant BBQ and you should definitely try some. Franklin BBQ was featured in the movie Chef and has a very good reputation. The trouble is you have to stand in line for a long time (unless you are Barack Obama) because they close when they sell out, and they always sell out. If you're willing to travel a few miles out of town The Salt Lick is highly rated. Freedmen's is near the University of Texas campus (24th and San Gabriel) and is excellent — one of my favorites. I have yet to try La Barbecue (902 E. Cesar Chavez), but it is highly rated.
  5. Lea Ann Norris
    Hi Kathy! I am T1 diabetic, May 5th will be my one year anniversary for beginning chemo for an incurable Leukemia, but I am in remission. I think diabetes is one of the cruelest diseases. I know you will do well on LCHF, and if you need to lose weight, I think bone broth is the ticket. I am at a very health weight as I have been a diastase runner most of my life, not public/marathons, etc, but just taking off for a good 3-4 mile run when ever.. then at age 35 was diagnosed with T1 and now the Leukemia at age 53. I began getting serious about low carb after chemo and roller coaster rides concerning my blood sugars. There is something to be said for the energy you feel and the "I feel healthy as all get out" that comes from the bone broth as well. you might just look into the GAPs method of preparing broth and adding that to your lifestyle. I believe it helps immensely! I am back to running and light weight training and I have more energy than ever as long as I adhere to LCHF and my good ole broth :) That and keeping updated on all that Dr Andreas shares with so many. love that man though I've never met him :)
    best to you
    Lea Ann
  6. Zepp
    Noe.. its the easiest way to eat!

    Here a nice example how to do it.


  7. Arlene
    I would love to hear from Dr. Peter Attia or Gary Taubes about how NuSI is doing.
  8. tz
    Today is Earth Day but I didn't see any post.

    But perhaps we should have a new holiday: "Girth Day". Where "greens" would be something we eat. We would lower our "carb footprint". Where we would celebrate going against the grain.

  9. Malcolm
    Hi Andreas - I wonder if you could answer a couple of Paleo questions?

    What's so bad about dairy and legumes?

    We drink milk as babies and then after we stop producing lactase we might develop an intolerance to lactate. But for most people this intolerance is very mild, and low lactate dairy products like hard cheese and full cream should be fine for just about everyone (I am on LCHF and I depend on them). Or is it just that we didn't have dairy products 2 million years ago so they are banned on the paleo diet?

    And how about legumes? They are supposedly toxic but I don't know anyone who is intolerant to beans or peas. We didn't have French beans in paleo times but they have been developed from ancient varieties of bean in the same way that modern beef is not the same as it was a million years ago; and beef is definitely IN.

    It seems to me that the paleo rules are not consistently applied. Or is the diet intended to be a general approach within which it is OK for the individual to choose their own path?

    Enjoy the conference.


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  10. Zepp
    I think Chris Kresser answer the moste of your questions?


    Its not a religion.. either Paleo or LCHF.. try to combine both as good as you can.

    There are seldome problems eating real food.. but if hyperinsulinemia is one of your problems, eat less carbs and replace it whit some more fats.. preferely frome real food.

    Moste food have toxic components.. some are we used to by our evolution.. some others diminish/reduces by proper cooking and preparations.

    Heres a way to put it;


  11. tony
    Malcolm, It depends on the individual. People react differently to different things. We are all unique. I eat lots of hard cheese: gouda, extra sharp cheddar, manchego and baby swiss without diapers :). I stop eating when feeling full, not stuffed. Otherwise I'll feel sick and nauseous. LCHF has given me excellent health markers and I'm down to a 34" waist.
  12. Arlo
    Hi Kathy. I found your post here via Google as I too suffer from Addison's and am about to embark on the Keto diet.

    One thing I'm a little concerned about though is the magnesium/potassium/sodium thing as us sufferers from Addison's cannot regulate the levels of these electrolytes effectively (hence Florinef). I read this article - https://drjockers.com/when-not-to-be-on-a-ketogenic-diet/ - which seems to suggest that someone with a serious adrenal disease and hypothyroidism should NOT be doing keto, or at least not for any length of time.

    I'm confused now....!?? I really want to try keto but of course, don't want to jeopardize myself.

    How did it work out for you, Kathy?



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