Studies: More gluten, more celiac disease

Lots of gluten

Lots of gluten

The more gluten people consume during childhood, the greater their risk of developing celiac disease. This according to several studies from Lund University in Sweden:

Lund University: New Research Delimits the Possible Causes of Celiac Disease

The amount of gluten that kids eat appears to be more important than the timing of introduction, and whether people are breast-feeding or not.

The current treatment for celiac disease is to stay away from gluten completely. This shows that it could be a good idea to let children eat less gluten, even if they’re not intolerant yet. All in order to minimize the risk of developing the condition later on in life.


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  1. Robert
    Are we expecting a massist problem in Italy?

    I don't quite understand as pasta has been consumed for centuries. Either the quantity has increased dramatically, or the quality. I would guess it is the latter. Bad food.

  2. gbl
    It's not only gluten that has to be restricted if one has frank celiac, or tendencies. It's also cruciferous, nuts and raw foods. Leaving out cruciferous makes Diet Doctors food plan most impossible.
  3. LoriM
    This study was in children with genetic predisposition to coeliac so cannot be generalised to all kids. Shame to post something a bit mis-leading. My children do potentially have this risk as we have coeliac in several members of our family so I do appreciate the post.

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