Give Julian Bakery what they deserve


This is not right. As I’ve mentioned before, Julian Bakery has been selling some very obviously fake low-carb bread:

One woman with diabetes got so upset about this blood-sugar-raising bread that she payed for an independent analysis. The result? The nutrition info was not even close, Julian Bakery’s “low-carb” bread contained loads of carbohydrates. A whopping 17 times more than the label implied!

This woman even started a not-for-profit website to spread the truth about the carb content of Julian Bakery’s bread and other low-carb scams.

The result? Julian Bakery is suing her for “defamation and slander”! She was reportedly just served court papers. As she does not have money for an attorney she will have to use free legal aid – a problem that Julian Bakery hardly has.

It’s only slander if it isn’t true. It seems like Julian Bakery is trying to silence a prominent critic of their low-carb scams.

Time for justice

I think these dishonest people deserve some internet justice. If you agree then give them a well-deserved review on Google and the results will show up every time someone googles their name. Their grade is already less-than-stellar at 2.5 stars out of 5, due to assorted customer complaints, but that’s too high I think.

Julian Bakery on Google

Julian Bakery on Yelp (2/5 rating at the moment)

PS: I recommend this hilarious video (watched almost 500 000 times) about the problem with Julian Bakery’s new high-gluten low-carb bread (their new “low-carb” bread after they were forced to stop selling their earlier version). In addition to that problem there’s of course a gluten problem with the gluten.

Update: Discussion with the person behind Julian Bakery in the comments below.


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The Dreamfields Pasta Fraud


I have no financial interests in this or any other producer of low-carb products. I’m only interested in outing low-carb frauds.

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  1. Steven
    I live down the street from there Bird Rock/La Jolla store front. I posted to yelp with a 1 star rating explaining the lies about the bread.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks, I added a link.
  3. Judith T
    I'm very curious to know if the same scam applies to the Quest Protein bar, as I understand that these are now manufactured by Julian Bakery?? Anybody have any info?
  4. eddy
    Re the video:

    The ingredients listed in the fooducate for Julian Paleo Bread are
    Purified Water, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
    It must have been a struggle for the early Paleo Man living in Europe to come by all these ingredients to make his daily bread.

    Time to get back to my home baking and my whole grain rolled oats bread with honey.

    Manufacturers are well within their legal rights to use a number of words to describe their product which in my personal opinion are simply misleading. A UK program Rip Off foods did a half hour special demonstrating this fact.

  5. Julian bakery
    Why are you posting old information when all of our products are lab verified and tested with Medallion labs. We actually post our lab test online. This article by former FDA agent actually addresses this issue and what happened:

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  6. DoragonMama
    Just a note to say that the first sentence in the second paragraph should read "That she paid for an independent analysis" not "that she payed herself for an independent analysis".

    Great article as always :)

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  7. DoragonMama
    @Julian Bakery i am not sure why you think that article helps you.

    What it says to me is that you knowingly put out a low carb bread when you "just didn’t have the background to truly understand the “low carb” lifestyle or products".

    So you put out a product that you had no clue about, just slapped the LC label on it and put it out there.

    Then you got caught and you changed your recipe, then got got again and changed again.

    I don't see you being proactive in this, I see you being reactive when you get caught lying about the product you are selling.

  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  9. tz
    There were actually TWO completely different versions of Smart Carb #1. About a year and a half ago they changed their recipie. Originally it was a dark and dryer-crumblier bread. I have no idea if it had less or more carbs, but it tasted better, and one slice panfried in butter with lots of turkey and cheese (munster or havarti usually) was a good treat.

    The new stuff doesn't taste good and is chewy - it could be mistaken for my yellow kitchen sponges. However when changing that radically, they left up all the old reviews for the old recipe.

  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,
    In the interview you link to you say time after time that you are grateful to Deborah Krueger and respect people like her for pointing out that your nutritional info was totally misleading.

    Yet now you're suing her for "defamation and slander"?!?

    Unfortunately this just continues your pattern of saying one thing and then doing something else. I don't say this lightly: You, sir, are not honest.

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  11. tz
    I tried editing my original post after reading the reviews and the critical sites. The explanation for the change was the new kitchen sponge recipie was supposed to be lower carb and consistent with the label. I was on their mailing list and on their website and NOWHERE did they announce or post the fact that the old recipie was actually not low carb and that is why they changed it. I asked and they evaded and never responded to my inquiries. I was a regular visitor to their website. I'm not sure what the carb content is of what they are producing now, but even at the time I complained that it was fraudulent to keep around comments saying how wonderful the OLD bread was under the page for the new recipie.
  12. tz
    Oh, I didn't see the literal kitchen sponge video until now. Yes, it is that bad.
  13. Julian Bakery
    Diet Doctor,

    We were happy that she brought the problem of our products almost to years ago to our attention. We corrected the problem once we discovered that the software nutritional information was not accurate. We made changes to our products and had all our products lab tested by Medallion Labs which we sent to Deborah. The problem now is that you and her are claiming that our products still have a problem and she has spread misinformation just like you have that we are still selling products that are not accurate which simply isn't true. We post our lab test for our products online for all to see as we are proud to make accurate products which help people reach there goals.

    You are hurting not only our company by posting misleading information and it hurts my family and the people that work for us because it causes our customers to be confused.

    We think it's very sad that you did't take the time to contact us or look on the site where we clearly link to out lab test:

    Lab Test Smart Carb # 1

    Lab Test Smart Carb # 2

    It's fine if you point out our products awhile ago had problems but to continue to post our products currently have problems is simply not true and we would ask you to stop from telling people out products are not accurate.

    Thank You -

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  14. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,
    Who knows what your products contain today or tomorrow? Jimmy Moore posted on the obviously carb-loaded nature of your "low-carb" bread in June 2011 and then Deborah had it tested in May 2012 – eleven months later – and it was still shock full of carbs. That does not inspire trust.

    I know you have more recently been forced to change to a different recipe where the biggest listed ingredient is purified gluten protein. Whether the result is still as bad as in the Sponge-video (inedible) or not I would hardly call a high-gluten bread a healthy option.

  15. Julian Bakery
    Well that is why four out of our six breads are gluten free so people have options. The bottom line is our products are accurate and if you read the article above even the FDA came out and tested all our products themselves. Once again your assertion our products are not accurate is imply not true. We pride ourselves on having products that are accurate and that consumers can get great results with. It's sad you didn't take the time to do your research first as we post the lab test with our products. We acknowledged the mistake fixed it and now have a new platform for developing all our products by lab testing them instead of using software to calculate nutritional results.
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  16. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Here's the problem: Once you've been caught lying enough times it takes a long time to regain trust. Do I trust your word today? No.

    Do I think it's OK to sue the person who pointed out that your so called "low-carb" bread was full of carbs, just because you later changed the recipe? No.

    If you are so thankful and respectful of her as you claim, don't sue her. Take responsibility and don't claim to be a nice guy while acting like an asshole.

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  17. NM
    Julian Bakery: you are either sociopathic scam artists or dangerously bumbling dilettantes. Neither describes an organisation whose products will go anywhere near my or a loved-one's mouth.

    You burned all your bridges twice. No amount of desperate "validation theatre" now impresses anyone with a scintilla of nous. You deserve to go out of business.

    And your bullying of a diabetic woman for daring to tell the truth of your enormities truly reveals the devil at your core. You're about to learn the awesome scope of the Streisand Principle as it engulfs your tawdry attempts at censorship.

  18. Julian Bakery
    We warned Deborah not to post misleading or inaccurate information about our company. She broke a contract with us (That we have in writing) that she made which stated that once we had corrected and proved to her our products were accurate she would stop posting negative and misleading information. We sent to her all lab test and corrected our product line yet she persisted even after our lawyer had sent her warning to stop.

    As I previously mentioned our product line is accurate and for you and Deborah to mislead people that our current product line is not accurate is down right wrong. We will legally protect our company and those who spread misleading information. We post our lab test online for each product. Our products have been additionally verified by the FDA to be correct and accurate.

    Replies: #22, #33
  19. NM
    "She broke a contract with us", says Julian Bakery.

    Hold on! In US law, as with UK law, for an informal understanding to have force of contract, it requires something called Consideration. This means an exchange of something of value: often money. So did you pay her or otherwise exchange something of value in exchange for this agreement? If not, then it was not a contract and she thus could not "break it". And if this is so then, ironically, *you* have just slandered her! (Or libelled, to be precise).

  20. NM
    "We post our lab test online for each product". If you don't understand why this is utterly irrelevant to anyone who wants a disinterested analysis of your company's present veracity, then you truly are deluded.
  21. First Last
    Hi Julian Bakery,

    Nice try sounding like the injured party that you are not. You lost your moral right to sue anybody when you chose to put out a bread that wasn't low-carb! You signed up for all this bad pr when you slapped on low-carb label to garner more sales.

    You can redeem your reputation a bit by dropping your law suit, apologize for your past misdeeds and move on.

  22. FrankG
    Accuracy in your nutrition labeling (always excepting the allowable margins for error...right?) is one thing, misleading claims (even if allowable by law) on the front of the packaging are quite another.

    I agree with Dr Andreas that: while my default position is to give everybody the benefit of the doubt and trust in the inherent goodness of human nature, once that trust has been lost, it takes a great deal for me to regain it. Your attitude here and especially your persecution of this individual, do you no favours in that regard.

    I'd go so far as to suggest that your attempt here at "damage control" is costing you even more customers.

  23. David
    I suggest that you drop the lawsuit, and you may just be able to save your company's reputation over time. If not, this will only attract further negative attention to your brand, which is the last thing you need.

    You preyed on customers' trust by taking advantage of an ongoing trend (Paleo, LC), and didn't even bother to check that your products actually lived up to their premise. If you're that dumb, you shouldn't be in this business, or any business for that matter.

    Surprise everyone, by being fair and honest, and let the poor woman be. Even if she did make a mistake, it's hardly anything close to resembling the dishonesty of your own actions.

  24. Julian Bakery
    Our Paleo products were never in question.
    This lady has caused us substantial financial harm and does not correct any of her misinformation. In fact she keeps creating more misinformation despite knowing we have corrected all
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  25. FrankG

    This lady has caused us substantial financial harm and does not correct any of her misinformation.

    Another way to put that is YOU had already caused yourselves considerable financial harm by betraying the trust of your customers with your fraudulent claims.

    Anything you have done since -- which apparently does not even include an apology to your customers! -- is proving to be too little, too late. And now you are choosing to add persecution to your list of failings.

  26. Aljihou
    If the FDA cleared him then it's easy to show the paper work! We all know he can't be trusted. In 2010 the FDA has him pull 8 of his gluten free breads because you guessed it, the bread had gluten. Then he hopped to the next place to make money by leveraging the terms "low carb". Once again creating bread that didn't do as he labeled it. This was third party tested and proved him false again. It's amazing to me that he doesn't understand why people don't trust him. The latest marketing ploy is labeling everything Paleo. Well at least that won't kill anyone. Mr. Squier clearly just jumps from hot dietary topic to another to make money. There is no real intent to serve those communities. What would have happened if the low carb had sent someone into a diabetic coma? Or if the gluten free bread had sent someone into anaphylactic shock? Would he have simply apologized then? The truth is there is a pattern of misbehavior. He doesn't need to reformulate his bread, he needs to be put out of business so he can't continue putting people's lives at risk. And you wonder why we have to have the FDA? It's because of unscrupulous business practitioners like Julian Bakery. His bread is listed as non-GMO also and yet he hasn't taken the time to get it certified. Julian Bakery just makes the claim. Anyone trust that? And yet he continues to play on people's needs for certain dietary choices. If the bread is all the things he says then at this point the only way to verify it is third party. If the FDA has cleared the bread then he should do full disclosure and show the documentation.
  27. Artemis67
    Julian Bakery: "You are hurting not only our company by posting misleading information and it hurts my family and the people that work for us because it causes our customers to be confused."

    You know who is really hurting your company, family, and employees? You are. Go look in the mirror; the source of all your problems will look right back at you.

    Either you are craven, sociopathic liars, or else you are incompetent idiots who thought they'd cash in on a diet trend without knowing the first thing about it. Or, hell--maybe you're both.

    You've previously proven yourselves untrustworthy and your products dubious at best. Do you really think anyone is going to give you a pat on the back and say, "Oh, we'll trust you and anything you have to say about your products now"? Do you think you're going to get any breaks at all? Dream on.

    Mending a ruined reputation takes a long time. It takes admitting you were wrong, without trying to assign blame elsewhere. It also takes sincere, sustained work to show beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have indeed changed and can be trusted.

    But dude--you're still selling the new, very different recipe for your bread using glowing reviews left for the old recipe. It's not even the same bread! That's clear deception right there! Why should we believe any test results you provide? You're a known liar, after all.

  28. bill
    Lawyers just love when their clients
    try their cases on internet blogs.
  29. Aljihou
    Here's the great thing about the internet. It only takes about 5 minutes to prove the truth. Here is a direct quote from Julian Bakery's comment.

    "We post our lab test online for each product. Our products have been additionally verified by the FDA to be correct and accurate."

    Well check out the Paleo Macroons, clearly a Julian Bakery product and although not making the low carb claim, the comment quoted said for each product. Well no test on the Macaroons. Follow the link.

    Zero Cookies. The Julian Bakery sugar free. No independent lab test for any of these cookies on either the Julian Bakery site or the zero cookie site.

    So it took minutes to catch Julian Bakery in another misrepresentation of the truth. If they each have been tested by an independent lab then post the results. Don't make the claim that each product has been tested when clearly they haven't.

    But it's so much easier to bully retired people with lawsuits to hide the truth.

  30. tz
    Julian Bakery has NEVER responded to the fact they left all the "Great tasting and eating bread" comments for the OLD recipie on your site when they introduced the kitchen sponge version.

    They are all still there. There may be a half-dozen praising the new bread. The rest are "a year old". You can go to the page right now and see.

    You are the one confusing your customers by leaving posts for something closer to real bread for the new plastic substitute.

  31. tz
    Of course exposing frauds causes financial harm. Unlike Madoff where it was only money, and his family and employees were hurt too when he was shut down, in this case it is the body and health of the customers that trusted you that was harmed, and that is far more serious and often cannot be undone at any cost.
  32. Bob
    I don't eat bread. I don't think anyone should eat bread. I don't think anyone should buy any product that has more than 1 ingredient and is processed beyond being shelled, butchered, chopped, grounded, pressed, frozen, etc.

    I think it's idiotic for anyone to trust any company to label their pre-processed crap truthfully. I think it's idiotic for any company to complain about "losing money" because someone complains about their crap products. What about all the money people lose buying their garbage?

    People complain they don't have time to make their own meals from scratch are idiots. Of course you have time, just choose to stop watching TV, reading that book, yakking or texting on the phone, or surfing the web, for a few minutes. You've got plenty of time, it's you priorities that are messed up. Feeding yourself nutritious meals should be you number one priority, getting proper rest should be second priority. Anything else beyond earning enough to provide for your food and shelter is justing killing time.

  33. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,

    As I previously mentioned our product line is accurate and for you and Deborah to mislead people that our current product line is not accurate is down right wrong. We will legally protect our company and those who spread misleading information.

    Here comes the bully tactics again. Unfortunately your empty threats do not scare me.

    Welcome to the 21st century. When you lie and cheat repeatedly that information will be easily available for everyone online. For how long? Do you really believe everything will be erased the second you stop cheating in one particular way? Hardly. It's going to stay for a long time. Years. Maybe forever.

    This is why lying and cheating is bad business today. Don't just blame other people for your problems. Like someone else said: look in the mirror.

  34. Takeda
    Chase 'em into the sea I say.

    This kind of utter deceit at the cost of people's health and well-being is utter bullshit.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it's a duck. Julian's Bakery needs to be bought out or bankrupted … reopened with legitimate labelling and products or just paved over for yet another parking-lot.

  35. NS
    @Julian Bakery,

    Before taking legal action against the Doctor, I would hope, for your sake, that your legal team is more competent than your editing team:

    "The bottom line is our products are accurate." Products are not "accurate," information is.

    Isn't it telling when an American entity with a credibility issue needs "accuracy" (pun intended) instruction from a non-native-English speaker?

  36. David
    The sad thing is just that the people behind this company will probably just start a new one in a few months in order to clear their name.

    Let's all keep an eye out, dumb people have a tendency to repeat their mistakes, so it probably won't be too difficult to figure out.

    Suggestion to Julian Bakery: get the hell out of the food industry, you are everything that's wrong with it, and thanks to the Internet and blogs like this one, it will be very difficult for you to get away with your bullshit, this is 2013, time to wake up.

  37. aljihou
    David you are right! He has already started another company. It's called Paelo, Inc. Here's the link http;// If you google it, you will see it's the same address as Julian Bakery.

    Julian Bakery is very good at subterfuge and so they have been shifting away from the lowcarb marketing and going towards the Paleo world. Even though there are no regulations on lowcarb, messing with people's blood sugar is something the FDA takes pretty seriously but with Paleo since anyone can build a website and claim they are Paleo, it's a better space for Julian Bakery. There is no one real leader in Paleo (although some are rising) and so much conflicting information about the Paleo diet, it's a great space for Julian Bakery to be in. Julian Bakery's recipes on their facebook page claiming to be Paleo are suspect at best as they use sweeteners that I am pretty sure cavemen couldn't pronounce much less spell in the recipes, that in turn are conveniently are available for sale on the Julian Bakery website.

    Here is a list of all the brands he has created and then in turn created a facebook page for each one. It's the one smart thing Julian Bakery has done. Diversification. If one product goes down the tube there are 5 or 6 others that Julian Bakery can focus on. Here's the list

    Almond Thins
    Paleo Bread
    Paleo Wraps
    Carb Zero Bread
    Zero Cookies
    Paleo Waffles

    He has also created multiple Twitter accounts to boost Julian Bakery's twitter presence. He retweets one message for Julian Bakery from the accounts at any give time.








    And clearly an ally who has been doing the most tweeting recently @SDHomeTheater

    One more thing, although there seems to be a strong argument from Julian Bakery about fairness, just try to post a question about any of the products that Julian Bakery doesn't like. See how long it lasts on the Facebook page. From personal experience...not long.

    Julian Bakery only wants one side of the conversation heard and guess whose it is?

    Reply: #39
  38. Galina L.
    Guys, if you mast have some bread- like and cake-like thing, you will find a lot of ideas here, or just make a low-carb muffin (one egg, 1/4 cup of ground nuts,1/2 tsp of baking powder, mix together, microwave in a coffee mag for one minute), it is better to know what is in your food, spread easy and quick recipes around - it is another way to make sure businesses like Julian bakery have as little customers as possible. Paleo life - style doesn't require going on internet and searching for "paleo" versions of your favorite junk foods.
  39. Zepp
    Paleo with bread?

    With wheat and gluten?

    I think this was the moste not paleo?

  40. Valerie
    I seriously hope an attorney catches wind of this woman's plight and represents her pro bono. The lawsuit is ridiculous.

    Julian Bakery sound like bullies based on what I'm reading here. They deserve to be put out of business for their shady business practices alone, and especially now after hearing them go after this poor woman for daring to tell the truth about their products. They are handling it very poorly.

  41. Ondrej
    Hey Doc, you better be careful. My American friends tell me next time you go to America you could be served legal documents for a lawsuit and if you don't show up in court there could be a default judgement against you.

    Consult with American LCHFers and maybe they can put you in contact with an American lawyer.

    Protect yourself!

  42. Tiffany
    Julian Bakery is the scum of the Earth. I used to order multiple loaves of bread from them...until I received an order that was full of purple mold. Once that happened, I started doing some research and I discovered that this company is so full of crap.

    They used to lie on their labels....they probably still do and they probably pay people like Gary from to say good things about them.

    What upsets me most is that I used to feed my diabetic son their I know better!

    I would rather eat grass from my backyard than eat anything associated with this company. If you know what's good for your body you wouldnt eat it either!

  43. Dan
    IF Julian truly wanted to make this right, they would REFUND EVERY DOLLAR to everyone who ever ordered a product that was FALSELY labeled because they DEFRAUDED those people. Even if (as I doubt based on their prior dishonesty) they have corrected things, the fact is they sold products under labels that are false and have admitted it. They have done NOTHING for YEARS to make whole those defrauded by their prior behavior. They have no intention, clearly, of doing anything about it. They just want to get a "my bad--ooops" instant clean slate and then sue people who dared to point out their fraud in the first place. That is one more indication that they are simply and completely LIARS and dishonest business people who do do not deserve the support of the public for ANY of their products. They whine about how it is hurting them--what about the people, many sick and made worse by their false label products, who were hurt for YEARS by their lies? Frankly, if they now somehow had the ability and honesty to create a truly wonderful, healthy, and honestly carb free product that tasted great and solved the whole issue of finding such stuff for those of us who know carbs are POISON, I'd still not spend a dime with them (and I am among the many who used to) because they are immoral, conniving crooks. Now sue me and prove you didn't LIE for YEARS, crooks. Go ahead. I welcome it!
  44. Dan
    P.S. You know, there's another little fact inherent in this story, and in the re-branding as "paleo" that Julian is doing to try to avoid their bad (justifiably) reputation as dishonest businesspeople:

    Bakers bake for EXCELLENCE. They bake things that they hope will be delicious for everyone. Putting aside this specialty, the proof of their being only in the business of catering to a captive market of people who are sick and desperate is this: Julian hasn't got a business baking bread, period. Not ordinary bread. Not tasty bread. Not anything other than a "niche market" they (a) discovered and then (b) defrauded people into thinking they were baking for. IF they can't make a go of their business just plain baking and competing with other bakeries, if the ONLY way they can do business is to (a) create faux health products and (b) lie about them and then (c) change names when they get caught and (d) sue anyone who dares expose them....well, heck, they're not in the BAKERY business, paleo, lowcarb, gluten, or otherwise: THEY are in the DECEPTION business. THAT is their business. Period.

  45. Aljihou
    First off Tiffany, thank you for sharing your story. It really brought home to me how dangerous these products can be. I am so glad your son came to no harm.

    Now let's get back to some additional research. This is why Gary's Health Tips is circumspect. Here's a video from May 19th, 2013 where Julian Bakery does a review of Gary's book Primal Power. So clearly there was a relationship between Gary and Julian Bakery for a long while.

    Gary also has recipes all over Julian Bakery's website. Here's an example

    In fact there are four pages of recipes from Gary on Julian Bakery's website. So the relationship is long term and well established. By the way, note that here is another Julian Bakery product Zero-Carb Noodles you should be aware of.

    And here is why Gary is equally guilty and wholly untrustworthy beyond the stated above. Below is a recent link on Gary's site where Julian Bakery is using Gary's leverage to put a competitor out of business. The first thing Gary always does is establish that he is trust worthy because he is a former FDA food inspector and hence lacking in bias. Not quite sure Gary knows what the definition of biased is because this is one of the most biased articles I have ever read.

    Additionally, he presents "facts" but then doesn't give you all the facts. He claims he has a test from the Philippines bringing into question the competitor to Paleo Wraps natural parchment paper.

    Here's what missing:

    He shows a test but it doesn't have the client's name or address. So did Gary pay for the test? Or was he just fed some nonsense from Julian Bakery? You can draw your own conclusions. If the test was legitimate and actually paid for by Gary, then why hide the client name and contact information on the test? You will see it's blank.

    Secondly, why would Gary have to go to the Philippines to have the test done? Why not use a lab in the States? Unless of course, it's Julian Bakery or an affiliate of Julian Bakery who manufactures the Paleo Wraps in the Philippines who conducted the test. Does anyone else see the bias here?

    Next let's examine the date of the test. The test was filed in August 2013 but the competitor has been out of manufacturing since late 2012. How come Gary aka Julian Bakery waited to test the paper 9 months after the last package was manufactured? What happened to the paper in those 9 months? Why should we trust a sample that has been sitting around on the shelf that is at a minimum 3 months past it's expiration date and who knows where it's been sitting?

    Finally the manufacturer of the unbleached parchment paper has denied any hint of chlorine. Yep, I love checking on claims and thank goodness for the internet. And yes, you read that correctly it's unbleached parchment paper that allegedly has a trace of chlorine in it. The test shows 0.025 mg/l. According the EPA 4.0 mg/L or 4 ppm is an annual average that is safe from drinking water. So based on Gary's faulty logic we should all run immediately to our local municipality and demand chlorine taken out of our drinking water (Yes, I know there are valid reasons to take chlorine out of the water). Here's the link to the EPA site

    Gary claims that he had a rash when ate the competitor's wraps allegedly from the the chlorine on the paper but I guess he never drinks tap water because who knows what kind of allergic reaction Gary would have to tap water.

    Finally, the article devolves in to a wild rant that basically is a copy of all the stuff posted on Debroah Krueger's site. So it seems clear that Gary didn't write the whole thing.

    Here's the link to the article on Gary's site:

    Finally, here's the site of Deborah Krueger If you want to see what unprofessional, nasty, disturbing organization Julian Bakery is, hop over there where Julian Bakery has been going after Deborah repeatedly. Once you get there you will see Deborah is a real crusader! She isn't only going after Julian Bakery, she's going after many companies who have mislabeled their products. However, the only one bullying her is Julian Bakery. While you are there why not drop a love note for her courage?

    And no I am not Deborah Krueger using a pen name. I am a big fan because she has spent so much time keeping the diabetic and low-carb community informed. I chose to use a pen name to protect my first amendment rights and prevent a lawsuit from Julian Bakery ;0)

  46. Tony Nguyen
    Bread is good for people who suffer from stomachache and diabetes. Julian bakery is good.

    Reply: #47
  47. Aljihou
    You are kidding right? There are plenty of places to get good bread without supporting such a horrible company. My recommendation is Maybe you should read the 250+ negative comments on Yelp before you support Julian Bakery? Or on Google?
  48. Robert
    I sincerely hope she can find affordable if not pro bono legal assistance for this case. No one likes a bully and attorneys are no different. When looking at cases to satisfy my voluntary pro bono hours, this is the type of case I would love to handle if I was licensed in California.
  49. nianbo
    ok julian bakery QUIT BEING ASSHOLES
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  50. Aljihou
    And to see what the court thought about the case which by the way the court denied Julian Bakery's motion to take away Deborah's 1st amendment rights. Follow this link.
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