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I really like the low-carb movie Carb Loaded. And I just got an email from one of the creators, Lathe Poland. He told me that they are offering DVDs of the movie to Diet Doctor readers for FREE (shipping charge applies) while supplies last.

If you’ve already seen the movie perhaps this could be a great gift to someone?

Use this coupon code:

To order, please visit the Carb Loaded store.

Simply enter the coupon code in the box and hit “Apply Code”.

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  1. bill
    Really, Dr. Eenfeldt?? Must I re-post my "Top Comment" from before:

    October 20 2014 12
    I had been looking forward to seeing the movie Carb Loaded ever since they posted the preview. I just finished watching it with some LCHF friends. Though it did have some good points, the first two thirds were bogged down in rehashing eat less, move more, fast food is bad, portion sizes are too big, so eat less, food is too palatable, and other discredited myths. Somebody in the movie said “don’t eat anything with a barcode on it.” Barcodes are not giving us diabetes. Others said “don’t eat fast food.” That theory was completely demolished by Tom Naughton in FatHead, the Movie. Carb Loaded was closer to Supersize Me.
    Whenever they talked about eating real food, they showed fruits and vegetables as if they are equivalent. There was one graphic showing a pineapple and broccoli as if they are just as good for you. Whenever they talked about junk food, they showed a hamburger as if that’s as bad as an ice cream shake and they showed throwing away the whole hamburger. One can eat at fast food restaurants and get good food. Why didn’t they interview Steve Phinney who is known to stop at fast food restaurants and get lettuce wrapped burgers? Just because it’s fast, doesn’t make it bad.

    They talked about eating real food as if that’s the ultimate decision to be healthy, and yet they used a picture of a little girl proudly carrying a pineapple as an illustration of good eating. Pineapple is the absolute highest sugar fruit on earth.

    They only in passing talked about eating good fats, and left them out of the graphics and illustrations altogether. They showed a chicken breast as being better than what appeared to be chicken tenders or nuggets. Yet the chicken breast appeared to be skinless and had little if any fat on it. Although Andreas did say, “I’m not afraid of fat”, the dinners and grocery items that they purported to be healthy appeared to not include any fat whatsoever. Someone watching this movie who is not already up on the LCHF issues would come away thinking that they should eat fruits and vegetables. It did not make clear that if you give up carbs, you should increase fat intake or you will be hungry.

    They even had one of their interviewees saying that sugar is fat. We rewatched that statement on the video 3 times. It is clearly there. That’s clearly wrong.

    The message that there are three things a person can eat: fat, carbs or protein and the carbs must be limited and replaced with fat was neglected, overlooked, or given short shrift in this movie.

    To say that it was a disappointment is an understatement.

    This movie does NOT further your cause. This site should be L(ow) C(arb) H(igh) F(at). The movie advocates nothing of the sort. Your message is drifting.

  2. Pierre
    "Pineapple is the absolute highest sugar fruit on earth."

    Actually, raw figs and dates are much more loaded with sugar.

  3. bill
    1 date, 4.5 grams sugar
    1 fig, 10 grams sugar
    1 pineapple, 1000 grams

    Which fruit is highest?

    Now, you can go ahead and eat all the pineapple
    you want. That does not change the fact that this
    movie doesn't grasp the LCHF lifestyle and is a bad
    movie to promote on this site.

  4. Pierre
    Pineapple 100 gr = > Carbohydrate 13.5 g Fiber 1.4 g net = 12.1 gr

    Figs 100 gr => Carbohydrate 19.2 g Fiber 2.9 g net = 16.3 gr

    Which fruit is highest?

    "That does not change the fact that this
    movie doesn't grasp the LCHF lifestyle and is a bad
    movie to promote on this site."

    I agree with that.

    I guess maybe ~1 % of the population has a clue about LCHF diet.

    Reply: #5
  5. bill

    Thank you for the support.

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