How to get into great shape without exercise

Get in great shape without exercise
Is it possible to get into great shape, even if you hate exercise? Yes. There could be a way.

In this interview from this year’s Low-Carb Cruise, Darryl Edwards – the Fitness Explorer – talks about his own health journey and explains how you can get in great shape without exercise. The secret? Play.

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Get Into Great Shape Without Exercise – Darryl Edwards

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

I´ve been very happy about all the information on this website, especially being a doctor myself I was so surprised by some of the info (which seems to be going so much against ‘common medical knowledge’) but I wasn’t so happy about the not needing to exercise to make it work so now that I’ve seen this brick in the wall, I´m very glad that there is mention of movement and it seems perfectly practicable for almost anyone without having to become an ‘exercise nut’.
– Aline

This video is great, especially for any of us who do not want to, or cannot, become a gym enthusiast. Darryl Edwards’ advice on incorporating activity in a natural, familiar, fun way (that would be individual for each person’s desires and needs) is excellent! I am not doing the video justice by my comments, so please just watch the video and see for yourself. ?
– Jools

Get Into Great Shape Without Exercise – Darryl Edwards

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