Gary Taubes comments on the dr Oz show

Interesting interview at Jimmy Moore’s blog. After listening to it you will realize just how much the deck was stacked against Taubes.

Taubes felt set up by the cholesterol test and I guess you could say that he was. With hindsight he should have just taken it though. Declining it made him lose a lot of credibility, it looked like he had something to hide. It made great television but in an awfully bad way.


  1. Andreas, I'll respectfully disagree with you about Gary taking the cholesterol test. As he shared with me in my interview about this last week, it would have been a Gary vs. Dr. Oz comparison that is not very scientific at all. If his LDL was over 200 and total cholesterol was over 300, Oz would have made a huge deal about it without allowing Gary a chance to explain about particle size and that HDL and triglycerides are MORE important. You'll be pleased to know Gary will be having his lipid profile run soon and will be writing a follow-up blog post about it soon thereafter.
  2. Simon A
    I mostly think that it was a good thing that he got time on a big TV-show. I bet some people got interested and maybe went reading about lowcarb diets. As someone once said, all attention is good attention. ;)
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jimmy,
    Great to see you!

    Of course there is nothing very scientific about it at all. It's entertainment and it's about the public perception. Also, there is no way to successfully inform dr Oz's audience of the intricacies of all the different cholesterol particles in under a minute. In fact I am surprised Taubes even tried to.

    On TV the message should be very simple. Personally I would suggest just pointing out that fat may indeed increase cholesterol, but it raises the good cholesterol, HDL, which protects against heart disease. Period.

    Anyway, refusing the test makes him lose no matter what the test would have shown. Had he taken the test he could have won big (good numbers) or lost with more style (bad numbers). Judging from his old numbers he cited on your show and the fact that he is slim and trimmed I think he would have won big.

  4. Nads
    The funny thing is, what Dr Oz says he eats in a day is very much like what we low-carbers would eat, if I recall except for the rice.

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