Gary Taubes’ cholesterol profile

Gary Taubes posted his cholesterol profile today. Now, had he allowed the test on the Dr Oz show that would have been even better, as his numbers are basically perfect.

On Huffington Post there is a blog today on Taubes’ new NY Times article on sugar. Dr Katz, director of the Yale Research Center, basically argues that since sugar tastes so good it should not be bad for us. That is after mentioning that there is sugar in breast milk so sugar should be just fine, later acknowledging that breast milk actually contains lactose, not sucrose… read it only if you want to waste ten minutes of your life:

David Katz, M.D., Sugar Isn’t Evil: A Rebuttal

More: Apparently dr Katz’s foundation (objective: “to combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics”) is sponsored by Hershey chocolate bars. Bizarre.


  1. "The brain is hard-wired to reward us for doing things that are good for our survival."

    Based on this "logic," we should all be mainlining cocaine. This guy Katz is an idiot.

  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  3. Simon C
    Typo: "objectice" should be "objective". Also Dr Oz's "dr" should have a capital "D".
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks Simon, fixed.
  5. Andrew
    He must have not watched the video too closely. He writes:

    "So while fructose as an ingredient excessively engineered into processed foods is, indeed, a problem- I find it far-fetched at best to suggest the native composition of, say, berries is "evil." Lustig seems to be tossing out the the strawberries with the soda."

    But Lustig's video made it clear that the reason fruit is OK is because nature loads fruit with fiber. Although he is taking a shot at fructose, Lustig never suggests that Strawberries are evil. At this point in the video he explains fruit: and at 1:13:50 he says "That's why fruit's OK."

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