Can low carb make it fun being a doctor again?

Here’s an amazing interview with a fantastic man. Dr. David Unwin is a UK family doctor, and as he got close to retirement age he felt a bit depressed, he did not feel he was really helping most of his patients.

Then his wife convinced him to try one last project. He would try to improve the lives of the patients he felt were his toughest challenge – overweight people with type 2 diabetes.

A few years later, he’s getting his patients off medications and making a true difference in their lives using low carb. He’s also won the ‘NHS innovator of the year’ award, and he’s giving advice to fellow health professionals about what he’s learned.

Being a doctor has become fun again.

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Can Low Carb Make it Fun Being A Doctor Again? – Dr. David Unwin

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  1. Lorletha
    I love his whole premise of leading with kindness. As human beings we sometimes are too critical of others and ourselves.

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