Becoming a low-carb doctor – watch the full interview with Dr. Brukner

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Dr. Peter Brukner is the team physician for the Australian Cricket Team. He was overweight and pre-diabetic, but a few years ago he got interested in low carb after listening to professor Tim Noakes.

The problem? He’d been a advocate of “carb loading” and a high-carb diet for ages. So what should he believe in now? There was only one thing to do – an N=1 experiment that was totally useless… unless of course if the one was himself.

This interview has been for members only – and very popular with a 4.8 out of 5 star average rating. Now everyone can watch the entire interview above.

About the interview

Table of contents

  0:00  Food for sport
  1:30  He read about Tim Noakes in 2012
  3:20  Good Calories, Bad Calories
  5:00  n=1 experiment
  8:30  13 weeks – blood tests
10:50  Maintenance
13:18  What do you wish you had known earlier?



Here’s what our members have been saying about this interview:

A very inspiring story from a former advocate of “carb loading” who now passionately advocates a low carb lifestyle.
– Sean

– Sue

I’m very impressed.
– Nicole

Very enjoyable interview. Love it when doctors are honest and speak from the heart.
– Tony

Great interview. It is time the Australian Medical profession wakes up and stop their ‘groupthink’. My own experience with the treatment of Type 2 diabetes from GP’s and a “leading’ Endecronolist has been more than disappointing. Thanks to the Diet Doctor and Dr Jason Fung and others my wife and I have regained our health and controlled our diabetes and have been medication free for more than a year.
– Dirk

Excellent interview. Straight and to the point. All the information you need to get started on low carb high fat in a nutshell.
– Helen

I have always wanted to see an interview with Dr. Brukner. I am looking forward to Part 2.
– Yang

Great story! The way we treat diabetes is a horror – so completely infuriating.
We’ve known for 150 years how to reverse it, so why have we settled for managing the progress of the disease?

Money and politics are killing people. I’m grateful for doctors who say this out loud. The biggest health disaster in the history of medicine, indeed! ?

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More about the interview with Dr. Brukner

Recorded in February 2016 in Vail, Colorado, published in May 2016.
Camera operators: Max Thedeby, Isabel Savén and Simon Victor.
Light: Max Thedeby.
Sound: Simon Victor.
Interviewer: Andreas Eenfeldt.
Editing: Yana Popova

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