Freeze-dried poop pills being tested for obesity treatment


Here’s a contender for the most gross weight loss method ever: How about eating poop?

This is actually serious research:

Arstechnica: Freeze-Dried Poop Pills Being Tested for Obesity Treatment

Gut bacteria and weight

There’s been a ton of speculation on the connection between the bacteria in our gut – our microbiome – and weight control. It’s a hot area of research.

There are clear differences in the bacteria in the gut of obese and thin people. But this does not tell us what is causing what. It may simply be that refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks promote obesity AND change the gut flora, compared to eating real food.

Some small studies indicate that adding certain bacteria to food may perhaps lead to weight loss in humans. But it’s too early to say for certain, these results will have to be repeated.

This study

The study above is the first time researchers actually try to transplant gut bacteria between humans, for weight loss. It’s a randomized, placebo controlled trial so the results – whatever they will be – could be believable.

If it turns out to work, would you eat poop to lose weight?


Health, Weight and Gut Flora

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  1. Bob Niland
    The Study Record Detail is here:
    I don't see any indication that they are attempting to intervene in diet, or even record it.

    If they're lucky, they'll actually see some results despite that, but any results are likely to be transient, unless diet is remediated (and consensus medicine and nutrition are almost entirely clueless on how to approach that).

    The human microbiome is known to contain bacteria, eukaryotic parasites, fungi, protozoans, viruses, yeasts, and possibly entire new divisions of life. If this ecosystem gets damaged or distorted, commercial probiotics may provide only limited recovery, as all but one or two contain only bacteria. FMT from carefully chosen donors may well become a more widely used technique.

    On the question of "If it turns out to work, would you eat poop to lose weight?"

    I don't need to, but if were in that situation, my priorities would be:
    1. switch to a grain-free low-net-carb high-specific-fat low-inflammatory diet
    (with a long list of gut antagonists to exclude from diet)
    2. add prebiotic fiber to daily diet, permanently (gradual workup)
    3. run a 60-day course of a quality probiotic
    4. attend to any common known weight loss blocking factors
    If still no joy:
    5. try a probiotic enema
    If still no joy:
    6. FMT

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