Free Low-Carb Beginner’s Guide in 36 Languages – Now Including Latvian (and English!)


Do you want advice on an LCHF diet (low-carb high-fat) in your first language? Or do you want to send it to a friend who doesn’t speak English?

Here’s the page Low Carb for Beginners in 36 languages! New today: Latvian.

Do you have a translation to an additional language, or do you have a significant improvement of a previous translation? Please email me.


  1. Irfan
    Can we also include Hindi (India)
  2. gbl
    Irfan, if your Hindi and Urdu speaking people live in India and Pakistan (for example) how can they source the foods suggested here, afford them (assuming they will be even moreexpensive there), And will they be willing to eat meat?

    I think until the "low-carb" diet includes dals and pulses and all the other foods of those cultures, it will not be viable for such people. Food carries culture.

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