The Dreamfields pasta fraud finally results in an 8 million dollar fine!

Fined 8M

Let this be a warning to all companies shamelessly selling “low-carb” fake products.

Dreamfields, the biggest brand of “low-carb” pasta, has for a long time lived on a blatant lie. I tested their pasta several years ago and found that it raised my blood sugar dramatically, much like regular pasta. When scientists later examined the matter, they found no difference at all between the “low-carb” pasta and regular pasta from the grocery store!

The pasta was included as an example of low-carb frauds in my presentation ”The Food Revolution”, with over 400,000 views on YouTube.

American lawyers filed a class action lawsuit this summer against Dreamfields, and the settlement papers were filed on Monday. The company gave up even before the trial and confessed. Their fine will be $7.9 million. Most of the money is reserved for reimbursing customers. If you bought the fraud pasta between 2004 and 2014 you are entitled to get your money back.

Law360: Pasta maker forks over $8M in low-carb labeling deal

You read the time frame right. Dreamfields has continued with this blatant fraud for TEN YEARS and the brand has been a best seller. The makers have destroyed health and weight effects from a low-carb diet for countless people.

Dreamfields will now change the labeling for their product to something less deceptive. But there are still thousands of low-carb frauds out there that are just as bad from other companies. 


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  1. Corby
    I am glad the company has been fined; and wish it were even more publicised. The mainstream media in this country rarely reports on these things, leaving the American public in the dark.
    The sad thing is that the majority of the victims of this fraud will not be able to collect, the money will eventually line the pockets of the attorneys; for with no proof of purchase how does One collect... and Who saves grocery store receipts?
  2. Lauri
    (I save grocery receipts, as well as all receipts, but I don't buy pasta and I've never bought Dreamfields). Most likely, it will end up being a flat fee or repayment of the cost of 1 - 2 boxes for anyone who sends in a request.

    I, too, wish it was front page news.

  3. Erica
    This is so frustrating! Dreamfields was recommended to me by a certified nutritionist at our local hospital during my diabetes education. I shared that recommendation with my parents, Aunt and Uncle and Grandfather and we all have been exclusively eating that brand for three years. I want desperately to be a part of this class action suit but cannot find any information. And I'm at the point I have no clue what to eat!
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  4. Kjell Granelli
    A good "replacement" for pasta is thinly sliced cabbage. Let it boil for a few minutes, then drain and pour your pasta sauce over it.
    Another option is to thinkly slice peeled squash and boil 30 seconds or so. Again, pour the sauce on top.
    In either case, top with generous amounts of grated parmesan cheese.
    And don't forget to be generous with natural fat in the sauce, for example cream and butter!
  5. Jeb
    "The Dreamfields class action settlement is capped at $5 million and any remaining money that’s not claimed will be awarded to the American Diabetes Association"

    LOL. As if the ADA is going to solve things here in the USA....

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  6. Matt
    A couple of clarifications. Firstly they weren't "fined", they settled a lawsuit. Or more accurately they've agreed to settle a lawsuit but a judge still has to approve the settlement. Secondly they only have to remove the misleading claim from their packaging for one year. Theoretically a year from now they could put it back on.

    And any leftover money after consumers are reimbursed goes to the American Diabetes Association (who I'm sure will use the money to encourage people to eat "healthy carbs" like the kind found in whole wheat products like Dreamfields pasta!)

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  7. Jane
    I'm so disappointed...and I believed Dreamfields and have been eating their pasta a couple of times a week for many years. How do people sleep at night!!!
  8. Violeta
    I would advise all diabetics (T1 and T2) against eating any kind of pasta, bread, or pastry. They can advertise "low-carb" as much as they want. If it is made with flour, it is not low-carb.
    Please, read Dr. jay's blog at He is T2. Dr. Richard Bernstein is T1 and he has some great advice for diabetics, too - both T1 and T1. He has a great book on the topic of diabetes as well. You can find very tasty recipes there. My family enjoys them and we are not diabetic.
  9. Lauree K
    I bought my first and only boxes of this brand a few weeks ago. It is still sitting in my cupboard unopen. I do have the receipt so will return them the next chance I can.
  10. Solomon
    Does the ADA recommend low carb? If they don't then they don't deserve to have the unclaimed amount.
  11. Kat
    I generally don't trust marketing claims, so I never tried the pasta. I make "pasta" from spaghetti squash and by thinly slicing celery root and then boiling it like pasta.

    Sadly, I don't have access to Tim Noakes's cookbook, "Real Meal Revolution", but I did get the flaxbread recipe online and it it delicious (all flaxmeal, oil and eggs) and I just got but haven't yet tried his pasta recipe which is eggs, cream cheese and psyllium husks. If the pasta is anything like the bread I'll start eating pasta often. Before LCHF I never ate either pasta or bread. Oh, the irony!!!

  12. Jessica
    How do we go about being included in this? anyone know any other information on how to file or what's the next step?
  13. Julie
    I used Dreamfield pasta all the time when I was pregnant and it didn't raise my blood sugar once. I was given my first box by a Type 1 Diabetic who eats it weekly and his sugars are stellar. this has me wondering...
  14. hotflashes
    I've been eating this pasta for a few years. I'm a T2 Diet controlled Diabetic. I test 4 to 6 times a day. This pasta has never spiked my vs. As a matter of fact I eat it every night before bed to keep my morning sugars within a safe range. Everybody is suing everybody these days. Just be accountable. Eat, test, adjust ... if it works use it ... if not, don't.
  15. mike
    strange. im not diabetic but i try to limit carbs. dreamfields was the best pasta alternative out there. curious though, i tested on myself several times and there was no insulin spike. 1 2 4 6 hours post meal. i cooked it al dente as per the instructions. maybe people were over cooking it. also when reheated the next day it did spike my blood sugar. i dont know what to believe now. what was the misleading claim they had to remove?
  16. trisha
    I liked this pasta even tho I wasnt on a low carb diet. used this pasta for a long time and then our grocery store stopped selling the spaghetti so we went back to normal pasta. well we found some dreamfields spg and boy oh boy our day was spent in the potty all day! sorry about that but it is the truth! also, the product size is smaller than normal boxes of pasta. we made lasagna and dreamfields is at 12,5 oz whereas ronzoni is 1lb. DF was more money too!
  17. Kelly
    I've been eating it for years. Who saves grocery receipts? Any other way to get reimbursement?
  18. Sandi
    I personally have had Dreamfields many times. I'm T2 diabetic and usually have no problem with the angel hair pasta from them. Some of the thicker pastas from them do raise my blood glucose. Like I said, the angel hair is okay for me and I will continue to eat that no more than 1x a week.
  19. Christoph Dollis

    A good "replacement" for pasta is thinly sliced cabbage.

    Cabbage, huh?

  20. Christoph Dollis
    Well done in highlighting these charlatans and trying to keep people from being financially fleeced and health robbed by the crooks.

    Too bad prison for their CEO isn't part of the deal.

  21. alisha woods
    Very disappointed I have been using this product for years trying to be healthier. I have promoted this product to others. No wonder weight has not moving as much as it was. Very sad to hear. How do you go about getting reimbursed for it?
  22. Ken Molay
    I got a claim email because I am on the Dreamfields mailing list. You can register to be part of the class action settlement at and potentially get $1.99 for each box purchased - up to 15 boxes per household.
  23. Clyde
    All I know is that Dreamfields pasta works well for my control. I can't eat regular pasta at all without soaring BG values. If you have helped ruin a food I can eat - then shame on you.
  24. Claire
    This pasta has worked very well for me. The key is portion control. I will continue to purchase Dreamfields products.
  25. Rhoda
    I tried eating Dreamfield many times and it was like regular pasta...sent my blood sugar sky high!! Being diabetic I found for flour at all or sugar!! My carbs come from some fruits and lots of veggies!! The cabbage idea is brilliant !!!!
  26. Michelle
    I've eaten this pasta for a few years. Tested my sugars and it never spiked. Not crazy about wheat pasta so I'll continue using this one as it works well for me. However, it doesn't surprise me that they lied. Seems to be the way of the world we live in...deception. Sad.
  27. crf
    I think it does work, BUT you have to cook it as advised and eat it al dente or you cook off the coating which makes it lo carb AND if you have an acidic sauce (i.e. tomato) with it, do not put it on until ready to eat and do not store it sauced.
  28. Jo
    So what? All I need to do is supply receipts for the past 8 yrs that I purchased dream field pasta? Who saves receipts for that? I won't get a penny if it
  29. Fred
    I don't own any stock in this company and I certainly don't support any company that has misleading information, however I have been eating their pasta since it came out and I have to say that there is a difference, compared to other brands on the market. Theirs does not leave you "bloated" after you eat it, like the others do. They have something going on that's positive with the product. Try it and then you'll see what i'm talking about.
  30. Paula
    You dont need receipts see the link above to file a claim.
  31. Shirl
    Matt, you and Fred are the only ones who posted a comment that made sense! Are people so eager to sue someone for anything they can think of? Or blame their obesity on someone else? I have eaten this pasta for years, and find it to be better quality than anything else out there.
    My blood sugar stays steady, my weight stays right where it should be. Managing blood sugar involves a lot more than just what you eat.
    OK just finished reading all the posts. I apologize, there are many level headed people here. When I first started to read, I saw only the whining posts.
  32. Barbara Briggs
    I am so disappointed also! I have been using Dreamfields for years, and even HIGHLY recommended it to a diabetic group I belong to. I guess you can't believe anything written on food packages any more. Maybe we will have to go back to making our own pasta...
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  33. Robert L. Arleo
    I am an attorney that is representing a group of objectors to the class settlement agreement.

    If you are interested in joining the group I represent please contact my law office at 212-551-1115.

  34. Lou
    Portions, portions, portions. This is the best pasta. Never spikes my sugar and it's never sticky like most pastas. Me thinks most people are eating to much in one setting. I make a chicken ceasar pasta salad and it amazing and very filling. I will continue to buy Dreamfield and monitor my portions.
  35. Ed S
    Matt, your ignorance is breathtaking. Dreamfield's is NOT made from whole wheat. The package states "enriched semolina." According to a very reliable source (the FDA!):

    "Like any other type of wheat or other grain, durum wheat products likely are not made from the whole kernel unless the package says “100 percent whole-grain durum,” advises the U.S. Food and Drug Administration." {cough}

    Secondly, let's assume for a moment that Dreamfield's claims were true. If you were Dreamfield's, why would you opt to miss out on a massive Public Relations, media, and sales windfall by PROVING your claims in court vs. paying out $8 million so you don't have to admit in court that your claims are lies???

    This product is and always was an arrogant sham perpetrated by losers who don't know how to make a noble and honorable living.

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  37. Leslie
    I am on the thanks for potentially ruining the only pasta I cant eat boat.I am diabetic as well & unlike other brands I get good readings.
    Please nobody give me alternates to pasta if I want squash or cabbage I eat squash or cabbage.I agree with Lou maybe people should eat proper portions,vs going on these fad ,restricting too many carbs diets.Which either end in a person finding out they are losing weight from Diabetic ketoacidosis or gaining it all back + some.
  38. Darlene
    I bought this pasta and made it for my father who is a T2. I promoted it to him and others. It was pricier than others but I thought this was great. It was a huge slap in the face. I felt like an idiot Because I told him it was low in carbs and he could eat it without Worrying so much. I am so angry with Dreamfields for lying. My dad is older and having diabetes related problems. What if I contributed to that using dreamfields.
  39. gayle rush-lopez
    hi. i thought we were going to be reimbursed for the pasta we bought uner false pretenses. I bought way more than 15 items of the Dreamfields pasta as I have diabetes, thinking it was safe. How an when do I get reimbursed ??????? I have been waiting an waiting.
    Please respond and tell me how i get my money back. Not to mention the fact that my blood sugar was high from eating this "safe" pasta.
    gayle rush
    757 east oak, #8
    wheatland,wyoming 82201
    307 575 8508
  40. gayle rush-lopez
    p.s. Safeway has proof of my purchases.
  41. Pat Bennett
    I am just finding out about this problem with Dreamfield Pasta. I was introduced to by a rehab therapist when I had a stent implanted and I am also a diabetic. I have used nothing but since about 10yrs. I have pasta at least once or twice a week. I have told everyone about this pasta and truthfully I like it.
  42. Marilyn Norris
    Received a check in the mail today in regards to the settlement. I did not apply or notify any company for settlement money, actually didn't know about lawsuit.
    I have bought Dreamfield Pasta on several occasions. Don't know how they knew other than I pay for groceries by debit card. Eek, that's scary. They get my info from my debit card?
    Btw my check was $3.78
  43. Kristal
    I just got a check in the mail from this and googled it to see what was going on. I bought mine off of so I am sure that is where they got my name and address. I had read the reviews about it spiking blood sugar the second day and also if you cooked it in your sauce instead of water, so I didn't do either of those things. I never had it affect my weight loss when I was doing low carb.
  44. Shari
    I got a check in the mail today? I never wrote them but did buy from guessing that is how they got my information. Anyway...that puts $13...and change in my pocket.
  45. Craig
    I have had T2 for about 10 years and have missed eating pasta for a long time. I heard of their product and gave it a try. I was not disappointed! It didn't spike my Glucose levels like standard pasta. It would just creep up slowly. It wasn't the same as regular pasta that would spike it like mad. What's the difference in the pasta? I don't know, but I will continue to use their products. Anyone who has had diabetes knows (or should) don't take the claims on the package as gospel. Test it yourself... Try a little to see how your body reacts to it. And remember STARCH is STARCH no matter if it is "healthy carbs" or not. They will ALL AFFECT YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. I used to love Grape Nuts Cereal, but it is so loaded with carbs I don't waste my time anymore. White rice and brown rice give me the same spike in glucose. one just has a better vitamin profile then the other. Ever try Shushi with Brown Rice?

    Face it - Diabetes SUCKS!

    P.S. I just got my settlement check for $28.35. I think I need some more Dreamfields pasta!

    I do love being "Devils Advocate".

  46. Craig
    I forgot to mention in the above note: I have been using an insulin pump and a CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor) for about five years and wouldn't be caught dead without them. When I eat dreamfields past I just adjust my insulin bolus accordingly.
  47. Sharon
    I am T2 Diabetic and have been eating Dreamfield's for several years. It has not spiked my glucose after eating, however I agree with those above....2nd day will spike. I usually only cook enough for 1 meal so I don't need to worry about 2nd day. Regardless, I bought from Netrition also and just received my check for $9.45. I wish I had known about this sooner, because I have probably spent hundreds of $$ over the years, and had I known, I would have found proof of my purchases via the grocery stores website, and submitted for reimbursement. Either way, I like the pasta and will continue to purchase and consume it; but like anything else, proper cooking and portion control are key.
  48. Jean
    Here is the web page for joining the class action suit against Dreamfields

    If you were an in-store purchaser, you would have to furnish proof of purchase for all of the boxes you bought. Those who bought on-line have an electronic record of their purchases and were the ones notified by the attorneys.

  49. Michael Long
    I received my check for $28 plus this last week. Didn't ask for it and as far as I am concerned it was totally not necessary. 30 years ago I was diagnosed as T2 diabetic. Several years ago due to better testing availability that was changed to T1. I love pasta and Dreamfields pasta has been one of the best things to happen to my dietary regimen. Not everything works for every diabetic, but it sure has been a blessing for me. They are not liars in my book and I am really upset that my local Meijers store has pulled most of the product from their shelves, probably in part, at least, to this absurd claim.
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