Four of the best talks of the Low-Carb Cruise


Did you miss the annual Low-Carb Cruise early this summer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – at least you’ll be able to see the top presentations from it. Out of 14 presentations on the cruise we have selected four of the best and posted them online (with two more to come).

  1. Most people found Tom Naughton‘s well-crafted talk Konvincing Kids that Kalorie Kounting is Kooky the most entertaining, and enlightening as well. Watch
  2. You can also listed to the psychiatrist Dr. Ann Childers on how our modern diet does not fit our ancient bodies, and how to un-sugar the brain. Watch
  3. Dr. Jay Wortman took the risk of being slightly conspiratorial, talking about how vested interests shape our view of “healthy whole grains” and other marketing slogans, behind the scenes. Watch
  4. Finally Dr. Eric Westman described how clinics could be set up to cure type 2 diabetes and obesity, not just manage them, while describing his own fascinating experience treating patients with strict low-carb diets. Watch

These presentations and many more (plus courses, interviews, expert Q&A, movies etc.) are available on the membership site.

Oh, and instead of paying around $2,000 to go on the cruise it’s only $9 a month (supporting an independent Diet Doctor site with no ads). It can even be free, with a trial membership. Tropical sun, however, is not included.

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