“Found something that is finally making my belly fat disappear…”


This year almost 54,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Dear Diet Doc,
Thanks for the challenge! We did not follow it strictly but instead followed your general principles. No bread, cake, pasta, sweets, chocs… Did this ok! Eating fresh meat, fish and veggies with melted butter – delicious and minimal cooking.

Barbecues are good. Salads with yogurt dressing or top quality oils – delicious. Cheese and more cheese but kept portion sizes small. Berries and cream or full-fat yogurt – a treat for dessert.

Had occasional 40 g of oats for breakfast topped with berries and yoghurt for breakfast. Had (perhaps a little too much!) white wine/red wine but banned the beer.

Results: husband dropped 4 lbs (2 kg) in 2 weeks, I dropped 4 lbs (2 kg) in 2 weeks. Blood pressure – significantly down – husband now going to doctors to see if he needs to reduce medication. Mine is always low and didn’t change.

We will carry on – more weight to go and it’s easy to do!

Hello Andreas,

Thank you for this website and for refining this diet. I have seen other versions of LCHF before, but none so safe nor effective. My partner and I followed it – I strictly, he with many lapses – and each lost about 5 lbs (2 kg) in the 2-week challenge. He was quite active during this period, and I – who am waiting for surgery and cannot be – was not.

We will continue with the diet: it has helped us to level out our appetites and weaned us mostly off sugar. (Neither of us is diabetic, but there is always that possibility in a world where nearly everything is laced with it.) I do appreciate the recipes: I am a cook, so losing flour and maple syrup was a challenge for me–and rice is my partner’s favourite food! But we both loved the Cauliflower Rice – it is now a staple for us. The next challenge will be HOLIDAYS, with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up and extended (uninitiated) family arriving… suggestions?

Again, thank you. We each have a way to go towards our weight-loss goals – he wants to lose 30 lbs (14 kg), I NEED to drop 45 lbs (20 kg) – but we know we are on our way, and deliciously so!



I have to be honest; I got the emails but did not do the challenge. But I love the recipes so I will try and do the challenge soon.

Thank you for all the great information to keep us healthy while dealing with some form of diabetes (I’ve been diagnosed pre-diabetic).

Thanks again,


It is incredible! Found something that is finally making my belly fat disappear and it is happening quickly. Never hungry.


We are enjoying it! It is definitely a good challenge. So far I have lost 15 lbs (7 kg) and my husband lost 10 lbs (5 kg). Amazing how full we feel. We will be sticking to this diet. Even feel more energetic. Keep up the good menus, they really help.



I appreciate the site and the challenge was very well done. While we did try a couple of the recipes, my wife and I pretty much did our own meals during the challenge, as it was easy to count carbs. I’ve been on “strict” low carb, while my wife is on a more liberal plan. I’ve gone from 232 lbs (105 kg) to 213 (97 kg) in the two week period. Amazing results, but I still don’t feel all that great and my kidneys have been hurting (a dull pain for the most part). I’ve done research as best I can and have tried to ensure I am getting enough salt as well as enough water. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I am/was pre-diabetic and have some neuropathy in my feet and hands. While the neuropathy has gotten a bit better, it still bothers me at night for the most part. I realize that two weeks won’t turn around all the issues people may be going through, but I was hoping to at least feel better. I really don’t feel all that great. I have kept my carbs below 20 g and in some cases even below 15 g per day.

I think your course is well done, but I wish there was more health information available or at least accessible as I have not found any links on your site to answer questions such as: How long does it take for people with diabetes or pre-diabetics to start to see a reversal happen? What are some of the medical complications that could happen with a low carb diet and how to deal with them?

The site is very positive and that is great, but people may be looking for answers to their ailments as they are trying to do this challenge. What do I do to ease this kidney pain? What are my options? When is it time to see a doctor? Could not eating that plate of French fries and soda really lead to kidney pain and problems? Should I be worried about too much urination?

Just more medical information along with questions and answers would go a long way as I suspect there have been many people who have started your challenge, only to stop as they continue to feel worse and worse and fear they are doing damage to their bodies.

Something to think about. Thanks.


What an amazing program, truly! I first heard about your program from the Australian LCHF Youtube channel and one of your speeches, and I must say I was blown away!!! I’ve been doing the ketogenic/LCHF diet off and on now for over a year and a half, I am a member of many, many boards, programs, groups, etc. and NOWHERE have I EVER found such a comprehensive guide, excellent list of amazingly delicious recipes, and overall help for this way of eating. Kudos indeed and keep up all of the excellent work!!! I was very impressed and this two week guide has helped me immensely.



Hello Andreas,

I have really enjoyed the challenge. I lost 3 kg (6 lb and several inches around my waist and hips. I had been experimenting with ketosis/low carb high fat for about a month before I came across your challenge and started it. It was very helpful to have the recipes and the shopping list. My partner also ate the same food and really enjoyed it, and we both brought the leftovers to work for lunch. There were a couple of times I slipped up and ate something with sugar or too many carbs but overall, I stuck to the plan and can now see the results. Apart from weight and inch loss, I feel much more energetic and healthy, and very satisfied with meals. This is actually the best way of eating I’ve tried so far!

We are getting married next July and I need to lose some more weight to look nice and slim in my wedding dress so I am definitely going to continue with LCHF.

Thanks for all of the information you have kindly shared, we have enjoyed watching the videos and looking at all of the different recipes.



My two-week challenge was very successful. Lost 5.5 lbs (3 kg), blood glucose readings dropped from my morning normal (106-115 mg/dl (5.9-6.4 mmol/l)) to (85-95 mg/dl (4.7-5.3 mmol/l)). Even though I eat fairly well most of the time, exercise regularly and am not overweight, I am one of those where glucose seems to hang around longer than it should. So I am enjoying my lower numbers for sure. I’ll keep this way of eating… it’s easy, tasty and healthful. What’s not to like.



Dear Diet Doctor and staff, it was my lucky day when I found reference to you on FB! I have been struggling with sugar addiction most of my life but I’ve been able to semi-control it most of the time. I always knew if I started to get really depressed I had to cut out sugar and it helped lift the depression.

Recently my dear husband became sick and I reached for sugar foods to bring me comfort. It got worse and worse and I gained weight. But mostly, that sugar craving was like a addiction, I HAD to have sugar foods and I had to have them right now! When my darling died 4 months ago I really went downhill and in a terrible grief (still in that terrible grief, actually), and all I had was sugar to comfort me. I gained weight quickly AND the sugar craving increased even more. I was actually afraid I would end up 300 pounds (136 kg) and unable to ever get it off.

I have tried other diets over the years that claimed to eliminate sugar cravings but I saw no result. So I wasn’t sure when I started this Challenge what to expect. From day one I left the sugar craving behind! What a miracle! At first I ate too much because, in my opinion, your recipes need more clarity. But then I got the idea and used them appropriately for me and at the end of two weeks, I’ve lost 6 pounds (3 kg) and 1.5 inches (4 cm) around my waist, which had gotten like a basketball.

So I will certainly continue with this way of eating, some of the recipes are just too rich for me with all the fat, but I’m learning how to make my own food prep with enough fat to satisfy me.

So thank you all so much for this plan. I hope to continue and get back to a good weight and good health. I know this terrible grieving will go on for a while, but at least I don’t have the extra burden of cravings and weight worry.



I personally lost 9.2 lbs (4 kg) and 4 inches (10 cm) off my waist this challenge and this without exercise. So I am very pleased with the results. I plan to continue on and try to get 6 months to a year and see what happens. I haven’t gotten that burst of energy yet so I’m looking forward to that. I have to start putting less on my plate because I was always taught to clean your plate and I’m not used to eating till I’m satisfied so I think I am still doing a little overeating. Other than that it’s simple and easy to follow and my carb and sugar cravings are way low.

Thanks so much,


To be honest I ended up not using it. I did however join your site and I’ve watched lots of videos and looked at recipes and my weight loss is going extremely well.

I am left feeling that it is far too good to be true. I plan to go to the doctor in the next week or two to get my cholesterol tested just to see what’s happening.

I find it almost completely impossible to believe that this can be healthy. But my hope is that it is healthy because losing weight when you don’t crave food is not remotely difficult.




Ariane here.

My husband and I have just finished the two-week challenge. We’ve both lost weight and can see the value in this WOE.

We did find it to have a considerable increase in dairy (to what we’re used to). We’ve found were less hungry and easily eat smaller portions. Incredibly easy recipes which is great as it helped as keep on track. Touching on what next after the diet would have been good a bit more in the second week would have been good.

Thanks for everything!



I’m trying low carb to find out what is bothering my stomach. And those two weeks I have learned that carbs do. Now I will put in one type of carb each week to figure out what is OK.

Losing weight was not the issue but certainly OK. It was easy-to-follow recipes, most of them very tasty. But I’m cutting back on the butter as my family complains the dishes are too rich for them. Attending a party and dinner invitations have not been a problem at all.

Thank you,


Great course. Very simply explained and easy to follow. I liked the recipes. I will stick with low carb. I have no suggestions, but the thing I wonder about is if low carb makes us lose weight, why would we need intermittent fasting?



I Think it was an absolut pleasure. The food is tasteful. We are two people and I reduce the recipies from 4 til 3, and use the leftover for lunch. I have read the third week recipes, and I would like to have more recipes.

Kind regards,


Hi Doctor Andreas!

I was told about LCHF and your website by a friend… it’s wonderfully informative. I had tried going paleo once but was eating low carb low fat (terrified of butter!) and I gave up in three weeks. Your website explains everything very clearly, so I had no trouble sticking to your challenge! Not missing the carbs at all! The only thing was I did not follow the meal plans exactly (though your recipes are fantastic) because I do enjoy my Indian food, so sometimes I ate fish curry made with ground coconut and coconut milk with cauliflower rice, mutton curry, tandoori chicken etc with lots of spinach and salads… but I followed the guidelines very strictly about which foods to eat and adding the good fat. Ghee is very much a part of Indian cooking! I have lost 3.2 kg (7 lbs) and am planning to continue. I have 35 more kilos (77 lbs) to lose, and plan to try the 16:8 intermittent fasting plan two or three times a week. I have read many forums on LCHF where people are so particular about tracking macros and calories and was wondering if it’s necessary to do that?

Thanks a lot for your motivational talks on the videos, its a great help. Please post new ones, and discuss macros!

With gratitude,


Both my husband and I lost weight! Yay!

The best part was that we never felt hungry. We’ve even continued another week now and have lost even more weight. This seems like a lifestyle change we can commit to.

The only hard thing for us was that we have four kids, so it was difficult to know exactly how much food to buy to feed our family of six.



Thank you so much, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt!!!

I have just loved your program of LCHF – I have done so well for the past two weeks and I am continuing onto the third week! Your recipes are so delicious and so ease to prepare.

My husband said the dishes I was making were the best dishes I have ever prepared… I was so impressed… lol.

I have sent your diet… not really a diet… but a life change… to my sisters, my friends and we are all on a challenge now to get to our goal weight… what better way to be on a journey with so much support along the way!

I will forward photos of my before and after once I reach my goal weight!

You have changed my life… and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…. you are so generous to have provided all this information for free…. big hugs from all of us.


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