Found: My Long Lost Twin


Dr Briffa and me

Finally I found my long lost twin.

The English doctor John Briffa was one of the funniest and cleverest people on the low carb cruise. Apart from that we were so identical that we’ve been selected to star in a sequel to the movie Twins.


  1. megazver
    Which one is you? I can't tell.

    Because of how similar to one another you are.

  2. Rachel
  3. Can you think of a better image to demonstrate genetic and phenotypic variation? I think not! Just look at the vast difference in hair color (err, colour!).
  4. Michelle
    Evidence to how different human beings are from one another. Great shot, it looks like you had a great time. :)
  5. Greg
    I like your Fivefingers!
  6. Should we call you Danny and Arnold? I like the Vibrams on the tall guy - Dr Jeff
  7. Andy
    I follow both your blogs and have just read dr Briffas new book. Not that it makes any difference but how tall are you and how short is he?
  8. AnotherRachel
    World's weirdest line-up.
  9. Lynne
    Hi Dr. Eenfeldt! Meeting you and Dr. Briffa and hearing both of your presentations, along with meeting the wonderful group of Swedish LCHF friends also on the trip, were absolutely among the highlights of the 5th Annual Low-Carb Cruise for me. And I love this photograph!!! What a wonderful week of learning, as we made our way to beautiful ports of call. I am already planning for next year's low-carb cruise from New Orleans! Sending you best and warmest wishes always :-))
  10. Anne
    Meeting both you and Dr. Briffa was great even though I had a difficult time telling you apart. That is a great photo!
  11. That's a wonderful photo! Make me smile. :D
    (yah, I also noted the footwear. hah.)
  12. Steve
    The short guy even kinda looks like DeVito!!
  13. Yang Tjew
    Oh my god! It's Luke Skywalker and Yoda!

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