Former Wimbledon champion goes LCHF


More and more athletes are throwing the old high-carb diet advice in the trash, and beginning to implement LCHF principles instead. One of them being former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash.

Quora: What Was Your Diet Like As a Tennis Player?

Cash was a professional tennis player between 1982 and 1997. After having experimented with both traditional carb loading and the “eat right for your blood type” diet, Cash discovered that an LCHF diet was the best fit for him:

Today I know that a high carbohydrate diet is not the most efficient. I’m now on a diet high in protein and fat with a low or balanced carbohydrate intake.

He even mentions that he uses a stricter version of a low-carb diet – a ketogenic diet. So he’s saying that you don’t need massive amounts of carbs as an athlete? Never would have guessed!

What do you think of Cash’s switch to a low-carb diet?


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