The Food Revolution – finally in English!

The Food Revolution

When will it be available in English? I’ve lost track of how many people have asked me about this book.

Almost four years ago my book “The Food Revolution” was published in Sweden and instantly became a #1 bestseller, staying on top of the charts for quite some time. It ended up selling over 80,000 copies just in Sweden (huge for a small country) and being translated into eight languages.

Finally it’s possible to get it in English as well. If you can stand the total massacre of the title and a few spelling mistakes* (including a prominent error in the first paragraph!) this is a book I’m really proud of. It’s a gem that these publishers handled without much love… or taste. But hey, at least now it’s possible to get it in English too.

This is the story about how the entire world fell for the mistaken fear of fat – and the ongoing disaster it started. It’s also the story of all the people who are waking up and regaining their health and leanness by eating real food again. A story about our Food Revolution.

You can get it on Amazon and if you’re quick you can have a copy before Christmas. Perhaps you deserve it as a gift to yourself?

The Food Revolution on (Europeans can get it quicker from Book Depository in the UK)

I’d love to hear what you think about the book. Feel free to leave a comment!

*/ Nobody from the Diet Doctor team has been involved in the translation.


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  1. Tommy Runesson
    When it is on sale in Sweden I buy 10 of them and give away or "forget" on the train... .-) A perfect eyeopener into the LCHF world!


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  1. Jayne M
    hi Andreas, could you add a link to please (I assume you get a payment from Amazon if I link via your website? I tried the link above but couldn't get the price to come up in £. Thanks.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Sure, I've added the link to above.

    I don't get extra payments by special links to Amazon though, so it makes no difference how you choose to order a book.

    Updated: seems not to be able to ship it, I've changed the link to instead.

  3. Ian
    Will there be a Kindle version available?
  4. Anita
    Will it be published in ibooks format in the near future?
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Unfortunately I'm not aware of when it might be available for Kindle.

    Edit: Apparently it IS available for Kindle on and quite a few people bought it. But it's not available from Sweden and thus I can't see it on Amazon. Perhaps it's only available in the US.

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  6. Michael Beverly
    I just purchased it for Kindle.
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  7. isabel
    Sabe se será traduzido para português.

    Feliz Natal

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  8. Anthony
    Great news Andreas . I will check if we can purchase it from Australia.
  9. Adrian
    I doubt it will be translated into Portuguese because first it should be translated into Spanish!!!!! lol
  10. Anthony
    The book is not on Australian Amazon yet, but can be found and purchased on Booktopia.

    ( Just purchased my wife another xmas present that I will read first ! lol...)

  11. Eileen
    Hi, where did you order this for Kindle please?
  12. Mark
    Just purchased a copy from Amazon Canada!
  13. Lizabeth
    I just bought it on Amazon in the Kindle format! Woot!
  14. Frida D
    Vad är det för fel på översättningen?
    Märkligt att inte experterna på kostdoktorsföretaget fått ta hand om denna?
    I Lustigs bok Socker - din värsta fiende så läser jag om "Metmorfin" (sic). Det är många översättningar och korrekturläsningar som är kass idag. Så var det inte förr.
  15. bill
    Just got the book this afternoon and I'm halfway
    through it.

    It's Fantastic!!!

  16. Priscilla
    My Christmas present to myself! So excited to read it!
  17. Marta
    When will the English version of your book arrive on ibooks?
  18. Louise
    I have just ordered it in book form from Amazon UK
  19. maria
    Book is for sale at bookdepository in England, they have free shipping worldwide.
    I pre ordered in May, it's on the way as we speak.
  20. paleozeta
    would you be so kind to tell us the other 8 languages? i saw the german version so: swedish, german, english,...?
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  21. Dennis
    I like to get VALUE for my hard earned money, so just ordered 4 copies (for self, a son & 2 daughters) - all living in different parts of the country. There's nothing more valuable than better health resulting in long life without meds. Thanks Dr. Eenfeldt for your efforts.
  22. Eliz in the USA
    YES!! Ordered!
  23. James
    I just received mine. I have already read it cover to cover. I am recommending it to everyone I know.
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  24. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    would you be so kind to tell us the other 8 languages? i saw the german version so: swedish, german, english,...?

    English, German, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandish and Lithuanian.

  25. Tommy Runesson
    When it is on sale in Sweden I buy 10 of them and give away or "forget" on the train... .-) A perfect eyeopener into the LCHF world!


  26. Tessa
    Hi, could you please tell me the title in Norwegian and where to buy it from? I'm not living in Norway but have a friend that really needs it.

    Perhaps a list of titles and sources in all languages the book is available would be useful?

    Thank you. Have a healthy and successful 2015!

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  27. Donna
    Is corn on the cob okay to eat? And also green peas.? They both grow above ground, but are considered a starchy vegetable.
    thank you so much for the time you take to present this information about LCHF for us.
    Reply: #28
  28. Zepp
    Both are seeds.. not veggies!

    But if you are slim, young, healty, eat a corn on the cob on barbecue whit a lot of melting butter!

    Green peas is about 10 % carbs.. i.e, 50E% carbs.. eat it ín small servings.

    But one seldome rely on corn or peas as energy?

  29. Chris
    Geez, the translator made a mess of your book, Andreas, Some statements produced a complete reversal of the intended meaning. My wife has gone to the trouble of noting scores of, often quite humorous, errors. I can send the refs if you are interested.
    Nevertheless, a very good piece of work.
    Please Andreas would you use your own very good English to write the next one.
  30. david
    just bought this book. english version. absolutely love it. sitting here studying it as i type. couldn't be happier with this purchase. excellent knowledge and science literature. reads like a novel, but with scholarly information for all to ingest. get it, ingest. hahaha
  31. Charndra
    Hi Andreas,
    I was lucky to get mine well before Christmas as I pre-ordered it and it turned up earlier than I expected.

    Great book, I am enjoying it, and yes, sack the translator and editor, LOL. I hope the next edition will have the right website, too! I'm glad Chris above is sending a file, saves me doing it, LOL.

    Despite the typos and mistranslations here and there, it is fantastic, I too love the style, the short sections with headings and the science discussed in the stories of real people.

    - Charndra

  32. Amanda
    I just ordered it from Amazon. I can't wait to read it!
  33. polly cooper
    Thanks Andreas I got mine off the link too. Received and enjoying reading it.
  34. M. Kraft
    I just tried - no Kindle version for me in South Africa!
  35. Sharon Wilson
    I ordered it when it became available on 15 December in SA and ended up driving a round trip of 150km to fetch it because I could not wait for the Christmas postage. I found it informative and enjoyed it - passed it on to a family member to spread the word.
  36. Emma
    I can't find it on any site
  37. Agni
    How can I find the book in other languages?
  38. Denisse
    I'm reading the book right now. I found it in Costco and when I saw the title really caught my attention. I'm diabetic and I've always struggled with my weight. When I started reading the book I felt that I'm not crazy. I've followed the dietary recommendations from doctors (low fat) and still fat. The book has given me a different view towards food and what I'm putting in my body. I haven't been able to go cold turkey, but I have reduced my carb intake and my blood sugar numbers have improved, after a meal my numbers are very close to normal. I'm very happy to see that by making these changes I'm getting healthier. it's been 2 weeks since I started making these changes and I've lost a few pounds already. I have failed many diets before and got fatter, so now I fear I will fail again, so don't want to get very emotional about this but I'm doing changes hoping this time, this diet will be the answer to my old weight problem.
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  39. Zepp
    Congratulations at first!

    It take times to make metabolic changes.. your body need to find the blueprints for how to coop whit the new situation.

    But the moste problematic is often the mindshift.. its a new way of thinking and it takes time to establish new habits!

    There are a lot for you on Internet and bloogs!

    Heres one new rising star!

    The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

    Heres another book.. frome a diabetic to other diabetics!!

    Diabetes? No Thanks!

  40. Cristián Wehrhahn
    Please have it translated to spanish! A whole continent is sufferig, there is very little info in spanish... thanks.
    Pd if anyone has spanish info on lchf diet and diabetes, please post it

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