Food quality: is low carb enough?

Are you a low-carb dieter who is looking for ways to improve your diet even more? Then this talk from the recent Low Carb Breckenridge conference will give you some helpful insights.

Erynn Kay dives deep into the importance of food quality and nutrients – and how we can heal our bodies by picking better-quality products.

Watch a part of the presentation above (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Food quality: is low carb enough? – Erynn Kay

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  1. Brian
    Great, thought-provoking presentation delivered in a very accessible and understandable manner. Thank you
  2. Esther
    Interesting. I will pay more homage to organ meats. To think they are cheap, but have so many health benefits
  3. Cassieoz
    The organic, pasture raised message is scaring off the people who need this most; those on lower socioeconomic groups with tight food budgets. We need more discussion on what compromises can be made on 'quality' and still spread the low carb health benefits.

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