Food producers are ditching sugar for fat


As awareness about the dangers of sugar consumption is spreading, more and more people are ditching sweet processed foods. So how do food producers respond? By swapping the sugar for fat.

The Washington Post: Food-makers are taking salt and sugar out of food. But they’re adding fat.

The perspective in the article is that this is a negative development that increases the risk of developing heart disease. It seems they have not caught up with the latest science – there’s no good reason to think natural saturated fat is anything but harmless.

What’s most interesting is this relationship between saturated fats, salt and sugar in processed foods. When avoiding sugar and salt, the fat content goes up. That’s just the reverse of what happened in the 80s, at the start of the modern obesity epidemic. People feared fat (for no good reason) and salt, so they added more sugar… and the obesity epidemic started.

Basically, not fearing fat allows you to eat delicious food, and still avoid sugar. This may likely increase your chances of staying healthy and slim.

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  1. Ursula
    As long as they use the good fats then it’s very good news!
  2. LowCarb Finn
    Reducing sugar is good, but reducing salt while adding fat easily leads into salt deficiency, with possible serious consequences. The less you eat carbs, the more you pee out salt. I had to increase my salt use about threefold with low carb eating...

    Industrial food, however, will still be industrial food even if sugars are changed into good fats. It will still aim at as few expensive real ingredients as possible and as long shelf-life as possible. And many of the chemicals used need not be included in the contents list. That is why I will not eat anytghing industrially made, even with good fats and low carbs. I buy ingredients and cook myself.

    Joanna Blythman wrote and excellent book 'Swallow This!'
    If you need help from a food company and false identification papers to get into an additive expo, which happened to her, there is surely something very very wrong with any industrially made food. All the additives presented at the expo she thus visited were only of two categories: 1) Reduces the need for real expensive ingredients
    2) Prolongs the shelf life of the product

    If additives are classified as 'processing aids' or 'treatment agents' or are used on the inner surfaces of the packages, they don't need to be included in the ingredients list. And this is in the EU, where regulations are much tighter than elsewhere in the world...

    That is why I avoid eating anything packaged if possible. Butter, full cream, cream cheese and coffee are what I have to buy packaged, everything else it is usually possible to get unpackaged.

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