The Food Industry’s Own Studies Reveal the Risks with Sugar

A small, but tempting image

A small, but tempting image

Do you deserve to treat yourself to bad health today?

A new review of high-quality scientific studies shows yet again that sugar isn’t only bad for weight. Sugar is NOT just empty calories.

Sugar also has pronounced negative effects on health markers, such as blood pressure and blood lipids.

The New Zealand Herald: Sugar directly linked to heart disease – report


Diabetes Expert: Bread is a Bag of Glucose!

“Fat Is In, Sugar Is Out”

Is There a Safe Amount of Sugar?

New Study: Does Sugar Cause Heart Disease?

The Problem is the Soda. Not the Calories.

WHO Recommends Cutting Sugar Intake in Half!


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  2. Joe
    Is that a slice of bacon in a sundae?
  3. tony
    Which, if any, sweetener would be ok in LCHF?
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  4. murray
    I generally use fruit as a condiment and sweetener.

    For example, I put berries in a small saucepan with a bit of lemon juice and heat just enough until berry syrup forms, which is sweet-tasting from the sugar in the berries. I might mix the juice into whipped cream to sweeten the whipped cream and serve the whipped cream with the cooked berries. The kids love this as a treat and it has no more sugar than just eating berries. I use a nitrous oxide siphon to make the whipped cream, which needs very little sugar for the whipped cream to taste sweet because the aeration seems to increase the surface area exposed to the sweet sensors on the tongue, so a little goes a long way.

    Another technique is to cut the fruit very fine. I cut strawberries into 1/16th inch cubes (I use a very sharp knife and math skills to minimize the number of knife slices--it is kind of a game for me) then add a little vanilla extract and let sit for up to an hour. These brings out the sweetness without adding sugar (other than the very small amount used in vanilla extract).

  5. Boundless
    > Which, if any, sweetener would be ok in LCHF?

    Our household works from this list
    excluding the Xylitol, which isn't 0 GI and which the cook doesn't care for.

    Tagatose, recommended by Dr. Bernstein for T1D, is another possibility.

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  6. Zepp
    Yeah, it seams to be good or at least not bad.

    In sweden Erythriol whit Stevia is most popular.

    Like this one.

    And here some sweet treats.. dont go overboard!

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