The food fight behind Fixing Dad

The inspiring movie Fixing Dad documents the struggle of two sons to fix their dad, who may need to amputate his feet due to diabetes. Eventually they find the way to successfully reverse his disease.

The question is why millions of more people get diabetes every year? Is it only a collective implosion of willpower, or is the cause a poisoning of the entire food supply? Amazingly the second explanation may be closer to the truth.

In this short video you can watch outtakes from interviews for the movie. Check out the trailer and entire movie here.


  1. PhilT
    A few of the anointed appearing in that clip. I really don't believe sugar has such a pivotal role in a diet based on 50% or more of carbohydrates.

    While Graham Macgregor may believe he has the solution for obesity I think he is deluded. Where's the RCT to support his plan ?

    I don't see how we can blame the food industry for making foods that customers like and that fit perfectly into the national dietary guidelines.

  2. Pierre
    It has been proven that you can't outrun a bad diet.

    The trailer put up a lot of emphasis on physical activities that will do nothing to your health except to improve your cardio and burn a little of fat.

    The poor man had just to dump all his sugary foods and take little walks to reach the same results.

    Actually the film will discourage obese people because it implies physical activities that they are reluctant to do.

  3. Dot2Trot
    I'm sure I'll watch the whole film, but the big red flag for me is that the folks are talking about a government solution. The ones who caused this mess (along with researchers and bad science) are not the ones to run to when coming up with a solution. And that solution is simply eat real foods and limit sugars and carbs. Period. At the end of the day, the only person to blame for me ballooning to a weight of 325 lbs is me. Yes, I followed the US food pyramid, joined weight watchers on and off for 20+ yrs, but I never did my own research (thank you Gary Taubes!!!). I put my own health in the hands of the "experts" and never questioned why I was gaining and not losing. Most importantly my health wasn't a priority for far too long. Nearly 4 years after my body started failing did I get in gear. I lost 150 lbs and got clean bill of health last year. But I had to do the work. Not the govt or food companies or a magic weight loss pill...just me. I didn't need food bans or the government to tell me what to eat.
  4. bill
    Okay, people. I took the hit for all of you
    and watched the film. If someone had
    the maladies that "Dad" had and watched
    this film to get answers, they would be
    sorely disappointed.

    The movie was a constant barrage of
    platitudes (e.g. eating with the family)
    mixed in with constant arguing. The
    arguments went on for several minutes
    at a time. It was so annoying that we
    fast forwarded to get away from the

    The first medical doctor they interviewed
    got everything right: Don't eat carbohydrates
    that turn to sugar in your body. But it seems
    that that info went in one ear of the filmmakers
    and out the other. The only other discussion
    of what to eat was an argument in a store where
    the son was trying to talk Dad into eating "welks
    and frog legs." If he doesn't want to eat "welks
    and frog legs, he bloody doesn't have to. A simple
    "no, thanks" would have sufficed, but the argument
    went on and on and on.

    Several other arguments occurred but I shan't rehash
    them here.

    The upshot of the film as Pierre above says is that
    they got Dad on a bike and pushed him (dangerously)
    to work out exhaustively. They put way too much
    emphasis on that, with short shrift going to diet.

    Also, as Dot2Trot above says, there was much talk
    about how the government must step in and protect
    the people.

    As PhilT above says, the anointed spoke about the
    need to rid sugar from the diet, but nobody in the
    film gave any credence to increasing fat consumption.
    How is this compatible with a website advocating Low
    Carb, High Fat???

  5. Steven
    Have to agree with Bill, empasis too much on exercise. Also, I felt that the film ended up being all about the two sons and their "project".
  6. chris c
    Don't know what the numbers are in other countries but the UK Government's RDA is 230 - 300g carbs including 70 - 90g "sugar". Even if they reduce the sugar recommendation it will be to replace it with other carbs. Then they will go for the saturated fat and replace it with even more polyunsaturated yin. They know which side their bread is margarined.

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