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DietDoctor Visitor Map is growing quickly. Yesterday saw a new record: 5,000 visits in one day. Still a bit less than the Swedish version (with about 25,000 daily visits on average) but it’s a nice start on the road to changing the world. Thanks to everyone who’s helping out!

As you can see on the map above more than half the visits yesterday (2,726) were from the US. The rest of the visitors are from 81 different countries all over the world. Including several visits from Trinidad and Tobago – who knew?

Where are you visiting from?


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  1. Bee
    Hi, I'm a recovering vegetarian in Ontario,Canada. After 20 years of no meat (since I was 15!), I had a terrible winter of being sick and tired. When I tried eating more legumes and vegetables and less fat, I felt even worse! So I started researching. Your site is one that has been helping me tremendously, thank you! I will say this: I am olny eating ethically produced local meat; I haven't abadonned my beliefs about factory farming.
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  2. Eleanor

    I've gone from squeezing into a size 12 to starting to buy size 4 (!) ... and I'm still getting more lean.

    Some of the things I love about this way of eating....

    -it's not just that I'm losing weight -- it's that my fat is converting into muscle without intense workouts, just with the normal day to day routines of getting stuff done

    -that I look healthier and younger overall: it's extraordinary how my skin has changed for the better.

    -never feeling hungry between meals or if I skip a meal or we're out and it's not convenient to eat.

    -that even in winter, I actually felt like going for a long run every week or two -- it's that sort of boundless energy feeling, that we have naturally as kids, that I never thought I'd feel again. [Of course, I feel like running/cycling much more often, pretty much daily, during spring, summer, and fall, but feeling this way in the winter was a big change for me, because winter is usually a really low energy time where I'd crave carbs and not want to exercise.]

    -seeing my stomach muscles!

    -the overall feeling of calm and being able to handle more without becoming stressed.

    -overcoming the family history of obesity. Even back when obesity was a rare occurrence, early 1900s, it was the norm for my family -- so it's especially gratifying to have been able to stop that process: I was at the point where a conventional wisdom diet (low fat protein sources, low glycemic carbs + whole grains & fruit 1200 cal a day) + daily exercise was necessary just to maintain my size 12. There was one holiday weekend where I just ate like everybody else, just because I wanted a break and to be social, and I gained 6 lbs in that one weekend, and couldn't lose it even after a month of conventional wisdom dieting + exercise. I was actually frightened about the situation, how easily I gained fat and how difficult it was to lose it, which fortunately led me to seek out other approaches to fat loss....

    Because of this family history, I probably have to eat a higher fat/lower carb diet than most: I , usually eat less than 30g of carbs to lose weight (about up to 50g seems to maintain it). To up my fat, I'll eat a couple tablespoons of coconut oil after every meal (with a square of 90% dark chocolate) and at meals, I eat smaller portions of meat, and eat each piece with a bit of butter. We'll put sour cream in our soup, spread cream cheese on our sopressata or genoa (salami), lots of oil on our lettuce, etc.

    It's such a satisfying way of eating, and very efficient -- small quantities are very satisfying. Just comparing what we used to have to bring home for groceries compared to now --- a fraction of the overall weight and packaging.

    We also have two growing boys in our household. They eat what we eat, plus they can handle fruit and potatoes and an all natural full fat vanilla ice cream and dark (50%i-ish) chocolate. By handle, I mean they don't overeat (they serve themselves, and always eat until they feel full) they don't get hungry between meals, stay lean, grow quickly, and have energy.

    Whereas on the standard north american way of eating (all homemade but included bread, cereal, crackers, cookies), they used to eat three times as often and more at each sitting -- they were alway hungry and didn't have much energy, and the eldest was overweight and very lethargic.

    Interestingly, I notice that they're actually starting to forget about the ice cream + chocolate option after dinner: they obviously feel satisfied and just clear their plates and go play.

    Congratulations on your 5,000 hits a day milestone and thanks for all the information and inspiration!

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  1. Svensk i USA
    Hejja Hejja hoppas du kan förändra lite här i USA så att jag kan hitta fler produkter som det inte står "FAT FREE" på blir galen på detta.
  2. Robert

    Robert here in Nigeria, although I am swedish but working in Nigeria. Doing what I can to introduce my nigerian friends (and others too), to the LCHF world. Great blogs Andreas!

  3. Kamila
    Hi, doc.
    Kamila here from Colorado, USA. Originally from the Czech Rep.

    Thanks for all you hard work.

  4. From Toronto, Canada! Although I am originally from Sweden ;)

    I'm trying to spread the message over there with my blog and through conversations. A lot of my Canadian friends have caught on. They love it! (They frequently visit your blog as well.)

    Canada and North America in general is hard to convince when it comes to saturated fat.. They still think it's a bad thing, as you're aware of, and "low fat/non-fat" is still what people believe is good for you.. And of course lots of carbohydrates..

    Thankfully we have people like Dr. Wortman who puts a lot of effort in educating people about Low Carb High Fat in Canada :)

    I will never give up spreading LCHF myself over here.

    Thank you for a great blog and keep up the good work Doc! ;)

  5. Zepp
    For you living in Canada I do want to push a little about your own scientist Vilhjalmur Stefansson.

    He is not to be forgoten about his research about living in Artic.

    "Stefansson is also a figure of considerable interest in dietary circles, especially those with an interest in very low-carbohydrate diets. Stefansson documented the fact that the Inuit diet consisted of about 90% meat and fish; Inuit would often go 6 to 9 months a year eating nothing but meat and fish—essentially, a no-carbohydrate diet. He found that he and his fellow European-descent explorers were also perfectly healthy on such a diet. When medical authorities questioned him on this, he and a fellow explorer agreed to undertake a study under the auspices of the Journal of the American Medical Association to demonstrate that they could eat a 100% meat diet in a closely observed laboratory setting for the first several weeks, with paid observers for the rest of an entire year. The results were published in the Journal, and both men were perfectly healthy on such a diet, without vitamin supplementation or anything else in their diet except meat and entrails."

  6. Eldon
    Southern California, USA. I just saw your video from the Ancestralhealth symposium. Wonderful presentation. I'm glad to hear the movement has roots in the rest of the world, too.

    I'm a pharmaceutical researcher, working for a mid-sized drug company (not one of the evil ones), so I have a background in biology, chemistry and physiology. Mom is a Type 1 diabetic. She became so at the same age that I am now. Her mom was obese and developed diabetes late in life, too, so the dots point in my direction. I decided one day that I would try an experiment on myself. Pretending that I had just been given the chilling news that I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I decided I would try eating like a diabetic should and see what would happen, in order to learn how I would cope with the change.

    I cut out all sugars, starches, anything that would affect my insulin level and compensated by eating more meat and non-starchy vegetables. I never really believed that we were told the truth about eating meats and saturated fats. After all, the similarity of the human digestive system to that of any carnivore you care to mention indicates that we should do fine on a meat diet, as the Inuit and other peoples who live at high latitudes have done for millennia. To my surprise, I steadily began losing weight. I lost 35 lbs over a few months without ever experiencing hunger.

    Along the way I discovered there's a counterculture out there (Taubes, Lustig, Naughton and yourself!) that knew about this all along and have presented some great information on the internet. Now I'm pointing everyone I come across to the fact that we've been mislead for a generation as to what constitutes a healthy diet. Best wishes for future success.

  7. Laura
    Hi From an Italian visitor living in London.
    I have been paleo since Jan 2012 and I ahve lost 3 stones...hoping to lose one more. Love the food which is especially strange if one considers that I ahve been VEGAN for 16 years although I was eating some fish!
    I never felt better in my whole I can almsot squeeze in a 12 trousers ..I am already 12 skirts and tops!! AMAZING!!
    Love meat and developed a real appreciation for organ meet and I make it a passion of mine to learn to source and cook unusual inexpensive cuts of lamd breast or beef toungue sooooo delicious! and lambs hearts such strong flarvour and dense satisfying meat. I remain dairy free out of choice. I still think it is not right to drink another animal's baby's milk..too odd really! but otherwise fat fat fat. never been slimmer. My colleagues are amazed and I have become evangelical and tell everybody about the low carb revolution!
    Thanks dr Adreas....keep up the good work and please stay commercial free......
  8. Mirchy
    Greetings from Slovenia!!

    Congratulations on your renewed site! I just love LCHF! When I came across your web 2 months ago, I think I spent on it two days (minus sleep), reading and watching videos. I feel amazing after changing my diet, do not need any weight to lose, but I can not believe how drastic my mood changed in just two months!! Incredible!! Also, after getting out of bed, I had to eat immediately, now I can have my breakfast even two hours after waking up, something I did not think it is possible.

    Keep on spreading the word on LCHF Doc! I came across many titans in Paleo eating as well. It is another world out there opposed to junk you can find in stores and is propagated as healthy food. I am trying to get my mother off grains, as she is reproaching menopause and is eating whole-grains stuff religiously.

    Best wishes,

  9. Álvaro
    Grattis from Uruguay!!
  10. Dom
    Hello from Rep Of Ireland.

    I am afraid my country has little to no options for me to stay long term on a Lchf diet, Supermarkets have no low carb options, it is all high carb & very frustrating not to mention the over the top prices of our meats & fish. =(

  11. Laura
    I am spreading the word with all my academic worl colleagues here in London and luckily they are from all over the world...even from they can appreciate the site in teh mother tongue....!!
    Alas the bread isles in the nearby supermarkets as well as all the sandwitch and wraps and noodle bars etc are still thriving but one day....? who knows!
  12. Moo
    The message is still not spreading to those who need it most. We have here plenty of personal success stories...but this precious knowledge is hard to come by for most it seems.
    Personally,follow very Low carb ,and staying that way ....Being aware of ninja-like carb-creep such as in changing menus, adding new foods that often trigger cravings. What might be harmless for a while may comeback to haunt .
    Maintaining a 40 lb weight loss over 5+ years but still need reality checks and vigilance .
    Working in health care, seeing the sad effects of the SAD diet and/ or the ineffective "results" of the eat less move more advice...I see co-workers who joined the weight loss/ exercise incentive programs sponsored by employer , but have no results to show for it. There are some who maintain some regular aerobic exercise, but still are significantly overweight. I see fellow-gym exercisers diligently on tread mill or on elliptical for 30 60 min ,almost nightly, yet still keeping the fatty mid sections. I think fruited yoghurt, banana, whole wheat item,oatmeal,chocolate milk and granola bars are the preferred Pre and post workout snacks.I'm sure they are better off than those at home and never active yet I imagine it must be frustrating to work that hard and still have little results.
    Many young to middle aged women having no ability or tools to better their health, though they are surrounded by sick people to remind them of importance of health. There is little one can do except be an example as most have resolved that they will not ever conquer the overweight problem.The low carb lifestyle is regarded as an anomaly, and annoying to those who are religiously attached to their eating customs. Some are toying with Paleo styles but not strict enough for their needs on starch restrictions, then end up succumbing to cravings for sugar and breads etc.
    Now many are focused on their other developing health issues. Youth think they are invincible due to being active and well, young . The middle aged feel weight loss is hopeless or just keep getting by at the minimal health level and accepting their "fate".
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