Is your fitness tracker sabotaging your weight-loss efforts?


Here’s another reason why calorie counting is a truly bad strategy for weight loss. Not only is it very hard to estimate exactly how many calories you eat, it’s almost impossible to estimate how many you burn.

According to new research even wearing a fitness tracker is not helping estimate calories either. In fact, they are wildly off – by as much as 93% on average!

Perhaps this explains another recent study that showed that using wearable fitness trackers on average resulted in weight GAIN.

People are checking these inaccurate counts and they think they’ve earned a muffin or earned some ice cream and they’re sabotaging their weight-loss program.

National Post: Fitness Tracker Fail: Research Shows Devices off by as Much as 93 per Cent When Counting Calories

If you want to know a better way to reach your weight-loss goals, make sure to check out our guides below. Hint: there’s no need to involve calorie counting or exercise for effective weight loss.

And you certainly don’t need a fitness tracker. You may even be better off without it.

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Study: Wearable Fitness Trackers Result in Weight GAIN!

“Take Off that Fitbit. Exercise Alone Won’t Make You Lose Weight.”

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