The first international low-carb event in Europe


Do you live in Europe? And have you longed for an international low-carb conference to take place here? Then you shouldn’t miss out on the upcoming event in Puerto Sóller, Mallorca, called The Low-Carb Universe.

off-to-mallorca_newThere’s a great lineup of speakers already – like Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Jimmy Moore, Darryl Edwards, Sam Feltham och Jamie Caporosso.


You can make your reservation and buy your ticket at


The Low-Carb Universe


Here’s an interview with one of the organizers, Hanna Boëthius:

A Revolutionary Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes – Hanna Boëtius

Here are some earlier presentations from speakers at the Low-Carb Universe:

Keto-Paleo for athletes
The power of primal play
My personal experience with fasting
LCHF and diabetes: science and clinical experience
How to do an LCHF or keto diet

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  1. Teresa
    Great, I've been waiting for it! But Andreas... aren't you going to be there???

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