First cases of obesity in Siberian tribes as fatty fish is swapped for western junk food


As Siberian tribes become exposed to instant noodles and carb-rich foods, the first signs of obesity – previously unheard of – start to show:

Mail Online: First Sign of Obesity in Arctic People Is Discovered After Remote Tribes Are Exposed to Instant Noodles and Pasta

Going back to a traditional lower-carb diet rich in fatty fish and venison would most likely eradicate these signs, in the same way that a lower-carb diet based on real food could likely halt the obesity epidemic in the rest of the world.


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  1. Kurt
    The article then goes on to confound the cause be stating that they walk less. lol
  2. Liz Ward
    Sorry Kurt, I meant to 'like' your comment, not report it! : )
  3. The Intelligent Omnivore
    But wait, a calorie is a calorie...right? NOT.
    Why is anyone concerned about global warming? There will be no one left.
    We are killing ourselves with our government mandated food choices.
    Walk less? Exercise hardly results in weight loss.
  4. Ross
    One can see the point of staying with traditional foods. However there is evidence of a buildup in pesticide levels in fish stocks in northern seas:

    Levels of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Three Organochlorine Pesticides in Fish from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. August 25, 2010

    "The fish analyzed, mainly from Adak, contain significant concentrations of POPs, in particular PCBs, which raises the question whether these fish are safe to eat, particularly for sensitive populations. However when assessing any risk of the traditional diet, one must also consider the many health and cultural benefits from eating fish."

    Perhaps the solution is simply teaching people to choose better food sources.

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