Fiona Godlee: Pushing diabetic patients to take insulin is a “medical scam”

Fiona Godlee

Fiona Godlee

Pushing people with type 2 diabetes to take insulin, rather than tackling the underlying lifestyle factors is a medical scam, according to BMJ editor in chief Fiona Godlee:

To put patients on insulin is a big push by industry and the doctors who in turn are influenced by the industry.

The Economic Times: Pushing Diabetics to Take Insulin Is a Medical Scam: Fiona Godlee


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  1. Mike
    Absolutely. Just stop eating the processed carbs and watch the "need" for insulin decline.

    And yet thousands of people are kept on a track that will result in amputations, loss of eyesight, kidney damage and early death in order to keep money flowing into the already overflowing coffers of the pharmaceutical industry. And all this is aided and abetted by senior medical figures in organisations such as NICE that make sure what they want is made standard practice for doctors.

    It's appalling, just appalling. This is a case of profit being put before any sense of human decency.

  2. bmjisnothonest
    I'm sure Fiona Godlee knows all about scams. Considering what she had Brian Deer do to Dr. Wakefield!
  3. Rahul Prasad
    I agree with Ms. Fiona. Lifestyle modification from an early age is sufficient to tackle and prolong diabetic complications, and need for insulin. For Type 1 diabetics, it is ok. But, for type 2 diabetics, it imposes cost burden as majority of patients are not medically ensured. Similarly, another big scam going to be soon disclosed would be angiography and stenting, which burns a giant hole in patient's pocket. God bless all.
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  5. Hitesh M
    Sharing my experience..

    I've adopted lifestyle changes.. eating less & less processed foods.. avoiding dairy.. doing intermittent fasting &OMAD very regularly.. min 1hr exercising & walk/run a must..

    I've discontinued even my allopathic & ayurvedic medicines (in consultation with my family Doc) since over a year.. fasting sugar remaining 115-145..

    Now I'm trying to have raw food (veggies & fruits) as much as possible..

  6. Asif
    Merely uncertified blame. Drs are supposed to follow the international standards formulated by the group of Intl. Endocrynologists from all over the world. In South East Asia its Pakistan, Srilanka, India. How one BMG Editor can challange alone the HbA1C value.
    However, Cheaters or deviaton from standard procedures is a crime to humamity
  7. Asghar
    As you said, the group of Intl. Endocrinologists from all over the world are not influenced by the tycoons of pharma industry. Look how the pharma industry is flourishing, it that not enough to prove the dirty game of the industrialists.

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