“Finally achieving my greatest unattained goal”


Obesity isn’t caused by a lack of willpower or discipline. If you’re still stuck in that mindset then I suggest you read this story.

Robin Nixon is an author of books on psychology and motivation. He’s an expert in the subject. He’s managed to achieve just about every life goal he set for himself. All, except one.

Despite decades of fighting, despite all his expertise, he could not get rid of his excess weight. Instead it just kept getting worse. Until one day when he realized why. And it turns out the problem wasn’t in his head:

Robin Nixon: Finally Achieving My Greatest Unattained Goal


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  1. FrankG
    Going more mainstream and gaining more positive recognition by "experts" every day :-)
  2. Michelle
    I'm seeing this type of report more and more now and it is gratifying to see them written by 'prominent' people. We live in a very celebrity driven culture, therefore, it does seem that to drive home this LCHF message these 'prominent' people are vital to our cause. Yes, I've made it my own personal cause now and I'm proud to admit it.



  3. Glen0
    Well written article that easily keeps the reader interested. The perspective given from a seasonal food availability and storage angle was one that isn't often seen, but was done so well.
  4. Justin B
    Its sad to see all the "dirty little secret" comments on this article. I think its unnecessary to be so alarmist. Yes, not everyone will lose weight by following the loosest definition of LCHF. Some people will need to tweak some things here and there. People who don't lose weight aren't a secret at all, they just seem to be in the minority. However, in most (if not all) of these cases, they seem to admit that all of their other health markers, general mood, mental clarity, etc. get better. As long as that stays true, they have to know they're on the right track at least, right?

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