1. Wade Henderson
    Great publicity.

    Now, on the other side of the coin, this today from the BBC regarding growing world wide obesity.

    Culprits or causation--

    "The ODI's Future Diets report says this is due to changing diets and a shift from eating cereals and grains to the consumption of more fats, sugar, oils and animal produce."


    The actual report


    Lots of charts included showing the changes in various countries.
    Thus the battle for the hearts and minds of the diet world rages onward.

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  2. murray
    Wade, I saw that too. The report makes a good case there is a health crisis that could bankrupt countries. The case made as to the cause is not so convincing. First, correlation is not causation and there are fallacies of decomposition here. Second, the figures I saw failed to distinguish processed foods in each category from unprocessed foods. But even the charts they provided do not seem to support their conclusions.

    For example, Figure 2.2 shows that consumption of calories of animal products in North America decreased (!!) from 1961 (1016 Calories per day) to 2009 (1001 Calories per day), but consumption of vegetables increased (!!) from 1859 Cal/day to 2658 Cal/day. Likewise, Figure 2.4 shows that in North America, combined cereal and tuber consumption increased (!!) from 1961 to 2009.

    When I look at the other regions in the figures, I would have to say no clear pattern emerges from the data shown. This report may be the worst instance of cherry-picking, confirmation-biased interpretation since Ancel Keyes.

  3. Howard
    "How did you find your way here?"

    Well, Dr. Eenfeldt, I found my way here after I met you in person, and you mentioned your website, a couple of LC cruises ago.

    I look forward to seeing you again in May. Even though I disagree with your politics, you have a good evidence-based understanding of diet.

  4. Lari Katz
    I really don't remember how I found you; possibly through Jimmie Moore's or Mark Sisson's pages. Using LCHF, I have lost 25+ pounds and quite a few inches and have maintained it for almost 2 years. I appreciate your insights and support of LCHF.
  5. Stephen
    I saw your YouTube video "The Food Revolution." Two years of LCHF followed with much improved health for my wife and myself. Thank you.
  6. Luis
    One day I asked myself, "why do we get fat?" I entered the question on an internet search engine and one of the results was, Gary Taubes book "Why we get fat?". Once I read the book I was convinced that the evidence presented made complete sense. Soon, I felt the need to be more engaged on the subject and began searching for a website that provided new evidence, intelligent conversation and suppport. Thankfully, I found dietdoctor.com. Thank you Dr. Eenfeldt and dietdoctor community.
  7. cndnrose
    I found my way here from the Fat Head site., which I went to after I saw the movie.
  8. DonnaE
    I also stumbled first on Gary Taubes--thanks to some glowing reference from one of his many Internet fans--and then I found Andreas's video from Ancestral Health Symposium. It's really no overstatement to say those two Internet stumbles have changed my life.
  9. Majoren
    I have been reading your Swedish site "kostdoktorn.se" since early 2008 when i decided to loose my 20 pounds of overweight. With your simple guidelines i succeeded and have been weightstable since 2010.
    Now i am spreading the word and looks into this english blog to pick up news that are not mirrored in the Swedish site.
  10. Suse B
    Found my way here through the lovely people in the Diabetes.co.uk forum when I was searching for ways to reduce my blood sugars. Much improvement on a standard calorie controlled diet (though lots of frustration and hunger too) and then a HUGE improvement on moving to LCHF - now off all meds completely with great figures all round!
  11. Ted Hutchinson
    "The ODI's Future Diets report says this is due to changing diets and a shift from eating cereals and grains to the consumption of more fats, sugar, oils and animal produce."

    It may interest some readers to see what is the best food correlation to increased obesity incidence.

    Survey of American food trends and the growing obesity epidemic

  12. Daci
    I found my way here from the Reddit Keto diet sub.

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