Fewer Americans than before are trying to lose weight

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Nike just launched its first plus-size line (which is great news) and obesity rates have reached an all-time high (not-so-great news).

At the same time new research shows that fewer Americans than before are trying to lose weight:

Time: Fewer Americans Are Trying to Lose Weight

The ever-increasing obesity rates have probably made it more acceptable to be overweight. There’s likely also a degree of despair after many people have failed to lose weight using conventional methods.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being overweight. But overweight and obesity can be symptoms of hyperinsulinemia, a condition linked to diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

You can certainly have hyperinsulinemia without being obese, but it’s one of the most common symptoms of the condition. If your overweight is a result of hyperinsulinemia, there might be a bigger problem to your health.

Using methods that do work with the body’s natural weight-loss mechanisms by lowering insulin (such as reducing the amount of carbs one consumes and intermittent fasting) would likely make obesity rates drop, without people having to struggle with hunger in an attempt to lose weight.


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