Fear of cream at the nutrition conference

Fruit and Cream

Here’s a picture of the dessert table at the nutrition conference last week. All the fruit is gone but the cream is left behind.

The old fear of saturated fat remains. Because they couldn’t all be eating strict Paleo, could they?


  1. Dannie
    Pass that bowl of cream over here please! lol.
  2. Fergie
    Maybe not a fear of saturated fat but a fear of dairy, pale or not people don't see any difference between milk and cream/butter/cheese. Just ignorance I guess.
  3. Theres no guarantee that is real cream and not Petroleum Whip (dream whip).. Also how do you feel about whip cream which is "only" 33% MF? There are heavier creams upto 52% (AFAIK) can you whip those into whip cream?
  4. Tia
    Doc, if would guess in %, how many participants of this nutrition conference were LowCarber, in the broadest sense?
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Even in the broadest sense that would be a very low percentage. These are "healthy whole grain" nutritionists we're speaking about! :)
  6. Doc,

    How many of these "healthy whole grain" nutritionists were overweight?

  7. Tia
    Thanks Doc, that' s what I guessed.
    Did you taste this delicious looking cream? Was it sweetened? ;)
  8. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I didn't exactly look for it but most of them appeared to be in decent shape!

    No, tasted fine.

  9. I'm with Mike Graf on this one....I'd be concerned that it was either Dream Whip or Cool Whip. If it actually had the consistency of real whipped cream, I would probably suspect it was oversweetened with sugar. At home I can control what goes into it, at a conference...not so much ;)
  10. Justin B
    I tend to avoid things that are commonly sweetened or thickened with starch or grains while I'm out as well. That could easily have been from a tub of cool whip.
  11. MarkR
    Was it sweetened with sugar? I willingly eat whipped cream, but not if it contains added sugar.
  12. Garth
    I eat Greek yogurt ( the fattest one I can get, but its getting harder to find) strawberrys and almonds or breakfast. I'm not a great lover of yogurt, but I was reading on some forum that for breakfast they had double cream ( heavy Cream) and strawberrys for breakfast. Although this sounds yummy, it dosnt seem right. does anyone else have strawberrys and cream for breakfast, and is it ok Doc?
  13. sophie

    The only dessert I eat now is either creme fraiche or whipped cream, or whipping cream with berries. It is delicious with cherries too.

    The thick cream and other thick dairy has greatly helped me keep up with LCHF. Instead of berries, I sometimes put a little bit of macadamia nut butter (more addictive than chocolate) in my yogurt.

    This afternoon I am going to get a few cocoa shells (without sugar) to put in my yogurt as well. Its crunchy; not sweet and has an explosive pure chocolate taste.

    From what I read in this website, the cream would be ok but there would be more potential problems with too much almonds in your diet.

  14. sophie
    Oh, and I forgot: judging by the yellowish colour and how the surface seems to be starting to solidify; this looks like real whipped cream. Probably enhanced with sugar, but still.

    I add vanilla to mine to add taste without sugar.

  15. Maggan A
    I´d put the cream in the coffie and skipped the fruit.

    But now with midsummer-celebration and strawberry-season coming up I eat them occationally as snacks - and it has happend that I had a few for breakfast if there where any left ;-)

    But I prefer the wild strawberry. It gives exercise, sunshine and fresh air to find them and it gives a very special joy to eat them the oldfashioned way - from a straw - on the way home :-)

  16. bill
    I whip 2 ounces of Mascarpone cheese into 16 ounces of whipping cream with about a teaspoon of vanilla and some cinnamon. This makes a very stiff whipped cream and lasts for a week (if I don't eat it before then) in the fridge. Never any sweetener - not needed. Much better than ice cream.

    I eat it with berries or a quarter of a banana sliced thin or celery with a little bit of almond butter or just by itself. It is so decadent. I am not denying myself any pleasure with this kind of dessert.

  17. I would skip over the whipped cream assuming it was loaded with sugar. I also do not snack much after switching to a low carb diet so I probably wouldn't need the extra food anyway...
  18. Seems like a "Nutrition" conference would post nutrition information at the dessert table supposing that the attendees might be interested in the contents of what they are served to put into their mouths. Or maybe they aren't as interested in that as they are what goes into their ears and minds. A real nutrition conference should walk the talk.
  19. Diane
    I would have piled a huge heaping pile of that whipped cream on my plate (and put some in my coffee) and gone back for more. I can tell it's real whipped cream.
  20. Beth
    Whipped cream (here in the US) often has sugar in it. I would be afraid to eat it also (though I love real cream).


  21. marilynb
    I was surprised to see a little fear of fat going on at the pre-cruise dinner at the Doubletree. When they brought out the berries and cream, I helped myself to a couple of healthy dollops, but everyone else just took a modest spoonful of the cream. Heck, if I'd known they were going to leave so much, I would have piled on more!
  22. Cindy
    I love whipped cream, the stuff you make at home. Although I make it using stevia a sachet so it's sweet but a good sweet :)
  23. true could we be sure the caterers didn't add extra sugar? At home I could watch what goes in it.
  24. Jen
    I'm confused right now about how much real heavy cream is ok. Im only in my first week and only getting by with having a good portion of cream and berries or cream cheese. It keeps my hunger at bay. But am I doing right??

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