FDA approves bulimia device as treatment of obesity

Bulimia device

The race to invent crazier and crazier weight loss methods doesn’t stop. But this one – just approved by the FDA – may be the craziest so far.

It’s a “bulimia device” called the AspireAssist, that allows you to lose weight like a bulimic without having to throw up. It accomplishes this by adding a new esophagus to your body – a new hole in your stomach, leading to a tube.

Like any person suffering from bulimia you’ll eat your food and then head for the bathroom. Some of the food you’ve eaten will then be poured into the toilet.

CBC News: FDA approves stomach-draining obesity treatment

In case you’re wondering, this is not a joke. Your doctor may now prescribe medicalized bulimia to “help” people lose weight.

Obviously recommending things like a low-carb diet or intermittent fasting would be way too extreme. Also, people not eating would be bad for the GNP. Way better to have people buy lots of food and then also buy the device to pour the food into the toilet.

It paints a beautiful future of unlimited profits for the food industry: soon people could be able to eat all the time.

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It seems the AspireAssist has shown up on the Stephen Colbert show:


  1. KAREN
    are you serious! I bet the Food Industry loves this! what a Joke.. Too hard to eat a LCHF diet. not!
  2. Lori Miller
    I saw it on Stephen Colbert: https://youtu.be/Znr_a2V2d1c.

    "Warning: this may disturb people...just people."

  3. P Green
    Adds a new dimension to the term magic bullet with wound included . How terribly sad . Those of us who have found LCHF+/- I.F. Should be humbled and recognize that " there for the Grace of G-d go I"
  4. Marion
    Back in the eighties, authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman wrote a hilarious spoof of the horror genre called 'Good Omens'. One of the minor characters in this book is Sable, aka 'Famine' (one of the Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse). Since he has nothing to do in all the centuries until the Big Event (just killing time - and people) he has been busy in the food industry, designing foodproducts made entirely out of indigestible fibre, so as to make them have no nutritional value at all. People who eat only his products slowly starve to death. Not stopping there, he then goes on to develop a special diet range where he takes the no-nutritional-value-'food' and adds sugar to it, so the people eating it will get fat while starving to death. The book is hilarious, I tell you, and I recommend it to everyone, but I can't help wincing whenever I read something like the above stomach drain article. Because having that stomach drain will not keep your insulin down, so your fatcells will remain locked and you can't get nutrition from the food you eat, so you will slowly starve while being fat.
    Truly; Pratchett and Gaiman were visionaries.
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  5. Dave
    Thank you Dr Eenfeldt and team for showing an alternative to the government's solution to obesity. The high carb, low fat, multiple medications, bariatric surgery and home stomach pumps solution to obesity are the problem not the solution.
    LCHF / IF rocks ....
  6. Maria76
    So this is like reversed PEG. Infection risks on using PEG is 4.8-55% based on The Joanna Briggs Institute. I'm speechless.
  7. Seth
    This is truly disturbing and so sad that people are so desperate to help their situation that they would put themselves through this. The fact that 70% of patients have requested to keep it in permanently is perhaps even sadder still -- like too much of modern medicine, this only treats the visible symptoms and doesn't address the underlying issues.
  8. Apicius
    Ok, so my choices are:
    (1) Eat bacon...(ahem..LCHF diet)
    (2) install grotesque bulimia pump

    I think I will stick with choice #1!!

  9. Barbara
    Unbelievable!!! What a sad world we live in, on the one hand people starving for lack of food and on the other people with this device will be bingeing and then pouring it all down the toilet.
  10. Pierre
    How long they will stay alive with this kind of device before an infection starts with bacteria resistant to all antibiotic (even colistin)?
  11. Apicius
    Did they invent a device yet that injects common sense into brains of the health & nutrition regulators in the FDA?
  12. Renee
    One of the best books ever!!!
  13. Pamela M
    Yuck, yuck, yuck! How sad to encourage this dysfunctional behavior. As someone commented above, if my choices are to either 1)eat bacon or 2)install this horrible device, I will definitely opt for #1, eat bacon and all the other wonderful LCHF foods.
  14. Jerilea
    Is this the FDA's answer to reducing the number of people who die from swallowing their toothbrushes? This is disturbing...and I really shouldn't be surprised some weirdo would come up with this.
  15. Suzanne
    This is uttery disgusting and a smack in the face for all the people in need of a feeding tube! I can't beleave the FDA has gone this far...

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