Fatty liver disease: The frightening epidemic affecting one in three Australians


One in three Australians now have fatty liver disease – a disease connected to obesity and diets full of sugar and other bad carbs.

Some of these people will end up with severe liver problems, like fatal liver cancer, or liver failure requiring a transplant:

The Age: Fatty Liver Disease: The Frightening Epidemic Affecting One in Three Australians

So how do you avoid this common problem? It’s quite simple actually. Consume less sugar and other processed carbs. See links below.


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  1. Anthony
    Hey Andreas, Time for a low carb cruise down under !
  2. Thelma KingThiel
    Scare tactics simply don't work. Preaching about healthy diets also have not had a significant impact on reducing the incidence of obesity, and fatty liver in adults as well as children

    Prevention begins when people understand facts learned at an early age. Liver health information has been missing for decades in schools for decades. Liver Health messages available at liverlady.com have been successful in motivating individuals to avoid liver damaging food and lifestyle choices and to adopt healthier diet and behaviors.

    Take a minute to lellarn fact h]that have been missing in your own education They could save your life. Visit liverlady.com

  3. chris c
    Preaching about healthy diets might have worked if the diets actually WERE healthy

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