The fat-fuelled runners who challenge what we think we know about nutrition


Long-distance runners are most frequently told to carb load and avoid fat. But more and more champions are turning this advice on its head, favorably turning into fat burners.

Here’s a BBC Radio program which explores the topic. Listen to it to hear the opinions of experts like Tim Noakes and Dr. Michael Mosley.

The majority of runners, if they’re eating a high-carbohydrate diet, they’re harming their health in the long term.
– Professor Tim Noakes

BBC Radio: Eat to run, part 3



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  1. Beverly St.Pierre
    If you actually haven't experienced the low carb way of eating, don't comment, it is a great success! Sugar is POISON to our bodies and carbs or any foods that turn to sugar actually are killing us. I have fibromyalgia and I know my pain stays away when I stay away from sugar and the fake sugars aswell.
  2. Daniel Gomez
    What an awful article. Is it seriously just a link to a BBC program and about a dozen ads? Lazy author
  3. Melanie Bush
    Was so pleased to hear such an important LCHF story on BBC Radio today. Signs that things are changing after 50 years of mis-information and bad science? I have put my T2 diabetes into remission after a few months on the LCHF diet. I am learning about insulin resistance everyday and have just realised that my cousin and grandfather, both slim, fit men who suddenly dropped dead at 60 of heart attacks were probably insulin resistant. Thank goodness people like Tim Noakes are standing up, at significant personal cost, to help us all.
  4. Carolyn
    What an interesting balanced programme. I wanted to share the Episode 3 link with a friend but, strangely, it is 'secure' and can't be copied, unlike the other episodes. Could this be due to sensitive content? I can't think why else.
  5. Monica
    How do I Unlike a comment? I accidentally hit like on a comment
  6. Mike
    Listening to these reports gave me more confidence about my new lchf life style. Thanks for making this available.

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