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Hi Doc,

I’m a 43yr old female who has lost over 100 pounds, the last half of which has been primarily on a keto/paleo low carb, high fat diet while intermittent fasting (20/2) and exercising regularly. My problem is my blood results and more importantly what they mean to a medical I will need to pass for employment. The job I am hoping to apply for demands a rather strict medical and my high LDL will most likely count me out. They won’t care about particle size and even if my other markers are good they will point at the LDL. I’m looking for advice on what my options might be. So here are my most recent results:

blood tests

The LDL figure is the concern even though I know that it doesn’t tell the whole story and doesn’t necessary mean I’m going to die of a heart attack tomorrow. In fact, if it wasn’t for this job I would be relatively happy with my results and just continue to lose weight and do what I’ve been doing thus far. I’ve heard all about LDL particle size and VAP tests and the like however I am in Australia and I don’t think those tests are available to me. I know also that while losing weight LDL can increase and you may not show an improvement until weight has stabilised. But regardless of all that, I’m going to be judged on just that total LDL figure for this medical (regardless of particle size) even if it’s not the best indicator of my health. I have an excellent tri/hdl ratio which I hear is a much better indicator. I may not get the opportunity to apply for this job for another 6mths and in the meantime I really want to improve that LDL figure to give me a chance of passing the medical.

Do you have any suggestions for someone like me who needs to lower that overall LDL figure for my job of choice? It is very difficult to be judged on a marker that may have little to do with my overall health but that is the catch 22 I find myself in.

I greatly appreciate any guidance.



I wouldn’t worry about the health implications of your numbers either. However, just in the interest of improving that LDL number and getting that job, here’s what you can do:

  1. Eat less saturated fat (like dairy fat) and more monounsaturated and omega-3 (like olive oil, avocado, fish).
  2. Eat less fat and more slow carbs (like potatoes, root vegetables, brown rice).

The first option likely won’t slow weight loss at all, the second might. But combining them may be necessary to get that LDL to where you want it.

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  1. Zepp
    Not that calories dont have any importance.. but one cant count those the whole life.. soo its best to eat in a way that regulates it by it self!

    And it take some time to transitate the metabolism.. thats easy, its the mindshift that is difficult.. perticaly get rid of old bad habbits!

  2. Mary
    My sister is a nurse and she said that if you don't eat carbs your brain function is compromised. Is this true that the brain needs carbohydrates?
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  3. Zepp
    Yes.. she have got it right and wrong.. your brain need glucose.. or keton bodyes!

    Some parts of it (probably that older part like amylgadia and soo on) need glucose.. becuse it the same parts that we have comon frome our first steps as mamals!

    The rest can use keton budies.. and as a whole your brain can take up to 70% of its energy demand as keton budies!

    And keton budies are nothing then derivates from fat.. think of it and get amazed.. burning fat by doing a cross word!

  4. Maria
    Hi, I came across LCHF last week on the net, on 24 may, 2014, I decided to give it a go. I found that today, 31 may 2014, one week later, I have lost 2.9 kg ( I am extremely pleased) but is it safe for me? I am trying my best to read up information on different fresh food, carbs and sugars, my concern is that I only manage one meal a day, due to my work load and the fact that I am not that hungry now. I normally have about two black coffees, no sugar no cream and two green teas in the morning
  5. erdoke
    Hi Maria and welcome!
    At the beginning it might make sense to count macronutrients, so that you can ensure that the daily need of protein is met and also that you don't eat too much of it. If you are not sedentary all day, equal amount of protein in gramms that your lean weight is in kilograms seems to be the right choice, i.e. if your target (lean) weight is 60 kg, you should eat around 60 g protein per day. Of course there is no problem if one day you end up with 70 g and the day after at 50, but try to stay within this range. On top of that eat as much fatty foods and non-starchy vegetables as you see fit. I mean until you are full. It usually works fine during the quick weight loss phase.
    One more thing: it might make sense to add potassium and magnesium supplement during the first month or so. Very often sodium consumption decreases significantly when applying a big change to the diet and as a consequence the body releases liters of water that was held back to maintain the homeostasis with sodium. During this water loss you can get a bit deficient in potassium and magnesium (and maybe zinc as well).
    Regarding your morning habits, I suggest that coffees and teas are consumed after a meal and not poured into an empty stomach.
  6. Riet
    Hi, I thought you might find this interesting, I have been following, more or less, your LCHF diet for the last 14 days. Must tell you I have been a diabetic type 2 for the last 13 years, on pills and insuline.Always kept a reasonable strickt diet, still my HbA1c levels were increasing as per normal.
    Last week I was due for my 3 months HbA1c check up. Low and behold, the result has dropped from 55 to 49 needless to say I don't need anymore convincing. Thanks so much.
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  7. Marsha
    I am in the military. I have been on LCHF since April. I do no more than 20g carbs daily, drink BPC in the mornings and take multi-V, Vit D, magnesium, Fish oil and chromitin (for energy). I drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy fats (meats, avacado, butter, MCT) I have lost only 6 pounds so far. I am very tired EVERY DAY! My Physical Fitness test has decreased: I used to score over 240 and now I can barely score 190 (which is bad). I am not failing...I'm just barely passing. I cannot finish my usual hour workout nor can I work out everyday like I use to. The upside to all this is that I DO NOT CRAVE JUNK FOOD AND I DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY!!! But I am to tired. It has gotten progressively worse. I need to lose about 10 pounds to not be considered overweight by army standards but my goal is to lose about 25 pounds. My lab results shows healthy EVERYTHING (thyroid, HDL's, Electrolytes, etc). So I do not know what I should do? I am afraid if I start eating carbs again...I will come out of ketosis and binge eat again...this choice of diet for me is not really a diet...I want it-no-NEED it to be a commitment for life. Please help. any advice will be well recieved.
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  8. erdoke
    It is difficult to figure out via the internet what might be behind your fatigue. My best guesses:
    - You jumped into LCHF without a gradual decrease of carbs and what you experience are the withdrawal symptomps of a carbaholic.
    - When insulin levels drop significantly, the body releases a lot of salt (sodium). Make sure there is enough included in your diet. Contrary to popular belief it is not that easy to overconsume salt when eating otherwise healthy foods.
    - Your gut might lack some good bacteria. Try to add prebiotics (inulin, resistant starch, green banana) to your diet. Cook brown rice in the evening for example, but only eat it the other day after cooling it down. This may also help you add back some (not so bad) carbs and start low carbing a bit over.
  9. Zepp
    Well I think you got transitation problems.. I.E. glucose shortige for excersis use!

    It take some times to transit to be a fat burner.

    In your case.. I wouldnt go for 20 grams a day.. this is for sedentary people.. or diabetics.. or those that want moste to get in to ketosis rapidly and have it done at in a hurry!

    And did you know.. its recomended that quite excersise in the transitation.. but you cant.. you have to do your sheduld excersise.

    Do try to ad some tubers.. one seldome eat cold boild tubers as snacks.

    It is this with transitation.. one need some glucose shortige to be a fat burner.. and it can take some time!

    And then.. there are no magical diets.. only your magical body.. that mayby dont have the right metabolisme for your goals in this moment.. but you could always improve it.. for your career!

    Then.. you need to lose weight.. and still need to do the excersice!

    And on top of that. you need to lose some pounds.. for contract?

    Skip all junk food.. dont go for diabetes 20 grams a day.. start about 100 grams a day, anyway those days that include a lot of excersise!

    And lower it as times goes by.. but make sure those carbs comes frome real and healty foods.

    The thing is.. its diificult to burn fat on a high carb diet.. it gonna be a low calorie diet.

  10. Zepp
    Here some more for you to read about ketogenic diet!

    "Ketogenic diets and physical performance"

    "Very-low-carbohydrate diets and preservation of muscle mass"

  11. Jasmine
    Im actually wondering, do I have to eat e ery 2 to 3 hours for this to work? Or just eat when Im hungry?
  12. Zepp
    No you shall eat when hungry!

    Fat is energy dens.. and we eat more fats.. then you get unhungry for a longer time.

    Stick to a normal 3 meal plan in the begining.. many eats only two times a day.

    And then.. one have to figure out how much to eat to be hungry the next meal.

  13. YVONNE
    I would like to know,when you talk about cheese are you only saying block cheese.I'm NOT a cheese person except American can you eat ham,pork?why aren't you suppose to eat carrots, DO you find out how many carbs are in fruit.
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  14. Zepp
    Its about snacking, use cheese to your meals!

    Eat pork and ham as yor ordanary meals!

    You can altso eat raw carrots and as much selery you like.

    Here you can search for it.

  15. Larissa
    I started doing more of a no carbs Atkins style with nuts, lots of meat and fruit.
    about 3 months ago,
    And Gained weight . Went from 155 to almost 170 , I was so disappointed.
    Had ketosis strips, never getting a trace reading and
    Was stumped . What the heck. I started researching and found LCHF, so
    with a bit of skeptism I started cutting back on meat and added butter ( kerrygold)
    Avocado , a spoonful of coconut oil, heavy cream to my coffee
    etc...and to my jumping joy had a
    positive reading with the keto stick almost the deepest purple .
    Lost 5 pounds but nothing more. I got a blood glucose machine not sure how
    To read it , the # it read was 101 don't know if that's good and I'm still into ketosis :(
    I am a 5'3 female that's 45 and need to lose a good 20 pounds.
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  16. Larissa
    I do work as a server always on the go , exercise frequently 45 min cardio .been yo-yo ing for my whole life ,want to live a healthy life , I do not crave junk food which is good I just want more satisfying results. Help please
  17. Larissa
    Thank you
  18. Zepp
    "The mean normal blood glucose level in humans is about 5.5 mM (5.5 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL,"

    It means that you got normal fasting glucose levels.

    And your keton levels says that you dont eat to much carbs.

    It altso means that your body regulate your glucose levels to what it like to have.

    Then you got started.. LCHF is one thing.. next is the healty life style, and the mindshift, and to get to learn your bodily signaling about apetite.

    Its not a new magic diet.. its about eating real food.. and get benefits of that.. you know there are other things to have as a reward.. good food, that make you satisfyed a long time.

    That yoyo mayby make it take a time to get past.. both metabolic and in the mind.. give it at least three months!

    One get other apetite signaling on a low carb high fat diet.. soon you only eats twice a day.. nothing inbetwen, mayby only black coffe.

    Some think this is a good try to explain how to think.

  19. Michelle
    I've been on LCHF diet for about a month feeling great.have keep carbs at 20g protein at 100g and eat as much fat as I need, I've now been told a need to reduce fat around 160g to kept lossing weight,what is your opinion as I've started to feel hungry again?
    Thank you Michelle Elks
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  20. Zepp
    Well.. it was thought to be happen by it self.. when your body was prepared for it.. when it has lowered it setpoint for how much fat to be keept in store!

    But ofcourse, if one need to lose weight there is a need for calorie reduction.. thats obvius, but as I say it supose to be happen naturaly.

    And to that, one month is no time at all on a new life style.. that supose last the rest of your life.

    They say it happens on three, three weeks, three months and three years!

    Three weeks to get adapted to ketosis, three months to adapt the rest of your body to use fat as prdominant fuel, three years to have done all the mindshifts and set it as a life style.

  21. JayneG
    I have been doing the LCHF diet now for 3 months and feel so much better although not a lot of weight loss, my shape has changed.

    As a young child living in Africa I contacted Hepatitis A and was wondering if there could be complication from eating to much fat in this eating plan?

    Many thanks

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  22. Blanca Cuevas
    What about strawberries and pork rinds, and cottage cheese?
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  23. Zepp
    What about them.. they are delicius!

    They are okey if you eat real meals othervise.

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  24. Zepp
    Non that there is any knowledge about.

    You probably thinking about fatty liver?

    Its almoste caused by to much carbs (NAFLD) and/or alcohol (AFLD).

  25. manjunathaiyer
    i am on lchf but some times it get struck in weight reduction what to do at that time.
  26. manjunathaiyer
    when a parson is suffering from high ldl and hdl is less and liver is not function is not good at the time eating lchf diet will be good maintain good helth,
  27. Manihsa
    Hi. Im 35 years old female. I am 5'2" and weigh 57 kg. I have been on LCHF (test positive for ketosis on and off) since 8 months and while I have lost 7-8 kg in this period, I have drastically lost a lot of hair. I am vegetarian and eat eggs. My protein intake is not more than 60g a day and carbs not more than 25-30. I take one multivitamin also daily. The hair loss has reduced my volume by more than half
  28. manjunathaiyer
    thank very much ,once again my question is ,how salve heart decises by lchf
  29. tanya
    I've been on a lchf diet for about a month. I mainly do about 70 to 80 percent of my caloric intake from fat and stay under 20gm of carbs.

    I've lost about 6 kg in the past week but note that I'm also losing muscle mass, along with fat.

    Should I be increasing my protein intake? I'm 1.62m, female weighing 55kg.

  30. Stephane
    I am a cetogenic diet of 15g and less only my question is that do'on once the weight wanted to reach must stay on the 15g all my life or I can increase to 30-50 or its impossible? Seeing that my ketosis never wanted to take off this has been very long to lose and I would not all break my efforts. thank you for your reply
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