Questions and Answers About LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat)

Frågor och svar om LCHFHere are common questions and answers about low carb high fat (LCHF) nutrition and health:

Is saturated fat dangerous?

No. That is an old and disproven theory. It’s been a mistake from the beginning. More.

I started eating LCHF / very low carb and I feel dizzy / a headache / tired?

Dizziness / headaches and similar symtoms are common during the first week as your body adapt to a very low carb diet. These symptoms usually go away in a few days.

Adding a bit more carbs to the meals reduces the symptoms but can slow the adaptation (and weight loss).

Another possibility is that you are dehydrated / low on salt. When starting a very low carb there is extra loss of salt and fluids through the kidneys in the first weeks, until the body adapts. Drinking some extra fluid and putting some extra salt on your food during the first week can avoid this problem and often cures the symptoms. Alternatively you can drink some buillon a few times a day.

Do you use blood pressure medication? A very low carb diet can lower high blood pressure, and medication may need to be reduced in that case. Low blood pressure may result in dizziness.

Why are Asian rice eaters thin?

Probably because they do not eat a lot of sugar or refined starch. More.

What about gallstones and LCHF?

High fat food can give you short term trouble if you already have gallstones. Low fat food gives you gallstones in the long term. More.

Can you eat LCHF if you’ve had your gallbladder removed? Yes.

Can you eat low carb cookies / bread / pasta and lose weight?

That is probably not a good idea:

Do you get cancer from eating red meat?

Highly unlikely, although favoring unprocessed meat is the healthiest choice. Replacing meat with processed carbs may be one of the worst things you can do for your health and weight. More. 

Do you get hypothyroidism on a very low carb diet?

No, hardly on a well-formulated low carb diet, meaning you replace the energy from carbs by eating more fat. In scientific studies on LCHF there are no problems with the thyroid and I see no new thyroid issues in my patients going strictly low carb.

However, starvation can lead to hypothyroidism, and if you remove carbs AND fat from your diet you will be starving. So you do need to eat carbs or fat to fuel your body.

Bottom line: A LCHF diet is fine for your thyroid. More.

Is there scientific proof that LCHF is good for weight / blood sugar / cholesterol / blood pressure?


Are studies showing better weight loss on low carb diets sponsored by the meat industry or the Atkins foundation?

Yes, a few of them are. But repeated independent studies show the same results.

Does insulin play a role in weight gain / loss?

Yes, it’s absolutely crucial in most cases. Some bloggers have objections but they do not change biochemical facts. More.

Can you drink alcohol on LCHF?

Sure, in moderate amounts. But beer and sweet drinks need to be avoided. Choose wine or non-sweetened liquor. More.

Is salt dangerous?

No. At least not in moderate amounts. More.

What’s a good LCHF breakfast except for eggs?

Perhaps this.

Can you eat fruit on LCHF?

Only occasionally, as an exception, if you want to be strict and get the maximum effect. Fruit contains a lot of sugar. Fruit is candy from nature.

Why are Americans obese?

This is why.

More knowledge

This talk by me from the Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 summarizes the history and science behind the ongoing revolution in diet and health.

More theory and practice

Here four of the world’s biggest experts on the subject explain the theory and practice of various kinds of carb restriction:

LustigYTLow Carb Explained

Low Carb LivingThe Science of Low Carb

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  1. Joanna
    Hi, I am not overweight (110 lbs/ 50kg) at 5' 4" and exercise regularly. But I am still interested in long term ketogenic diets for their longterm health benefits. I've heard that thin people often "overdo" it with keto diets and can gain weight - which I'd rather not do! I've been trying to adhere to a keto eating approach for a couple of weeks (hard to tell exactly on the macros, since I live in Ethiopia with poor access to the internet, no food scales, and little information on what % fat my dairy products have). I may have gained about a kilo - should I be worried?
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  2. Zepp
    One do differ more then that by natural causes, perticaly wimen in fertile age!

    And then.. its this scale addiction.. mayby you have gained some muscles?

    But I dont think soo.. its to short time to bouild a kilo of muscles.

  3. Ebony
    Hi Zepp,
    I was a living kidney donor so i now only have one kidney. My creatinine is slightly higher than normal but nothing to be alarmed about.
    I have read a lot about low carb diets and they seem to automatically be lumped in with very high protein diets. There is a lot of information saying they can be damaging to the kidneys. I of course can not even consider a diet that is damaging to my kidneys.
    My question, do you think that a LCHF diet is something I should try or should I be concerned about the effects it may have on my kidney function.
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  4. Zepp
    Its a missconception that protein damage the kidney.. its diabetes type 2 and diabetic nephropathy thats the major cause.. and the result is bad filtration by the kidney and one often measure that as albumin in urin and creatin in blood.

    And even as a low carb diet dosent need to be a high protein diet.. its often gets higher then low fat diets!

    Soo.. they investigated this on obese persons that used a low carb relatively high protein diet for weight loss!

    "A frequently cited concern of very-low-carbohydrate diets is the potential for increased risk of renal disease associated with a higher protein intake. However, to date, no well-controlled randomized studies have evaluated the long-term effects of very-low-carbohydrate diets on renal function."

    "This study provides preliminary evidence that long-term weight loss with a very-low-carbohydrate diet does not adversely affect renal function compared with a high-carbohydrate diet in obese individuals with normal renal function."

    Soo.. its not the proteins doing damage.. its high blood sugar.. in the end it affect ones capacity to filtrate protein and other waste products.

  5. Jean
    Can someone shed light on why , after 2 months of LCHF, I have lost a few inches but not one pound? This is very disappointing , I have tried the Fat Fast and have really followed the plan . I'm glad some fat is coming of in inches but why does everyone seem to drop pounds and inches and I still am the same weight. I know the comments about scale addiction but I still think something is wrong if I can't even lose 2-3 pounds. I've been careful with protein , have made fat fast recipes and drink bullet proof coffee every morning . hanks for any suggestions.
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  6. Zepp
    It must be your body that reboulding it self, eighter less fat and more muscles, or storing fat in other places then in your belly.. or both?

    Both supose too be healtyer then abdominal fat anyhow.

    Those that lose weight rapidly is probably those that had very high insulin levels.. be glad that you dont have/had that medical condition.

    I didnt lose a gram on three months.. and sudenly somthing happend.. my apetite droped very much.. didnt get hungry on the morning anymore!

  7. Orit
    i wanted to ask about this product i am using to bake

    it is "dietary fibers", it looks white as starch, but says, no gluten, it has 0 calories, i use it to bake bread. i found apicture at this link:


  8. WillowTreeWade
    I am just 11 days into the keto-life and I am really excited about it! I got my macros figured out and they are Fat:104, Carb:25 and Protein:80. I have found myself going over my protein at times and have read that getting too much protein can cause a glycemic response. Would you simply up your fat % on days that you get too much protein?
    Thanks guys, you rock!
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  9. Zepp
    Dont bother that much of the proteins in the beginning.. first.. its the static macronutrient becuse its essential!

    Soo.. how much or litle you eat of anything els one must eat the same amounts of protein.

    And there are minimum that one shouldnt go under.. and minimum is seldome the same as optimum!

    One dont get high blood sugar by eating more then minimum of protein.. excesses are first stored as extra muscles and second as glycogen.

    It seems that you eating very litle,(1356Kcal).. why that?

  10. WillowTreeWade
    So I should treat my fat and protein number as minimums, not goal numbers? I got these numbers from doing a keto calculator, I think it worked out the calories for me based on my weight loss goals. I am not worrying as much about the calories, just seeing how close I get each day when i log my other nutrients. I am logging my food for now because I am not very familiar yet with how much carb/fat is in everything.
    I had read that too much protein can kick you out of ketosis, is that true? Would it have to be higher than your fat intake for that to happen or is it just untrue?
    Thanks for all the answers!
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  11. Zepp
    Well its this about online calculators and numbers.. they are funny programs to play with.. and there are no magic numbers.. only your magic body!

    If one have a good comon sens they can be a help.. if one is all about magic formulas they can be missleading!

    The right way to use them is to get a good knowledge about how one realy is eating.. and how this affect your healt, how you feels, and your weight!

    Becuse.. in the long run it is the knowledge about your own body thats matter.. its healt and what its signaling means!

    And there are always minimum and maximum intake of anything.. best is to find the optimum of everything.. but then you must listen to your body and its signaling!

    I can tell right now.. that the moste problem is in your mind.. its easy to adapt some standard diet.. like a ketogenic diet.. often 75/20/5.. but this is only proposals.. to aim at mostly in the begining.. its the hard core approche.. or transitation fase!

    But in the long run.. one cant registrate everything one eat.. one have to learn how to eat by experience and knowledge.. and by how ones body react on different foods.. and calories!

    Get thru the transitation fase.. its about 3-4 weeks for ketolysis in brain.. then it could take months for your muscles!

    After several months you have another metabolism and then its time to learn more about how your body reacts, again!

    And I can tell that its easyest step to get on a ketogenic diet and stay there then knowing if one is getting all nutrients one need!

    Thats the other concern one have to deal whith!

  12. Simon
    What about muscle break down? Will it occur on a LCHF diet? And, if I am looking to put on weight, i.e. muscle, bulk-up, is this possible with a LCHF diet? Thanks for your advice.
    Reply: #313
  13. Zepp
    Yes.. if you lose a lot of pounds/kilos one always lose those muscles that was needed to cary the old weight!

    But thats more related to losing weight then to a ketogenic diet!

    And even as LCHF is not a high protein diet, it often become higher then low calorie/low fat diets anyhow!

    Yes its possible to gain muscles on a ketogenic diet, at least if one is an amateure, and need to lose that beer belly at the same time!

    Then one need to get higher on the protein.. becuse higher nitrogen in the blood is a signal to make muscles.. up to ones genetical limits!

    But if one ad traning to this one push the limits higher!

    Advice from the coach;

    Some sciens about it!

  14. Yvonne
    Is it possible to do this diet as a vegetarian?
    I'm not sure where to get my proteins. I eat a lot of pulses including soya products. I'm under the impression that e.g. Baked beans are 50% protein and 50% carbs. I do eat eggs, yoghurt and cheese. What about quinoa?
    I have been a strict vegetarian( with a weight problem) for 18 yrs. Do I now have to consider fish and meat.?
    I am very interested in this lchf way of eating. It makes a lot if sense to me.
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  15. Zepp
    Yes its posible to eat a low carb vegetarian diet.. and there is many doing that.

    But I am a omnivore, like moste of us, soo I dont know that much about what to eat.. but there are som information on the Internet!

    Start here;

    I do regard those modern soy products as bad as other junk food.. one need to prepare those like the old asians did, fermentaise and soak it for weeks to be sutable for human consumtion.


    Quinoa is real food, have a a good protein profile.. but its high carb too.

  16. susan
    I am looking at starting on your LCHF eating program and wonder if I need to be careful in the following cases

    typical thyroid heart disease

    Why would eating a raw carrot a day not be good for me as I found it to be THE best fibre to keep me regular?

    Thanks, I would appreciate your comments. Susan

    Reply: #317
  17. Zepp
    No its not dangerus.. becuse LCHF is only real healty food, less carbs and some more fats!

    Raw carots is less carbs then coocked.. allmoste everything is pasing to your colon there its converted to fats like butyrate.. and that is healty.

    But there are a transitation fase.. and one can feel bad for a time.. if one goes hard core.. soo.. one can make a smoth transitation too, over some months!

  18. Ruth
    Hi, I am a type 1 diabetic, and sugar addict! I am trying to start doing the lchf diet, and see how much better my blood sugars can get. I am on the diabetes roller coaster of mostly highs and some lows now and then.
    If I am trying to stay under 25 grams of carbs per day, should I subtract the fiber when counting carbs, or should I just count total carbs?
    Reply: #319
  19. Zepp
    Rather go for 50 grams, at least in the begining!

    Yes, dont count fibers.. they are going right tru or being converted to fats in your colon.

    And if you are not insulin resistante.. type 1 seldome is, then you should aim at that amount of carbs that give you an even blood sugar with minimal insulin.. in practise mostly basal doses and small doses fast acting.

  20. Zepp
    I put in a coment frome another type1!

    "I'm a type one diabetic who has followed this diet and actually found amazing results. I think the key thing was, that when I was taking regular injections - the ketosis was dangerous and I slipped into ketoacidosis... Once I was fully functioning with my new insulin pump and had taken multiple carb counting courses... The diet worked as well for me as anyone else, so long as I remained at my blood glucose range and also kept immensely well hydrated.
    I wouldn't say "Don't do this if you have type one", I would say, discuss with your nurse and if you have a fab HBA1C result, consider it with their help!"

  21. Julie
    I've been on the LCHF diet for two weeks, I have noticed that my heart seems to be beating harder, including palpitations. Is this a normal side effect? I don't see it listed in anything I've read. What would cause this effect?
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  22. Zepp
    Yes, it typical beginners side effect!

    Try do ad som salt in a glas of water and drink it.. preferely mineral salt.

    If it declines after an hour.. it was salt defiency.

    One lose water in the begining.. and salts goes passively out whit it.

    Then if it helped, take a glas of broth a day.

    The moste comon side effect betwen weight loss is lower blood preasure.

    With lower preasure the heart must pump more to get the same volume of blood circulating.

  23. Dodo
    I am on LCHF diet for 3 days but am afraid to gain weight not loose.
    I love eating green apple and guava are they to be avoided too.
    I don't exercise will that slow down my loss.
    I add lots of mayo to my food will that too delay my loss of weight .
    Thnx in advance
    Reply: #324
  24. Zepp
    Avoid fruits in transitation.. it just take a longer time!

    Make excercise after you have lost your weight.. its healty but not that importante for weightloss.

    Dont ad a lot of mayo.. eat fatty food, ad maoy to those disches that need maoy!

  25. Dodo
    Thnx alot for ur reply.
    But I want to have fruits .can u just tell me if am allowed to eat at least one apple or guava once per week .
    Does the quantity have any effect . If we eat less or smaller plates of any high fat meals would it be better or until am satisfied
    Reply: #326
  26. Zepp
    Well I cant force you to eat in a different manner then you want.. so eat your apple as dessert on weekends then!

    Its not any problems with fruits.. its problems to understand that relyance on fruits as energy is relyance on sugar!

    Apples are real foods.. try to eat real food.. dont be scared of fat, fat frome real foods like meat and fish, butter for cooking and olive oile to your dressings!

    Try to get the transitation done first.. then one eat more seldome by one self.. beuces more fat and less carbs make you eat more seldome!

  27. freudina
    I've been doing the lchf diet for about a week now, fairly strict.. all the people I know have lost a lot of weight during their first week and with all other diets or healthy eating habits I tried before, I did too. Not with lchf though, I haven't lost any weight according to the scale. I have a mild intolerance towards diary products, (I don't eat much of them at all) is it possible that lchf diet is just not cut out for me?
    Reply: #328
  28. Zepp
    Everyone eats LCHF in a different way.. its mostly about real food and less carbs.. and some more fat!

    After a week you should be in ketosis.. and most people lose some water if insulin drops.. mayby you didnt have that high insulin level at start?

    And its always dificult to lose weight if one doesnt have that much to lose!

    But if one is healty and got no problem with blood sugar its often comes out that one not geting peckish betwen meals.

  29. Greg
    HI, i started lchf about a week ago i am looking for a diet to stop stop 'hypoglycaemia like' symptoms. I basically need to eat every 1.5 hours or i go really dizzy and weak if i don't and can start trembling and slurring and i can also get a little aggressive. i also get exhausted at times and simply need to lay down. So i eat about 4,500 calories a day without ever putting any weight on. Im male, 36, 6ft 1" and was around 75kg and skinny, after one week I'm down to 72kg and can't go to the gym at all as i have no strength. I really don't want to lose weight (ideally would like to gain weight) but if it means the hypoglycemia symptoms stop i will be really happy (as will my family and work). Ive been tested and don't officially have hypoglycemia but i did use to eat a lot. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    Reply: #330
  30. Zepp
    Good that you have taking tests.. becuse it could be someting not that good healt implications!

    Do you have diabetes in your family/ancestors?

    Becuse.. could then be Reactive hypoglyceamia!

    Could be a lot of other complications too.. complications of living a western life style.. like a burn out!

    And in the beginning of a Ketogenic diet one can altso sens fatigue.. so take a longer transitation.. perticaly as you alredy have problems.

    Reply: #332
  31. freudina
    Dear Zepp, thank you for your answer. According to bmi index I have over 20 kilos overweight. (I'm 169cm tall with 99kg) I am heavy boned, but there's still a lot of fat to lose. Over the past half a year I haven't been paying attention to healthy eating, that's why I thought once I start it should work from the beginning. I am going to stick to it for a month and hope it works for me as well. Do you have any idea what can help kick start the progress? What foods can boost metabolism that are allowed on lchf diet?
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  32. Greg
    Hi, thanks for the response. My grandmother (mothers side) had diabetes but no one else. I have had 3 different Glucose Tolerance tests: 1st one showed it was reactive hypoglycemia (down to 2.4mmol) but subsequent two didn’t highlight this. In fact after fasting for nearly 40 hours, whilst under observation in hospital, (Ketones were detected after 30 hours) I was allowed to binge on lemon pie, doughnuts, orange juice, croissant, tea with sugar etc. and there was no significant reaction (from peak of 11mmol immediately after eating to 3.8mmol after 2 hours.) Blood glucose is normally stable around 4.4mmol.
    I even had a Lumbard Puncture to test if the sugar levels were different in the brain to the blood but that was fine. Had nerve testing, a stomach ecograph and a brain MRI but nothing came up.
    I’m trying this diet as I have heard anecdotal evidence that it controls hypoglycemia symptoms. I figured even if it is not hypoglycemia that the symptoms are exactly the same so will try to treat it as such.

    My biggest concern is the weight loss. I really can’t afford to lose any weight. But in all fairness I struggle to eat large volume of food on lfhc. Breakfast is 3 eggs fried in butter with bacon fat at 7.30, I’m hungry (starting to get dizzy/weak) again at 10.30, quick peanut butter snack, spoon of coconut oil in herbal tea then lunch at 12.30 (fish, nuts, Spinach, cheese), another snack in the afternoon then dinner I really struggle to eat a big meal but usually meat (steak or chicken) with a salad with Olive oil.
    This is much, much better than before in terms of the amount of time between meals but is still not ideal and the weight loss is a concern as I would ideally like to be around 78-80KG. I do weights/yoga but haven’t been able to in past week, but I assume that’s just the adjustment period. I also enjoy intense cycling (spin) but have stayed away from this for the adjustment period until my energy levels return.

    My biggest symptoms were weakness/dizzy and hunger even couple of hours if I didn’t eat and then tiredness/exhaustion every few days. It was generally a joke at how much I eat and how i don’t ever put weight on but is a real struggle and has a huge impact on my work (have to leave meetings) and my family (always tired and hungry and irritable, not able to play with my kids).
    I don’t smoke, rarely drink (my hangovers are awful, after only a few glasses or wine or beer). Diet was perhaps not very healthy but not dramatically bad (lots of bread).

    Again, really appreciate any suggestions.

  33. Zepp
    Yes I have an ide.. eat more fat, stick to your demand for protein and eat lot of green leavy veggies!

    And whith more fat I mean.. high of your enery demand.. not on your plate!

    One week isnt that long period.. it takes at least 3-4 weeks for your brain to adapt to use maximum of ketones!

    Let it take at least three months befor you are consider it a fail or sucess!

    "Keto-adaptation: what it is and how to adjust"

    In the meantime you try some new recepies and mayby even MBC and eggmilk?

    Coconut oil is said to uppreglate maetabolism!

  34. Ruth
    Hi, Thank you in advance for answering so many questions!!! I truly appreciate it. I am wondering how important exercise is for health and weight management, particularly in regards to diabetes. I am type 1 diabetic, but feel over the years I have become very insulin resistant. Should I follow the recommendations to do 30-60 min of boring cardio most days to lose weight and fix my insulin sensitivity issue? Or just try to eat less and follow the low carb diet more?
    Reply: #335
  35. Zepp
    Excersise is not that importante for weight.. but more for healt!

    But weight is altso dependante of healt.. that is the link!

    And for type 1.. its like for non diabetics.. whit high intense workouts one get more GLUT4, and burn of some glucose!

    Insuline resistance is mostly less GLUT4 and/or full glycogen depoes!

    No you should not doing cardio if you dont like to do that.. you should do HIT and muscle boulding.. at first!

    Your meal plan is the moste importante.. to not use more insulin then nessesary!

    If you eats bad and counteract whit insuline then you get double diabetes in the long run!

    But.. type 1 is seldome that IR, as type 2.. and after some adaption and after a time.. one can eat more carbs then type 2 on a regular basis, dependant of ones fysical fittness, muscle mass and activity level!

    Dr Bernstein is the best expert on type 1 and low carb.. he is type 1 him self!

  36. pal
    I am a vegetarian Indian . can you ellobrate diet plan
    Reply: #337
  37. Zepp
    Its about less carbs and more fat!

    I think India is far away for moste of us to understand your food culture and on top of that being vegetarian!

    Its mostly about controling blood sugar and insulin.. and eating real food for the rest.

    Mayby this can give you a hint?

  38. Jo
    some lchf doubts

    1)is green tea, black tea/coffee(without sugar) good for lchf? what other readily available drinks can we have when on lchf?

    2)which is more better cafe latte or breve latte? (without sugar ie)

    3)is hummus, garlic sauce, mayonaise good for lchf? which one is ?

    4)roast chicken, chicken charcoal, chicken/mutton tikka/kebab is fine right?

    5)beef/fish tin/can food is good for lchf? should they be had just like that or heated in mucrowave?

    6)any replacement for bread, to put butter and cheese on and to have with egg?

    7)any biscut,chips alternatives for snacks? if nuts then would salted nuts, almonds, pista do?

    8)what outside food do you prefer if not cooking at home?

    thanks in advance

    Reply: #339
  39. Zepp
    1, tea any sort, coffe, is mostly water.. some say that green tea is healty, coffe seems to be our best source for antioxdantes.. I drink Both coffe and green tea.. mostly becuse im think its a good beverage.. and not bad for my healt!

    2, dont make that a question of your healt, there are others that is more importante, take the one you like moste!

    3, Humus i high carb.. but its real food.. use it to traditional dishes and dont overdo it! Garlic sauce could be anything.. do it by your self, then you know whats in it! Mayo could altso be different things, read the labels, or do it by your self!

    4, ofcourse its good, perticaly if you do it by your self.. then its only real food.. isnt it?

    5, its thin can food, better to eat fresh food, but those are those we eat when we cant find fresh food. Its better then junk food in almoste any comparment!

    6, Yeah.. try oopsies.. or smal amounts of thin bread.. or PUMA! Google all!

    7, First of all.. if you eat LCHF one seldome need any snacks.. but for social happenings there are solutions, like nuts, porkchips, beef chips and others!

    8, on good resturantes they often cook real food.. take a steak with bearneise or there like, say you dont want rice/potatoes/fries and make a sallad side order.. if they dont whant to ad some more veggies!

    You can eaven eat on McD or BK, if you avoid the pommes and colas.. not the healtyest food in the world.. but one dont need to starve!

    Replies: #342, #344
  40. Bonbon

    I am very new to the LCHF lifestyle and only recently started adjusting my diet accordingly.... I have a few questions:

    Coming from the calorie counting belief system and calorie fixated culture of weight loss, I am finding hard to get my head around NOT counting calories with LCHF. Thinking about has got me wondering though if it is possible to OVEREAT with LCHF? And GAIN weight rather than losing it?

    I am 21 and have two children, I am overweight and I suspect pre-diabetic. I have awful acne too. I am initially interested in LCHF because I want to lose weight first and foremost, and bedazzled with all the other sensible benefits. I am 165cms tall and currently weight 190lbs.

    My meals consist of a lot of meat, chicken or fish, egg, mayonnaise, broccoli (those kinds of greens mostly)... also a lot of avocadoes and olives, cream, cheese, etc. I don't pile up my plate and my meals are averaging between 500 - 1000 calories (been counting as a precaution). Is this theoretically too much? I eat every four to five hours when I become hungry.

    I have what is considered to be a sedentary lifestyle. I work from home and spend most of my time with my toddler, which isn't highly energetic but it's not the text-book description of sitting behind an office desk all day either - kind of sedentary.

    Please could someone offer any advice that would put me on the right path and put my mind at ease!!


    Reply: #341
  41. Zepp
    Well ofcourse calories have a lot to do whit weight.. but you have alredy tried that, and it didnt work for you?

    Thats becuse one cant cheat ones body by counting things that not exsist.. you dont have a single calorie receptor in your body!

    You have to count things that is in your food.. and there is no calories.. its only measuring tools!

    But ofcourse.. if one eat to much energy.. any sort, one gain weight.. thats true!

    But different macro and micro nutrients have different impact on/in your body.. for instance different hormonial response.

    And carbs are not poision per se.. its a good fuel.. but we have limited storage place for carbs.. so dont eat more then you use!

    If one is a top athlet or is hard working at manual labour one could be needed to eat some carbs for strenght and endurance.. becuse of our small storages of glucose!

    But if one is sedentary person one dont burn that much energy and the body have to regulate the blood sugar by inhibit the fatoxidation.. one stores fat and often gain weight by that.

    But/and.. we are born with a buildt in calorie counter, the only requirment is that one eat food that it is developed for.. by the evolution!

    You can ofcourse count calories if you like so.. but its better to listen to your bouildt in.. its more precis.

    And if you lost contact whit that counter.. your first aim is to make contact whit it again.. by only eating real food.. less carbs and some more fat.

    First of all you should take control of your prediabets/blood sugar.. for your healt in the long turn.. and for your children so they can have there mom as long they need.

  42. Jo
    Thanks Zepp for replying,

    My main problem is that I don't cook nor have the time to cook.
    So my only option is to buy from outside,

    1)which brand of mayonaise, cheese, butter do you prefer?
    2)any better alternatives to latte/breve?
    3)how about curries? like chicken curry, chicken stew, chicken coconut and spicy curries?
    4)there are no oopsies here(in Dubai) and i couldn't get to know what a PUMA is. Do we get to buy oopsies in stores? If there is some replacement for bread it would be awesome. Else i will have to have the curries alone.
    5)McD and BK have their buns, how do I eat from them avoiding that? Or are there any other meals that you prefer which can be had from McD and BK? and do you suggest having from McD and BK personally?

    Thanks a lot

    Reply: #345
  43. Bonnie
    Hello again,

    thanks for replying and clearing that up for me!

    I am still a little in the dark this morning, and just looking for some clarification:

    For breakfast this morning I cooked 3 x rashers of shoulder bacon, friend with an entire punnet of sliced white mushrooms (250g) and a dollop of double thick full cream. Was this a huge mistake? I have ordered Tim Noakes' Real Meal revolution but it hasn't arrived yet and my car is in for a service so I pretty much just tried to make a fatty discerning low carb breakfast with the stuff I had in the house.

    really don't want to end up putting ON weight!?!

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  44. Jo
    regarding tin fish food, i saw two one is white tuna in water, another is light tuna in sunglower oil. which of these is best? and is it ok to have it just like that without heating or so? first time, sorry and thanks
    Reply: #348
  45. Zepp
    Im not hat familiar of arabic foods.. and I think bacon is out of the question, anyway!

    But even a hamburger is mostly real meat, probably not organic.. but quite pure meat!

    The bun you can trow away.. at least one of them.. but its most air and not that much carbs.. the bad thing is the fries and softdrinks!

    Order a double whit extra cheese, water and sallad!

    By those that are oganic and preferaly made of olive oil or canola oil.. pure butter, organic if you can, same whit cheese.. preferaly the most fat!!

    Try MBC.. coffe whit butter/coconut oil.. or whit heavy whiping cream.. for better satiety, more fat.

    I like curryies, made whit Ghee or butter, Im Swedish so I use cream for the liquide!

    Oopsies is a easy made substitute for bread.

    PUMA is to eat the toping of a sandwich whit some fat to it.. its a sandwich whitout bread!

    Reply: #346
  46. Zepp
    And I happens to know there are low carbers in Arabia too.. the most known is Dr Dashti!

    I think he has translated Atkins book to Arabia?

    Her some of him on youtube.. there are more, often on Arabia, that I dont understand!

    And here is LCHF in Arabic.

  47. Zepp
    It looks delicius!

    If you are worried.. you can still count your calories!

    But ist easyer to do it whit a online calculator!

    And I can asure you that it is as much energy in a calorie of fat as in a calorie of carbs!

    Heres another of SA origin!

  48. Zepp
    Avoid sunflower oil.. its almoste Omega-6!

    Take that whit water.. ad some good mayo!

  49. Stephanie Wilson
    I have a question about metabolic syndrome. I was diagnoised with it and my endrocrinologist wanted me on low carb and I resisted for a couple of years. I am not on any medications but was told I am prediabetic and I was pre hypertensive as well.
    I finally started a low carb high fat diet Jan 1 so I am ending my first month. My blood pressure is now perfect 117/71 , but I still test over 100 on my blood sugar meter, 108 to 114 but a few times I tested at night before bed it was 89 , so what is going on and can you still have blood sugar issues even though you are not eating carbs? I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast adn good meats such as steaks, pork chops, chicken thighs, and veggies for lunch and dinner. For the first time ever in all my times of "trying " low carb I have not cheated at all. I have lost 4.8 pounds total in the month also. I have read it can take up to four months for really bad metabolisms to start to work again on low carb, is this true and will I start to see things improve after a few more weeks or months ?
    thanks so much !!!
    Reply: #351
  50. M
    Hi Doc,

    I'm very interested in the LCHF diet. After the holidays with a lot of craving and carbs ;), I decided to start my LCHF diet. Started with no, or little breakfast and then a salad (with avocado, some meat/fish etc), nothing/little during the working day and then an evening meal. In total around 1800 kcal a day total, mainly fats and proteins and low on carbs (<20%.)
    After a week or so I experienced an eye aura/migraine aura without the migraine (never had this before.) I was really scared because it can be a sign of a upcoming stroke/infarct or migraine. I tested with my doctor, an probably it was just a migraine aura (w/o migraine). In the weeks after I also experience neurological sensations (dizzy, feeling of fainting, irritable..) . My doctor told me the neurological sensations were mainly due to hyperventilating (due to the fear I have after having the eye aura). She tested me and couldn't determine any neurological problems directly and also a blood test came out positive. I asked my doctor if it could maybe be due to low blood sugar (maybe because of the LCHF diet.) I started testing my blood sugar throughout the day. I started eating more fruit for some more crabs, just in case, and eating more often (every 1,5/2h.)

    I'm a bit alarmed now, because my blood sugar is at the low side.. around 5 mmol/l and sometimes below 4, today it was 3,7 mmol/l even, in the afternoon (after a breakfast of 578kcal & lunch of 456 kcal). I directly eat a banana, some chocolate and drank some orange juice, and my blood was up to 8,6-8,8 after 30/60 minutes, and after another hour it was down again to 6,2.

    Can you tell me if my blood sugar is low and if it's alarming or not? What can I do to maintain good blood sugar levels? I'm really afraid that my blood sugar will become too low. What is a wise thing to do?

    Thank you so much!

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