Famous game designer succeeding with low carb

Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson became famous and made a fortune with his game Minecraft. Now it seems he’s having great success on low carb. And with almost 1 million (!) followers on Twitter he could inspire a legion of hackers to change their lifestyle.

Tweet 1 (five weeks ago):

I’m on this low carb diet thing, and it seems to be working, but food is kinda bland. Then I discovered spinach soup with salmon. OH GOD YES

Tweet 2:

I weighed in this morning, and was super close to my first milestone. And the diet is turning into a lifestyle, my cravings are gone!! :D

Congratulations Notch!


  1. And so it goes... What begins as a diet turns into a lifestyle. It happened to me. Back in November I discovered this site. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months and I've kept it off ever since. I've found my local source for grass fed beef and lamb. My life no longer revolves around food. Others will discover the reality of this lifestyle and bit by bit the world will change and get healthy.
  2. ShannonCC
    Describing his food as "bland" I wonder what kind of low carb diet he is eating? I hope it's actual food and not low carb "bread" and stuff like that.

    But I'm also curious about spinach soup with salmon. Mmmmmm :)

  3. Laura
    @Cate...I hope so but i have friends/colleagues who even when presented with the best evidence and having had a history of serious illness they like to indulge in the unhealthy foods that we avoid like pest ...and the food industry is not going give up their millions any time soon..the shelves will be stocked with bad foods for the forseeable future. People here in Britain do not like to cook in general of course which is a real shame. I love cooking for me it is time well spent both in terms of enjoyment and creativity and in terms of health but most people do not want to cook or plan their meals etc...
    Sorry to rain on your optimistic parade...but alas I see it differently.however a small change is occurring and yes some people are doing the right thing eating the right foods feeling better and influencing others...I am spreading the word as far wide as possible...this is all we can do for now as well of course as enjoying our new healtheir lives!! :-)
  4. Yeah Laura, you're probably right as sad as that is. One step at a time I guess. I know that I've interested a couple of folks but most just keep on eating the way that makes them fat and sick.
    I never cooked much before but now I cook everyday and love it. It's actually really easy for me to cook this way since I never try to recreate foods like bread, etc..
  5. Ceeth
    I have noticed that too Laura, but I also have some friends/family, who have varying levels of illness, who won't even look at any evidence I ask them to take a look at. It's very frustrating when they spout off the old nonsense "everyone knows", like it is absolute truth that could never be wrong. Oh well, I will go on eating all my "unhealthy artery clogging foods" and get healthier healthier, but I truly hope I or someone else can get through to them somehow, someday.

    Cate, I have been the same way with cooking. I really enjoy it now, and it is easy and so delicious!

  6. John
    I'm encouraged by the fact that "Wheat Belly" is the #12 best seller on Amazon.
  7. Demosthenes
    @Jhon It's actually #15 and nonsense stavation diet "Eat to Live" is at #8, not to mention the vegan cookbook at #17.
  8. Laura
    Hey I have got my copy of Wheat Belly on order for over a year now...why it is taking sooooo long to get to UK (not expected to be here till May 2013)???Not that it needs to be translated mind you!!! ;-)
    Another wonderful day feeling happy and healthy.....
    Wishing the same to you all...I am off to a paleoboot camp for 5 days somewhere in the English countryside....usually on holidays I used to languish doing nothing, trying to forget work and getting stressed in the process, and eating too much but now I have energy to burn and enthusiams to share so I'll be doing 6 hours of exercise a day imagining I am preparing for the PALEOLYMPICS!!!!
    Will have lots ot catch up with on this blog when I get back...keep up the good work DOC!!
    Ciow for now!
  9. William
    Laura, Wheat Belly IS available from Amazon in UK. Download a kindle copy for instant reading, free software on amazon also if you dont have a Kindle.
    No need to wait a year, lose the wheat and lose the weight now!
  10. Jennifer
    Does anyone have a good recipe for this spinach & salmon soup?

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