Fallen into the rabbit hole of low carb? Read this!


Are you one of these people who have just swallowed the low-carb Matrix pill? Then you know that it’s both a daunting and liberating task to navigate through the information. Where do you even begin?

To your rescue, Tim Rice at Unlearn-Rethink has put together an elaborate list of essential reads. It’s even helpfully sorted into different topics like the history of nutrition, cookbooks and different diet-related diseases:

Unlearn Rethink: Confronting The Confusing World Of Nutrition & Fitness


Low Carb for Beginners


Pre-Order the Brilliant Diabetes Unpacked Book – Full of Insights from Top Low-Carb Experts

“Sugar Is Now More Dangerous Than Gunpowder”

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  1. Carol
    He's done a good job. I even found a couple I haven't read and I'm greatly anticipating the new ones.

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