Exercise in futility

In the United States people are exercising more and more – and still people’s weight keeps going up. It’s not a strange fact. Exercise is simply not an effective way to lose weight, as this new infographic explains:

The Atlantic: Exercise in Futility

Exercise is good for your health, strength and wellbeing – but not for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, then changing your diet is much more effective.

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  1. Paul
    Want to exercise more? Eat more fat and less carbs and you'll "just do it". One of the biggest changes I've seen on LCHF is I have more energy that INSISTS on my attention. I stand and walk and fiddle with chores and tasks MUCH MORE than I used to. Easy. Bacon!
  2. Robert
    It’s not that you can’t use exercise to lose weight, because you can. I’ve done it many times before I started eating LCHF and it worked fine for me in losing weight. I’m not talking about walking though but regular heavy cardio workouts. The problem for me was that once I stopped working out, the weight would start coming back and there was always something that would come up where I would stop working out.

    Once I started eating LCHF, I didn’t need to exercise to lose weight so I 100% agree that diet is much more effective at controlling weight.

  3. Bryan
    You're right Robert, many people can lose weight with heavy exercise as you suggest, but that is not true of everybody. In the case of many people who are profoundly insulin resistant, all that exercise will just cause them to become voraciously hungry and eat back every calorie they used and sometimes more.

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