Evolution in action

Evolution in Action

Here’s a picture from my hotel room in Boston. I had one bigger than usual for a specific reason: to set up a decent recording studio. My 100+ pound luggage contained light and sound equipment, three video cameras and a ridiculous number of tripods.

The result? In the corner above I did long interviews about LCHF and Paleo with Mark Sisson, Peter Attia and Gary Taubes – in the best quality I’ve achieved so far. They’ll be on YouTube soon, for free as usual.

The painting on the wall was fitting. The AHS-conference is about what humans are genetically adapted to and how the clash with modern lifestyles affect our health. So the text on the painting, “Evolution in action”, was well suited for the background during the interviews. There wasn’t space enough for the flying pig though.


  1. Laura
    Hi doc hi all...just back from Paleo/lchf boot camp! It was amazing. Can I jsut praise the two young people who have taken the initiative and have set it up! They are the first and at present the ONLY Paleo/lchf fitness camp in the UK!! All hail Stuart and Lorraine fitness instructors who embraced paleo/lchf 5 years ago look and feel amazingly healthy and now try to share the benefits of this life-changing, life-saving lifestyle with others....

    EHI DOC COULD I POST A LINK TO THEIR SLIM FARM IN MY NEXT POST ON YOUR BLOG? They are also big fans of this blog and follow the general paleo/lchf community!
    thank you..

    PS Ironically we were staying in a converted granary....I think this old building could not have found a better use!

  2. Mindy
    I am interested in watching those interviews. Those are some big names in the paleo world!
  3. Mirchy
    Hi Andreas!

    Could you please comment on this article http://www.spiegel.de/gesundheit/ernaehrung/diaeten-low-carb-erhoeht-... - another attack on LC.

    Thank you.

  4. Arshad, Stuttgart
    Interviews with Gary Taubes, Peter Attia and Mark Sisson! All great names in health & science. Eagerly waiting for those interviews. Great job, doc! & thanks a ton for that.

    I don't care much about whether it is LCHFor LCHP. Whatever good for my health is great.

    It seems, now a days most people are side with LC community..... :-)

    For me, LCHF helped initially, had great result & now LCHP helps me to get rid of remaining stubborn belly fat.

  5. Rodrigo
    Great News!! Thank you!
  6. Arshad, Stuttgart

    "Low-Carb bedeutet häufig weniger Obst, Gemüse und Vollkornprodukte" (Low-carb means mostly less fruits, vegetables & whole-corn products)

    When you read such a statement, do you need to care the report??? Or read further?

    There is new research on egg. I think, we should read carefully the study (the research paper) first.

    Egg Yolk Consumption Almost as Bad as Smoking When It Comes to Atherosclerosis, Study Suggests.


    I haven't yet read the original paper. So I can't make any comment on it...
    If anybody does, please share.

  7. Arshad, Stuttgart
    If you read the conclusion of the paper, you will have the idea what kind of study it is.

    "Our findings suggest that regular consumption of egg yolk
    should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease. This
    hypothesis should be tested in a prospective study with more
    detailed information about diet, and other possible confounders
    such as exercise and waist circumference"

    Moreover, it mentioned 'Ansel Keys' ...... ""Ansel Keys, who first drew attention to the
    Mediterranean diet, commented that “the heart of this diet is
    mainly vegetarian, and differs from the American and Northern
    European diets in that it is much lower in meat and dairy products
    and uses fruit for dessert” [46].""

    It seems, another "China study".

    here is the pdf:

  8. Jay Wortman MD
    From the abstract:

    "Data were available in 1262 patients; mean (SD) age was 61.5 (14.8) years; 47% were women. Carotid plaque area increased linearly with age after age 40, but increased exponentially with pack-years of smoking and with egg-yolk years. Plaque area in patients consuming <2 eggs per week (n = 388) was 125 ± 129 mm2, versus 132 ± 142 mm2 in those consuming 3 or more eggs per week (n = 603); (p < 0.0001 after adjustment for age). In multiple regression, egg-yolk years remained significant after adjusting for coronary risk factors."

    An increase of 5.6% using food questionnaire data in a population with known CVD in a study conducted by vegan evangelists. Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving along.

  9. Janknitz
    Re the egg study, Zoe Harcombe has done a nice dissection: http://www.zoeharcombe.com/2012/08/egg-yolk-consumption-carotid-plaqu...
  10. Carlos
    Thanks for doing these interviews -- especially on the road with all that equipment! I'm looking forward to these since it seems like the AHS 2012 videos will take a while longer before they're posted online.
  11. moreporkplease
    "egg yolk study"

    I think the data in the tables of this study speak for themselves. The people in the study all already had had a "heart event" - ischemic or the like. Most of them had T2D, and many smoked.

    Gosh, do you think smoking is a confounding factor for heart and artery disease? Why, the authors of the study have no idea! They certainly don't appear to correctly adjust the data for it. What about the T2D? That might also be a confounder. . . sheesh, these guys need some help with their study design.

    The difference between the "low yolk" folks and the "high yolk" folks was about 2/3s a yolk a week - assuming you can believe they remember how many eggs they ate over the past 20 years. I'm sure we all have adequate recall of the eggs we ate for breakfast in May 1992?

    But if we are generous enough to take the data tables on their face, what they tell you is that people who eat more eggs have slightly lower LDL and BMI - but have slightly higher HDL. Sounds good to me! They also, despite smoking and T2D, are older when they have their cardiac event.

    Gosh, if I weren't a vegan evangelist, I might say the data suggest a very small protective effect from egg yolks. Oh wait. . .

  12. eddie watts
    cannot wait for the interviews to appear on youtube!
  13. I'm especially interested in hearing how your presentation went at AHS. What was the response???
  14. yey
  15. Trina
    The critical thinking among us can dissect that egg study and see it for what it is. Unfortunately, from first hand experience, I can tell you it's messing people up.

    My FIL (just diagnosed as prediabetic) was somewhat on board with the direction I gave him (eat less starch/grain - eat more healthy fat and stop eating bread for breakfast and have eggs). Then he met with the diabetes dietician his doctor referred him to (we're in Canada FYI) and then this study hit the news.

    He's in his seventies and it's torture trying to explain it all to him. He sees this dietician as an "expert" on diabetes (she poo poo'd the advice I gave him, said she'd never heard of Dr. Ron Rosedale, firmly told him Dr. Rosedale's approach was not for him - duh, advised him to eat everything in moderation and that we actually "need" some sugar for our brains).

    My MIL called here to inform my husband and I that the news said eggs were dangerous (something she already believed even though we tried to explain the truth). This new "study" just solidified for her.

    It's beyond frustrating. I told them to eat whatever makes them comfortable ... what can you do?? I'm actually angry this week (between the dietician spewing Canada's Food Guide and this article ... argh). I didn’t know Spence was a vegan … why am I not surprised … it’s clear that guy has a thing against eggs (or funding from a statin maker).

  16. Trina
    PS. I love your videos Dr. Eenfeldt - really looking forward to these new ones. I think you are awesome for all you do to try and educate people :)
  17. Stacy in USA
    The first interview is up on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um-a61rClSs&feature=youtu.be&a

    with Mark Sissons.

    The production values are much improved. The lighting is terrific. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your efforts, Doc.

  18. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks! Glad you like my happy amateur lighting setup! ;)
  19. Nathalie
    LOOOVE this interview , very interesting. Very interesting man to listen.
    Learned more about the ketogenic diet.
    ( Your amateur lighting setup was super good :)))
  20. I echo everyone above, Andreas. Many thanks for all your work in answering questions about the LCHF lifestyle and making it clearer for everybody. Also this blog is wonderful for gathering information - nice goup of helpful people. Great interview with Mark Sissons - such an inspirational man.

    Trina: I feel for you with this difficult situation. I've just managed to get my husband to embark on a low-carb diet - he's still eating a little bread/pasta occasionally but I'm having to let him find out slowly. He's already getting results, so he's quite happy about it. I've been trying to get him to ask the doctor about not taking statins, but he's not happy to ask and feels very pressurised when I go on about it, so I've had to stop, even though I think those things are dreadful and would never take them myself.

  21. Laura -

    Thanks for the endorsement. Lorraine and I enjoyed the experience on the camp just as much as you. Ironically, it was held in an old granary, and we have even used old bakery before. Luckily no grains were to be found :). We have been looking for a converted Abattoir for future paleo camps, but you don't find so many of those around at the moment ;).

    All the best


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