“Every meal I’ve tried so far was very tasty and filling”


Over 390,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

Here are new fantastic stories from the people who’ve taken the challenge:


I thought it was awesome! The food is delicious, and I’m not having trouble sticking to it! My cardiologist even recommended this diet! I have lost 2 pounds (1 kg)so far, and I feel much better!


I enjoyed the two-week challenge, I was pretty determined going into the keto diet. After being out of the military for two years, and being able to eat whatever I wanted without the dreaded 6-month weigh-ins, I really let myself go. I’ve been dealing with diverticulitis for a couple months, I decided to switch it up, and see if this could possibly help.

After two weeks, I lost a total of 21 pounds (10 kg). I followed the diet as much as I could, the only changes I made were to the fish dishes, I found another food group/recipe with the same keto carb amount. The first couple of days were rough, I was so used to grabbing something to eat, for whatever reason, and kept catching myself wanting to eat, even though I wasn’t exactly hungry. Force of habit…

I tried the bone broth, took a tbsp of MCT oil a couple times a day, but it didn’t really agree with my stomach, it’s a little more tolerable with food. I also gradually increased my water intake to about 80 ounces (2.4 l) per day, after 80 I don’t keep track.

Started feeling a little better by the second week, my energy and mood improved, a lot. I was able to focus better, it’s nice going through the day feeling full and satisfied, not counting down until lunch.

I just signed up for the 30-day trial and will continue on the low-carb path. I cannot imagine going back to my old eating habits. There is absolutely no reason to eat like that, EVER. Thank you, for giving me the confidence I needed to get my weight/life back on track!


I absolutely thought this was the easiest program I’ve ever done! I love that the recipes are easy to prepare and adjustable to the number of servings.

I also love that what is made for dinner is lunch the next day. I’m a very busy person and pre-planning meals is not so easy. With this program I had plenty of time to prepare the meals and sometimes more than one if I knew my next day was going to be a late night.

Every meal I’ve tried so far was very tasty and filling. I even got my husband started on it. We want to keep going!!! My doctor introduced me to this website and I’m glad I took her advice and gave it a try.


Good morning,

I am so happy I found your website and the challenge.

I feel so much better overall! I’ve lost a few pounds, my skin (rosacea) looks much better, and my insomnia is subsiding. Also, I am just hitting the stage of hot flashes and those have also tapered off a bit. This challenge has made me realize that what we eat really affects so many different aspects of health.

In conjunction with exercise, I actually already see changes in my physique after only two weeks on this challenge. I look forward to maintaining this meal plan. Thank you so much!

Will update again as the months go on and more changes happen.


Big fan of this site.

I truly believe that some of the meals are too fancy. I believe based on my own experience that if you keep the food choices basic and just utilize spices etc. as flavoring the success rate would be much higher. Not many people are going to be cooking with avocado and coconut oils etc. Simple and basic… meat and potatoes without the potatoes is the best.



I don’t have an inspiring story to tell. I have tried a plethora of diets to no avail. My goal is to lose 10 lbs – 5 kg (3.6 lbs – 2 kg lost in the last two weeks!).

I am on medication for hypothyroidism and high blood pressure.

This program is fabulous! I have seen results which only means to continue with the program. I like that I make two meals – one for dinner – one for lunch.
It cuts down on groceries and meal planning. I also like that I can adapt servings and the shopping list will adapt as well. I am not a creative meal planner or cook.

This plan tells me just what I need to be successful. I also love that I can now have good fats! Bringing back cream sauces and cheese… yum! And let’s not forget that I don’t have to give up my wine.

I believe prior to starting the challenge, I signed up for a free trial. On April 25th, I will be charged $9/month – worth every cent! I will continue with this amazing program. It is a pleasure to be able to access valuable information.

Thank you Diet Doctor!

Dr. Eenfeldt,

I am 47 years old, live in Maryland and follow a Whole 30-ish lifestyle. I don’t eat processed foods, love veggies, etc. I found myself about 20 lbs (9 kg) heavier than usual and needed something to get back to where I was, so I thought I would try keto.

My son had huge success with it and shared his knowledge and tips. I tried your challenge and I know I can do this, I just didn’t have any weight loss success. I did use some of your meals and I think that is key, so I need to follow them exactly to see more success. I did track my macros but think the part I found difficult was the lower protein and higher fat. My protein kept creeping up and I think my body just never really went into ketosis?

Anyway, I really appreciate your website, I became a member and will keep trying and follow it more closely. I would love to get rid of this extra 20 lbs (9 kg). I don’t think my age helps much. I do work out on a regular basis too.


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    Hi Just wondering what the research on Diverticulitis and low carb/keto is? If there's been any new info on grains being linked to it?

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