Even dogs lose more weight on low carb


Many dogs have weight issues these days, while eating dog food full of carbs.

Apparently low-carb diets are great for making dogs lose weight without hunger – and all that annoying begging to their owners – according to this study:

The Journal of Nutrition: High-Protein Low-Carbohydrate Diets Enhance Weight Loss in Dogs

Do you know of someone that could benefit from losing weight on a low-carb diet? It’s not just for humans.


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  1. George Henderson (@puddleg)
    My dog got fat when I tried to feed her a keto diet for epilepsy (coconut oil on a PRN basis works much better now) but if the dog is fat on carbo dog food, a high protein normal fat (50/50) diet as here would be ideal. Just don't think keto-type LCHF will work as it does in humans; big brains make humans almost unique among animals in terms of fat storage and insulin sensitivity.
  2. janet
    George, a keto diet is different from a high protein diet. Keto usually involves only moderate protein as too much protein can produce a big insulin response. Perhaps dogs don't metabolise fat the way humans do but this study was looking at high protein, not high fat.
  3. Karen
    A low carb diet works for diabetic and over weight cats as well. I have two cats one who's blood sugar level hit 22 mmol and another cat who weighed 19 lbs. I put both of them on a low carb, and because they are cats high protien diet (apparently cats are suppose to be strictly meat eaters)
    Someone needs to inform the pet food people of this fact of life! Lol The diabetic cat's blood sugar stablized at 3.6 mmol and the over weight cat lost 4 lbs. Btw. The diabetic cat is also 18 years old and has now lived a year and half since he was diagnosed. He's healthy, energetic and looks like he's still a young guy! Thank you to everyone who is telling the world the truth about LCHF living. I also follow the diet myself as well and I feel amazing!
  4. Beatrix
    Wow are there really still cat lovers out there that don't know: Cats Can Not Digest Carbohydrates.
    They are obligate carnivores. The malnutrition being perpetuated by cat food companies is
    extremely sad.
    And any feline that is put on a low to no carbohydrate diet, will have noticeable improvements to their health.
    Yes sweeping statement, I'm aware. But my 15 year old, fast fading feline was put on protein and eventually raw,
    and lived to be 23 with no further health issues till the last 6 months.
  5. Sharon
    Orijen food is not good for cats?

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