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How did I do in my attempt at representing the Swedish LCHF movement at the obesity conference in Philadelphia recently? Pretty good, if you can trust the reviews I was just sent in an email.

Here’s what the participating physicians (and others) thought about my two presentations. Summarizing reviews as PDF files:

Comments such as “The best speaker I’ve ever seen” and “Will stick in my brain forever” are encouraging. Not everyone was quite as positive, but even the slightly critical ones were nicer than my presentation coach Pontus (he probably would have said that they don’t know any better).

The lectures will hopefully be available online in the future, and you’ll be able to read about it here on the blog when it happens. 

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  1. Alex
    You have the gift of being able to make your point in a clear and understandable way that is also entertaining.
  2. Nate
    Ah, yes, insulin versus calories. Well as a Type 1 diabetic, I can tell you that if your insulin levels are higher than the appropriate amount of blood sugar, you will be hungry and at times extremely HUNGRY. So, if anyone eats a lot of carbs, which is the macronutrient that increases the need for insulin by far the most, that person will be hungry more often than if fewer carbs were eaten. It is the law of small numbers.

    Full blown diabetics are not the only people who have experienced low blood sugar. Everyone who has eaten a high carb breakfast and must eat a snack at 10:00 knows the power of low blood sugar/high insulin levels. Also, every description of the symptoms of low blood sugar given to diabetics includes hunger as a main symptom.

  3. Murray
    I think Dr. Eenfeldt and Dr. Westman each have charming, non-threatening demeanours, which (with their clinical experience) conveys reasonableness and credibility and makes them both effective speakers. Add Dr. Eenfeldt's boyish sense of humour and curiosity, and it makes for an enjoyable and thought-provoking presentation without feeling challenged or accused. Taubes does not disarm with charm, he relies on his fierce intellect and tenacity to gather facts journalistically, interpret events and data soberly, and pose challenging questions. Dr. Lustig has a massive charm deficit and almost seems calculated to disturb and annoy, so he is effective where the science is most overwhelming. With regard to the obesity and chronic disease epidemics, sugar is the low-hanging fruit.
  4. Alain
    "Anti-Calorie argument #3: Fat people eat no more than skinny people
    For years this was simply assumed based on observation, anecdote and poor science. We’ve all seen and heard the lamentations of those who “barely eat” and can’t lose an ounce while their skinny friend eats “baconators” for breakfast and never gains. Studies appeared to substantiate our observations when subjects were asked to record their food intake…that is until they actually decided to see for themselves and monitor them more closely. And guess what? Overweight people are prone to underreporting food intake – to the tune of up to 47% in some studies!"

    This so true !

    They did a TV show in England about that.

    Secret Eaters - Channel 4


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  5. Sophie
    There was a similar experiment on a BBC weight show. They asked 2 women to write down what they ate all day. One was overweight and complaining that her skinny friend ate way more than her.
    Then they tracked their metabolism through urine or other means I don't remember, and they told the bigger lady that there was no way she gave a correct estimate of what she was eating: in fact she was snacking all day and did not write down the donuts and other treats she ate.
    I am not blaming them. When I was bigger I was convinced I did not overeat. Now when I look back I realize how much I really ate! It was "healthy food" but it was too much, mostly grain and fruit, which I hardly eat anymore.
  6. jennifer
    I have tried this diet for four days and i have lost 5 pounds..
    That's great!!!
  7. matt montauk
    Dear Dr Andreas Eenfeldt.......

    I've written a special tribute to you (11 pages) on my website, you see I discovered your website in 2010 when it was still in Swedish and then your English site came out in 2011. I've been a long term viewer & supporter ever since., I'm an American & have spread your website: DietDoctor.com to countless numbers of friends in Africa & America. I would like to meet you someday if both our schedules allow it! Feel free to use all or parts my post on your website! See my before and after photos of weight & sugar results. You are the reason for my personal transformation (128 kg to 86 kg-Sugars 21 to 4.2 mm/d) from you fantastic site! I continue your "Food Revolution" & crusade! I sent you a personal email, I hope you get & read it!
    See link:


    “Golden Health is Golden Wealth” — Gold Master Africa

    “My tribute to Dr Andreas Eenfeldt” of http://www.DietDoctor.com I started following Dr Eenfeldt’s website back in early 2011 over 5 years ago.

    Best to you!

    Matt Montauk

  8. Denise shanahan
    I have lost 7lbs in two weeks and love this way of eating. I feel so much happier too. Thank you Dr andreas
  9. Ruth St.Claire
    I think Dr Andreas and his group should get one of the Nobel prizes. How may people are now contributing to the well being of humans, because they were able to change their eating habits; because they were able to stop using incorrect advice? Thank you Dr Andreas and team....and thanks to all the people who helped you learn. I guess thank you seems a bit "shallow" today. However millions of people wanting and being able to say thank you. This surely can inspire others to find better ways to say thank you....one way that I thought of is to live by you and your team's dietry guidelines.
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  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks! I appreciate it and like you say it's now very much a team effort so thanks on behalf of us all.
  11. Daphne Hatcher
    My husbands urologist recommended this diet just two days ago . He said he firmly believe this is the way to a healthy life. We are starting this after his kidney surgery

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