Emergency butter aid: Denmark rescues Norwegian Christmas

Dansk smöraktion

Because of the popularity of LCHF diets in Scandinavia Norway is experiencing a severe shortage of butter. There isn’t enough to prepare all the traditional Christmas food.

Danish breakfast TV has now started a large rescue operation. They’re sending at least 1000 packets of butter to neighboring Norway.

The LCHF revolution has so far only spread from Sweden to Norway and Finland. Danes still fear natural saturated fat, for no good reason. But that’s ok. It means more delicious butter for the rest of us.


  1. Anne-Marie
    Guess i'm lucky i'm in New Zealand - we're one of the largest dairy exporters so doubt we'll ever be in short supply :)
  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Too bad you're on the other side of the planet. We could use some of that butter here. ;)
  3. David
    I'm from Denmark and love the fact that you need butter... The problem in Denmark is that we aren't told why you people need butter... Most of us Danes blames the norwegian people for not making enough butter themselves... Because you don't have enough dairy farmers.... But anayway.. I keep on LCHF'ing in Denmark....
  4. Margaretrc
    I don't think we ever have to worry about a butter shortage here in the US. The majority of people are still afraid of sat fat and, even though butter isn't all sat fat--or even fat--they still go for all those stupid margarines that claim to be better for them. Sad, but good for those of us not afraid of sat fat. Plenty of butter for us! I hope I'm still around when the results of the "experiment" are in and Sweden and Norway's rates of obesity decline and Denmark's rates of obesity continue to climb.
  5. David
    It's kind of ironic...I come from Denmark and use butter from New Zealand... (Green Lea) :D because it's less pasteurized than the danish butter...
  6. desert tomte
    It's a shame that the Rueters writer still finds it necessary to call LCHF a "fad".
    There's probably a donught sitting next to him on the desk!
  7. David
    It's not just Reuters.... Since Denmark put a tax on saturated fat, nobody dared asking what's going on in rest of scandinavia.... I guess it's because we are the most happy people in the world.... We don't give a fu*^ about the rest... Let's us die in obesity and happiness.....
  8. Butter is an important staple, so I always buy butter when I find it on sale, Kerrygold is my favorite, and keep extra in the freezer wrapped in foil. Butter makes almost everything taste better. Bacon is also an important staple to keep on hand. I used to keep flour and sugar on hand! Still need staples, but fat is the biggie now.
  9. Adrian
    Come to Australia, we have loads of Danish butter in our big supermarkets now, despite producing plenty ourselves. Thanks Denmark it is delicious, please continue your delusional fat phobia so we can continue to enjoy your evil fattening butter *wink* *wink*

    Long live LCHF :)

  10. moreporkplease
    This Danish TV show is definitely mocking the Norwegians. At one point it seems the presenter says "we must send butter to Norway, they are losing weight so fast! They are getting dangerously thin" or something like that -and then they laugh and laugh at the "ludicrous" idea that eating butter could help you lose weight.

    It's clear the Danes in this TV show are fully in the grip of conventional wisdom, that natural fats are bad for you. :(

  11. Sadly many Danes choose to eat margarine instead of butter, due to the saturated fat phobia here in Denmark. The tv show hosts are ignorant, and I'm a little sad to admit being Danish, with these people on tv...
  12. Patti
    Apparently we have so much butter here in Indiana they can sculpture a life size cow out of it for the state fair every year! Yum!
  13. Dana
    Patti: Same here in Ohio!
  14. Thank you Denmark! :)

    Helen, Norway

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