Electric fields to make “healthy low-fat chocolate”? No kidding!

Scientists have come up with a new way to produce low-fat chocolate, without it clogging the machinery, by using electric fields. How we’ve been waiting.

Science: Healthier Chocolate, Thanks to Electric Fields!

So what is the other major ingredient in chocolate, that is not fat? That’s right. Sugar.

This means that manufacturers can switch the harmless fat for even more addictive and obesity-causing sugar without hesitation. Yummy. This is going to be so healthy.


Personally I’ll stay with non-electrocuted dark chocolate, in small amounts. Here’s our low-carb chocolate guide:



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  1. Steven
    I'll stick to "Francois Pralus Le 100%"
    Alcohol free
    No added sugar
    Suitable for vegetarians
    Wheat & Gluten free
  2. Naoko
    I love Domori IL 100% Criollo (for celebrations) and A. Morin Venezuela Procelana 100% (for every day). Both are really expensive. Without any sugar one tasts the high quality of the cocoa and the experience of the chocolatier.
  3. Paul
    I tend to have chocolate between 95%-100 dark...
  4. Bob Niland
    Low-fat electric chocolate?
    Boffins beavering away on blunders.

    Fat is not the problem with chocolate. What are problems are:
    ► What's the sweetener if below 85% cacao?
    ► What's the cadmium content?
    ► What's the lead content?
    ► Are any emulsifiers present?

    The Cd and Pb issues may not be a huge concern in Europe, but they are in the US, which has as yet no standards for these heavy metals in confections like these.

  5. Joh
    I make my own lowcarb chocolate bonbons
    100 gr 85%
    100 gr creamed coconut
    100 gr mascarpone
    (Optional add chopped nuts or chocolate)
    Melt together, harden a bit, form square, let harden, cut into 30 blocks.
    Roll in shredded coconut or ground almond
    Mmmmmm...less than 1 gr carb per block...and lots of fat!
  6. Eric Sodicoff MD
    I am so ashamed. This dubious "advance" in chocolate technology came from my alma mater, Temple University in Philadelphia. Funding for the research is from the Mars candy company. Are you surprised?

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