Eight years of zero-carb eating and “have never looked or felt better!”


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It is possible to live on an extremely strict keto low-carb diet, a so-called zero-carb diet, and it could bring benefits. Kelly (picture from Twitter) is a successful example of this.

If you’re interested in going zero carb, Kelly has a blog (My Zero Carb Life) and also helps run a Facebook group that you can join.


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  1. Nancy Jacobs
    Here is a link to Kelly's blog. http://myzerocarblife.jamesdhogan.com/wp/start/
    She has lived for 7 years and has had 3 healthy pregnancies on animal products only, no vegetables.
  2. Marcy
    Kelly eats a Zero Carb diet...all animal products and no vegetables, no fruits, no grains, no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Only meat and water. :)
  3. John
    You would be shocked how happy you are eating this way after your body adjust, you don't even miss other foods.
  4. Doug
    ZC is eating only from the animal kingdom (no plants, or artificial sweeteners) + drinking water = go live your life free of macros, ratios or calorie restrictions.
  5. Don
    Ok I'm puzzled, doesn't to much Animal protein lead to your body producing glucose? Or am I off base?
    Reply: #11
  6. Lise
    Normal misunderstanding from lchf -groups. How much is too much protein anyway? Meat is not only protein - it's protein AND fat - in alltypes of meat snd cuts. (Lise, Zero Carb 2 years) ?
  7. Scout
    I'm a ZC'er and I've never felt better. No aches, no pains, no depression, better sleep, no bloating after a meal or puffy face in the morning... and I'm losing weight at a nice pace. Nobody needs veggies in their diet whatsoever!
  8. Steve Cooper
    You do need veggies for some vitamins and minerals to clean your licer etc. But there are plenty of great zero carb choices. Cauli. Broccoli. KALE etc
    Replies: #9, #12
  9. Steve cooper
    I meant clear your liver x
  10. Lee
    I just watched an hour-long podcast/video of her when she was a guest (I think it was on Biohackers). She is compelling to watch - her story is great and she has the type of personality that keeps you listening to her (and laughing - great sense of humor).
  11. Mark
    Gluconeogenesis is demand driven.
  12. Mark
    No you don't.
  13. Jaynee
    Cauliflower, zucchini, brocolli are not zero carb, but they are low carb. I eat less than 5gm carbs/day. NEVER plant food! The only carbs that I get are from the eggs and some cheese. I've lost 15# and 5" from my waist in 4 weeks, without feeling deprived at all.

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