Editorial highlights problems of nutrition studies with short durations

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We recently wrote about this study from Kevin Hall PhD and associates about ultra processed foods and how they may stimulate us to eat more, thus leading to overconsumption of poor quality calories and weight gain. We were pleased to see an editorial comment by Dr. David Ludwig about the same study get published in the original journal, Cell Metabolism. Rather than rehash everything, we direct you to our prior post here, and to Dr. Ludwig’s editorial here.

In summary, the quality of our calories matter, and some foods stimulate overeating more than others. While that may not be a surprise, it is nice to have scientists taking a hard look at what might lead to overeating. However, as Dr. Ludwig pointed out in his commentary, the short duration of the study (just two weeks on each diet) makes it tricky to draw firm conclusions from the study. For more on why, please click through to Dr. Ludwig’s article.


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