Eating protein seems to be good for bones – again contradicting the acid-alkaline myth

The way to strong bones?

The way to strong bones?

A new study finds that restricting protein in the diet may be bad for the bones, leading to less calcium absorption and a trend towards reduced bone mass:

MedPageToday: Low-Protein Diet: Bad for Women’s Bones?

This is interesting as it shows the exact opposite of the Acid-Alkaline myth, still common in vegan circles. This failed theory claims that high-protein and low-carb diets would lead to acidic blood, dissolving the bones. However it’s simply wrong on both counts, something that’s been proven long ago.

At least two high-quality studies have shown that people on low-carb diets (usually at least moderate in protein) maintain their bone mass without any sign of problems [1 2]. And judging from this latest study it seems it may even be beneficial to eat enough protein. Which makes perfect sense as our bones are made from protein, together with minerals like calcium.

Meat and dairy may be the perfect bone-building foods.


Chris Kresser at Paleo f(x)

The Acid-Alkaline Myth – Chris Kresser


  1. Stipetic
    That picture could be of my girls. They just love ribs, love it when they can crunch the cartilage between their molars--they love the sound of it! :-)
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  2. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Who doesn't love ribs? :)
  3. Christine
    This article "The way to strong bones" is going to make a a whole lot of Vegans upset!!! Lol
  4. Asiza
    Yes I am one of them vegans who find this article so absurd!
    Please do your research it has been scientifically proven that eating dairy depleats bones of calcium.
    There is more protein and calcium in broccoli than one piece of chicken breast and will help you prevent cancer.
    Choose a plant based diet better for your health, animals and our planet.
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  5. Md Shahadat Hossain
    You are entitled to have your beliefs! But before challenging a DD article and calling it 'absurd', you should really (and I mean reeeeeeeeeeeally) double check your facts; or you will end up being identified as 'not very sharp'!
    Please remember, 'something has a nutrient' does not mean that, your body will get it (bioavailability). Many vegans have come to that realization after trying whole food from animal sources (Dr Paul Saladino is an example).
    Better luck next time!

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