1. Apicius
    This is good advice, up to the point that you have to go through security and board an international flight. Although you can attempt to sneak some of these things through, lying on the custom forms regarding bring food into the country is not something I'm willing to do.

    I usually stick to fasting, drinking coffee with extra cream, or buying boiled eggs, cheese, nuts and extra dark chocolate in airport stores. Restaurants will accommodate you when you ask for an omelette with simple salad on the side, even though it's not on the dinner menu. I've never had a restaurant in the airport turn me away...they want my money.

  2. Kimberly
    You can take all those foods onto international flights. Just make sure you eat any meat, cheese, or produce before landing, or throw it away on the plane before getting off. If in doubt, tell the customs official what you have - always be honest - and they will make the decision about what should be done with it.

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