Eat Better South Africa! Launches sugar barometer


Check out this new sugar labeling tool that The Noakes Foundation’s section Eat Better South Africa! just launched:

The Noakes Foundation: Eat Better South Africa! Launches New Sugar Barometer

Many people are still blissfully unaware of the hidden sugar contents in food, and are still unsure of how to read food labels. The food industry does what it can to make it even harder. So an easy-to-read barometer like this could be very useful – if it would actually end up on product packaging.

What do you think?


untitled-4The Noakes Foundation is doing an amazing job combating obesity and diabetes, by increasing awareness and scientific knowledge of low carb in South Africa and all across the world.

If you want to support their important work you can donate to them here.


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  1. Holly
    Wow, I love the Sugar Barometer. Bravo!!
  2. John
    It is absolutely a great start, but should not end there.
    Lets include a carbohydrate barometer as well.
  3. Apicius
    No thanks.
    White rice with 0.1 g sugar per 100 g rice would get a green colour. When it would contain 28 g carbs.
  4. gbl
    I think it's wrong to push people off their "habitat" diets onto a diet made up of other habitat foods

    Rather they (and we, designing diets) should incorporate their traditional food sources which are native to their habitat. Consider the First Nations American northern peoples or the Sami, who ate very very little carbohydrate. They were animals of their habitat, just like the Moose and Reindeer. They have evolved to their habitats. As have we all.

    It approaches racism to push temporate climate diets on them. So DD foods, methods and recipes are partly right in high fat, but fall far short implying just eat asparagus, avocado, pork and chicken et al and just toss it together with a little Mesclun. Eat your rice. The largest population on Earth does.

    (Hunt Seal, Eat Seal, Wear Seal)

  5. Nancy
    I love the sugar barometer.

    If one actually reads the barometer (you don't even have to take the time to read the article) one will see that the colors correspond to sugar and total carbohydrates in a 100gram serving. I also like the idea that the taxation would be less on the foods that use the barometer.

    I also love that the Noakes Foundation is going into the poor areas of South Africa and facilitating the LCHF diet there using traditional foods. I saw nothing in this article pushing asparagus and avocado. Maybe the other commenter commented on the wrong thread.

  6. gbl
    No, I didn't. South African people's traditional diet has been stolen from them along with their culture, by whites who now return to once again play master.
  7. Scott Sherman
    GBL, scientists, doctors, and nutritionists of all colors are bringing the good news of how to heal the obesity epidemic. If you choose to focus on the color of a particular speaker or author, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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